As leftist administrators and students around the country ramp up their warnings of “cultural appropriation” and seek to suppress free speech by telling students what they can and can’t wear for Halloween, Young America’s Foundation activists around the country are already at work to push back against this joy-killing wave of political correctness.

Friday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America dedicated a segment to the Left’s war on Halloween (and fun), and use of cultural appropriation warnings to stifle students’ freedom.

“We’re seeing pushback around the country, but particularly on campuses,” noted ABC reporter Paula Faris.

“The Y.A.F., which is the Young America’s Foundation, they launched a ‘Funeral for Halloween’ campaign pushing back against political correctness.”

YAF’s Funeral for Halloween was started last year to help the Young Americans for Freedom at Virginia Tech respond to the school’s push to ban certain Halloween costumes which were deemed inappropriate. The YAFers pronounced Halloween dead at the hands of the intolerant leftists, laid their costumes in a coffin, handed out obituaries to students, and watched as the campus community was forced to realize how ridiculous the Left’s objections were.

This year, YAF is taking the Funeral for Halloween nationwide, helping students around the country push back against the Left’s narrative and make a stand for free speech.

We have step-by-step instructions here, and make sure you join the conversation with @YAF on Twitter using #RIPhalloween.