Dennis Prager Gives YAFers Front Row Seat to a Live Broadcast

By Isabella Foxen

Dennis Prager gave YAF activists attending Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference last week the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch as he hosted his national radio show live from the event in Washington, D.C.

Prager set up his equipment and eagerly welcomed the group of top activists into his studio to form a student audience for his show, interviewing the YAFers about their experiences as young conservatives live on air.

During commercial breaks, Prager joked and laughed with the students, asking them about their campuses and chatting about the issues of the day.


After her speech at the conference, Katie Pavlich headed to the room for a live interview with Prager. She then spent time hanging out with the students, even grabbing a selfie with them and staying for a group picture.

CoZF3GsWAAEDDg8.jpg-largePrager explained to the students the technicalities of what goes on behind a radio show, taking time to demonstrate the setup of his table and how he communicates to his radio station back in California.

Joe Ballard, a YAF student at the University of Alabama, said, “Mr. Prager offered practical, common sense approaches to many modern day issues that I feel directly impact the lives of every day Americans, and I’m very grateful for both his insight and eagerness to share his perspective with us.”

The entire afternoon was one amazing #OnlyAtYAF memory.