Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) leaders from across the country gathered together earlier this month at YAF Headquarters for this summer’s YAF Activism Training Seminar. At this program YAFers learned from the top activism experts in the Conservative Movement on how to be bold leaders on campus, protect their right to free speech, and respond to the popularity of liberal ideas amongst their peers.

Audiences across the country were able to get a glimpse of the program when the Friday morning session was broadcast live on CSPAN. Bay Buchanan kicked of the seminar by stressing the importance of being a strong conservative leader and standing up for your beliefs no matter what the Left may challenge you with. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s editor-in-chief and YAF Board of Governors member Chris Bedford followed by teaching YAF activists how to use the media to their advantage when they expose liberal bias on campus.

Being that Young America’s Foundation leads the charge for free speech victories on campus, it was fitting that the morning session ended with an esteemed panel centered around the topic of free speech issues that college students face. The Honorable Lee Otis of The Federalist Society and Jordan Lorence Esq. of Alliance Defending Freedom both spoke on the challenges, but also the victories that conservative students have experienced when advocating for their First Amendment rights.

YAF activists learned from various additional speakers throughout the weekend including Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson on fundraising strategies, vice president Patrick Coyle on how to host a breakthrough speaker event on campus, and spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky on how to use public relations to elevate their activism efforts. YAF alumnus Dr. Michael Waller spoke on how YAF’s founding document, the Sharon Statement, is still relevant to young people today more than ever and how they can best present these ideas to young people.

Students were able to collaborate with each other to create their own campus specific activism events during the interactive training they participated on Saturday. Not only did they learn how to create eye-catching fliers from YAF Board of Governors member Grant Strobl, but also worked together to design their own promotional materials. In addition, YAFers had the unique opportunity to defend their activism efforts in front of a mock funding board that challenged them with common tricky questions that students hear from administrators each day.

Yinan Kang, a leader of his newly YAF chapter said, “My group and I from the University of Pittsburgh came to learn the skills we need to begin a new chapter this upcoming fall. We feel equipped to bring a new conservative presence to our campus thanks to this seminar.”

We can’t wait to witness all the breakthrough campus events this group of YAF activists will go on to organize this fall. To start your own YAF chapter or find out if the school you attend already has one, email program officer for YAF chapter services Lauren McCue or call 800-USA-1776 today!