For young conservatives, it’s no secret that college campuses—and even high schools—continue to be hostile to conservative ideas, events, and students. As 2019 draws to a close, Young America’s Foundation took a look back at what unfolded on campuses over the last year and chose six instances of the Left’s intolerance on full display. The following are situations from YAF campus lectures across the country, showing the true motivations of campus leftists: They don’t want a free and open exchange of ideas, and they don’t stand for inclusion of conservatives or diversity of viewpoint. Instead, the Left will do almost anything in order to prevent conservative ideas from being heard by shouting and pounding on walls, assaulting YAF speakers with super-soakers, and disrupting events with profanity-laden tirades. The Left’s behavior is absurd, it’s a shameful corruption of the point of education, and it’s why we at Young America’s Foundation never stop working to support the rising generation of conservative leaders as they work to boldly advance our ideas.

#6 “No hate, no fear!”

Andrew Klavan at Boston College

#5 “Are you protesting the part where I’m condemning the Nazis?!”

Ben Shapiro at Stanford University

#4 “They called me a fascist for defending George Washington. Behold your country, leftists.”

Michael Knowles at The George Washington University 

#3 “We are fighting for our lives right now. That man in there has violated every single one of us.”

Jeff Sessions at Northwestern University

#2  “We are tired of getting murdered by this administration.”

Dr. Arthur Laffer at Binghamton University 

#1 “You’re trying to teach me with your fists, that’s the same lesson that Mussolini was teaching people, you ridiculous silly fascists.”

Michael Knowles at the University of Missouri—Kansas City

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