Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.23.13 AMBy Lindsay Gatsios

In two weeks I will graduate from Highland High School. For the first time, all 238 members of my senior class will be wearing green because of one girl’s gender confusion. One young woman who “identifies” as “transgender” wanted to wear green graduation robes instead of white. The administration agreed, justifying the decision claiming that wearing the same color will make the women equal to the men. To accommodate one student and to achieve “equality” between men and women, we are now all required to wear the same color.

The leftists responsible for this backwards scheme of inclusion and equality are contradicting themselves to the highest degree. They have always taught female students that we can be strong, successful, and proud women. Now, they send the message that in order to be equal to men we need to look and act like them, that we should hide our gender. Is it suddenly so important to be “accepting” that we can no longer acknowledge gender at all?

A petition that I created to wear the white robes signed by over 90% of the women in our senior class was tossed in the garbage by our principal who said “it’s not about [us].” The principal also told a representative of our class that any disobedience would not be tolerated, scaring students away from any type of protest. Now, no one is brave enough to stand up to the administration.

All that we want is to wear white, just as all women from Highland have done in the past. We want to walk across the stage as successful women, allowed to be proud of who we are. The school is counting on us to be too distracted to care. They are counting on us to be too intimidated to stand up for what we believe in. They expect that they have trained us well enough to accept whatever they say. I am not a dog. I don’t roll over.

Lindsay Gatsios is the chairman of Highland High School Young Americans for Freedom