It’s only August, but administrators are already using government resources to push their distorted diversity agenda on students this fall. For instance, before stepping foot on campus, incoming freshman and graduate students at Virginia Tech will be required to take “DiversityEdu”, a mandatory course that trains users to adopt liberal perspectives on race, gender, and more.

description on Virginia Tech’s student affairs website reads, “This course teaches skills for engaging successfully with diversity and mitigating the influence of unconscious biases and stereotypical thinking on personal choices and professional decisions.”

DiversityEdu’s website is full of references to progressive buzzwords and discusses concepts like critical theory, microaggressions, “cultural responsiveness,” and more.

A sociology professor from Washington University in St. Louis is quoted on the “Testimonials” section of DiversityEdu’s website saying, “As a sociologist, I particularly appreciate the way DiversityEdu makes use of the scholarship on unconscious biases and stereotypes to put together trainings that reflect research and other proven solutions.”

In screenshots from the course included in a promotional video posted to YouTube, students’ attitudes on diversity are assessed through subjective and bizarre multiple choice questions.

Here’s one example:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.14.18 PM

Catching up on emails constitutes “passive diversity resistance,” according to DiversityEdu’s training.

Another question appears to discourage students from complimenting a professors’ English:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.14.45 PM

Here’s another example of the information DiversityEdu trains students to adopt:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.14.33 PM


This is a classic example of the increasingly common pattern exhibited by universities that teach students what to think rather thank how to think.

What happens if students decide they want to think for themselves and refuse to go through this mandatory indoctrination? They are fined $105 and are blocked from registering for the next semester of classes.

It is clear to anyone who takes a glance of DiversityEdu’s list of “Contributing Scholars” that the group lacks any conservative contributors to the curriculum. The polarizing list includes a transgender professor who goes by the pronoun “ze”, the “foremost scholar of micro aggressions,” and professors with specialties in “unconscious biases” as well as areas focused purely on race and gender identity.

This is just the latest example of leftist indoctrination at Virginia Tech. Last semester, the Virginia Tech YAF chapter discovered a series of “Check Your Privilege Posters” around campus calling out students who were white, Christian, straight, “cisgender,” and able bodied. Virginia Tech and other schools who forcibly impose diversity training on students are suppressing free thought and free expression of ideas.  Rather than focusing on the underserved goal of increasing intellectual diversity, their aim is to divide and shame anyone who disagrees with their twisted agenda.

Do you think DiversityEdu is adequately training students to be tolerant of conservative views? Based on the school’s history of treating conservative students so poorly, that’s clearly a more necessary exercise.