A professor at a California college introduced herself to students with a radical video in which she professed her support for Black Lives Matter, and called Donald Trump’s presidency “a 4-year annihilation of democracy,” according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

Professor Rushia Turner at Monterey Peninsula College posted a “welcome video” for students in her introductory chemistry course, obtained exclusively by YAF. The first 10 minutes of the video proved to be a lesson in leftism, including everything from Black Lives Matter to fearmongering, pronouns, and more.

She introduced herself as Rushia, followed by a slide that read “Pronounced just like the name of that country that interfered in our 2016 election resulting in a 4-year annihilation of democracy.”

She included her status as a member of the LGBTQ community and told students she got married in 2008 “when we realized that a bunch of religious zealots were going to make a move towards voting away our rights.”

One slide read, “In Chem1A we embrace free speech and freedom of expression, but…,” after which she explained that any speech that could “demean,” “intimidate,” or marginalize” will not be accepted.

Despite her claim of embracing free speech, she seemed to immediately backpedal and explain why speech should be restricted. Her vague criterion for unacceptable speech leaves much to be desired.

Turner went on to denounce a litany of different types of bigotry, denouncing any and all forms, however, she didn’t include what she considered to be homophobic, transphobic, or bigoted in general. The woke Left has increasingly accused those who refuse to address people with incorrect pronouns and deny reality as “transphobic,” which is why a definition is necessary.

She also emphasized the importance of using people’s preferred names and pronouns out of “respect.”

The class’s homepage is also donned with left-wing symbols like the pride flag, as well as a circle labeled “Safe Space,” and another featuring the Black Lives Matter logo.

Turner offered no comment to YAF.

MPC told YAF that it supports Turner, adding “This is in keeping with our Mission Statement: ‘Monterey Peninsula College is actively committed to student access and success and to fostering an equitable, inclusive, respectful, and supportive community by providing excellent academic programs and student services that respond to the needs of our richly diverse region.’”

It is entirely inappropriate for a professor to advocate for her hard-left stances and—in doing so—ostracize students who may feel differently. It’s even worse when you consider the fact that this is a chemistry class, not a political theory class (where it wouldn’t be acceptable either, just more on brand). To claim that the former U.S. President’s tenure was “a 4-year annihilation of democracy” is absurd, especially presented matter-of-factly, in which no one can challenge her. Students cannot accept this blatant left-wing indoctrination—and must continue to hold their schools accountable by naming and shaming.