Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Students at the taxpayer-funded University of South Carolina might be surprised to learn that bisexuality could be in their not too distant future, but that is exactly what students are being taught in the university’s “Safe Zone” training program. Offered through the Office of Multicultural Affairs, this three-hour long educational training program is designed to inundate students, faculty, and staff with leftist biases and exaggerated notions of political correctness.

YAF’s Censorship Exposed! project sent a public records request to the University demanding its Safe Zone curriculum and other educational materials. Below are the four most truly bizarre lessons that this taxpayer-funded University is teaching its students:

  1. Safe Zone’s training facilitators are teaching students that hormone therapy for transsexual students should be covered under the university’s healthcare plan. In a document titled, “Transgender Scenarios,” participants are given five different situations involving transgender individuals. In scenario #3, students are instructed to argue in favor of covering hormone therapy under the university’s healthcare plan.
  2. Safe Zone’s training facilitators are teaching students that sexuality is fluid and that students may evolve into bisexuals later in life – “in their 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s.” Training facilitators make this statement to argue that there is no such thing as sexual normalcy. In fact, Safe Zone educational materials stated, “there are as many variations of sexual identity and attraction as there are people in the world.” This same literature introduces students to the term “nonmonosexual identities.” Here, students are taught that being attracted to more than one gender might be part of their identity. Specifically, Safe Zone’s educational materials list “bisexual, pansexual, queer, fluid, and omnisexual” as examples of “nonmonosexual identities.”
  3. Safe Zone’s training facilitators are directing students to the Human Rights Campaign’s website for information on the religious teachings of numerous churches and religious organizations. These same materials describe religion as a place of “both solace and suffering.”
  4. Safe Zone’s training facilitators are teaching students that society is both “heterosexist and cissexist,” which Safe Zone defines as “systems of oppression of persons who are LGBTQ.” The curriculum explains that men who believe they are men and women who believe they are women benefit, unjustly, from the oppression of others. Examples provided of “cisgender privilege” include:
    1. “I do not fear interactions with police officers due to my gender identity.”
    2. “I don’t have to deal with old photographs that do not reflect who I truly am.”
    3. “I have the ability to flirt, engage in courtship, or form a relationship and not fear that my biological status may be cause for rejection or attack, nor will it cause my partner to question their sexual orientation.”

The University of South Carolina is not the first school to use Safe Zone’s training program, either.

As The New Guard exclusively reported in October, the University of Kansas utilized Safe Zone training to indoctrinate their community with made up SJW verbiage. It is schools such as KU and USC that prove why Young America’s Foundation’s campus lectures and activism projects are critically important–without them, students might never hear a conservative idea.