This trap stems from the appeasement attitude from the first example.

As an outspoken conservative activist you will routinely challenge the leftist orthodoxy and on most campuses, the Left is accustomed to little opposition. When you successfully challenge their ideas, they often will try to silence you. The Left’s response can be evoked by something as simple as a well-designed flyer, an effective speaking event, a provocative video posted on YouTube or Facebook, or simple chalking on campus. In response, the Left will not engage in a debate of ideas, but resort to name calling and pressure tactics to force you to be silent.

If you are successful, you will eventually find yourself under attack from a leftist student who will publicly denounce you and call you a “racist” because they are “offended” by your activities. Furthermore, a lower-level campus administrator sympathetic to the Left may also attempt to discourage you from organizing conservative events and activities. They may pressure you to tone down your activities or attempt to coerce you into apologizing for your “offensive” activities and your message.

Moreover, when was the last time the Left was concerned about offending those who hold conservative values on their campus?

It is understandable that most people do not want to be called a bigot or a homophobe. The first reaction to these accusations is shock and fear that you may have overreached in promoting conservative ideas. Since most conservative activists are isolated and have few allies on college campuses, most do not have the experience to know how to properly respond.

Some activists react by backtracking on their club’s ideas and initiatives. This is why the Left tries to intimidate you in the first place. This retreat may take the form of one or more of the following reactions: focusing more on “member- only events,” like movie screenings and social events, moderating the group’s message, and worst of all, apologizing for their group’s “offensive behavior.”

I have never seen a reason for a conservative group to apologize for its activities and materials. First, if the Left responds with name-calling, that should tell you that they are devoid of arguments. These types of attacks show that you have been effective in forwarding your ideas. Moreover, when was the last time the Left was concerned about offending those who hold conservative values on their campus? They never worry about the feelings of conservative or religious students when they attack traditional values, America’s military, and conservative role models. The Left routinely practices racial profiling of students for admission purposes and calls black conservatives “Uncle Toms.” In the Left’s eyes, the only people who are allowed to be offended are those who embrace their ideology. For every leftist who may be angry with you, there are undoubtedly many more students who agree with you and appreciate your bold stand for conservatism.

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