This summer’s YAF interns have all attended YAF’s National Conservative Student Conference before, so they’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should register to attend the ultimate conservative summer experience!

1. Stay at a 4 star D.C. hotel (with all meals included!)

What’s better for a college student living on ramen half the year than being given free food? Included in your conference fee are luxury hotel rooms with 1 roommate and free meals!

2. Meet your conservative heroes

Speakers such as Liz Wheeler, Lila Rose, Gov. Scott Walker and Michael Knowles offer unique conservative perspectives on issues of media bias, the left’s hypocrisy, gun rights, and abortion. NCSC is a great time to meet some of our fantastic speakers, and even ask them questions!

3. Free YAF swag

If there’s one thing YAFers love, it’s the swag! After enjoying the conference, it’s important to go back to campus armed with our swag to promote conservatism on your campus.

4. Explore the nation’s capital

This conference offers the opportunity to learn in the heart of our nation’s capital, and gives you time to explore the city! There will be free time in the evenings to have fun with friends- walk around the National Mall or experience all of the shops and restaurants DC has to offer!

5. Most importantly, the friends you make along the way

Networking with everyone is fun, but one thing that attendees always appreciate are the friends who stick by you in your campus fights once you head back to school. For years, YAFers have made some of their best friends at our conferences, and YAFers are truly some of the most passionate and caring individuals in the country.

Find out more information about NCSC and register here!