After the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at California State University- Los Angeles assembled its 9/11: Never Forget Project memorial on campus Friday morning, chapter members were approached by a disgruntled community member who said she was “disturbed” by their display.

The 9/11: Never Forget Project is a memorial made up of 2,977 flags for each victim of the attacks on September 11.

But even that was just too much for this Los Angeles leftist.

After approaching the YAF members, she said, “I do find this disturbing,” continuing to say, “It just bothers me.”

Members of CSULA YAF create their 9/11: Never Forget memorial.

Members of CSULA YAF create their 9/11: Never Forget memorial.

The unidentified woman argued, “If we’re going to commemorate the people that died on that day, we should also acknowledge people” who died elsewhere, seeming to imply we shouldn’t honor the American lives lost to terrorism without honoring foreign lives lost to American military initiatives.

She argued, “We’ve been killing people in other […] places.”


After the woman told the YAF member, “Every life lost anywhere is a loss,” he politely explained, “These are for our country.”

Her response?

“I understand that. But it bothers me.”

At YAF we thought it was important to post this video to show just a sampling of the outrageous and disappointing reactions students activists receive when they organize the 9/11: Never Forget Project. For simply displaying American flags to honor the victims of the attacks, every year students are confronted by radical leftists across the country who shame them for remembering the lives we lost on Sept. 11.

We’re proud CSULA YAF stood strong and defended their powerful memorial.