Wheaton YAFer Justus Hanson will recap his time at Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference each day of the event. Here’s his recap of Thursday, July 28!


Yesterday was the most action packed and energizing day that we have had here at the conference. The majority of the speakers that we heard from spoke with such energy and passion that it was contagious to all those in the audience including myself. The theme of today was free speech and who better to share with us than top conservative leaders such as David French and Ben Shapiro who fight everyday for Americans’ right to free speech.


We started the day by hearing from Dinesh D’Souza on his new documentary. I was completely blown away by how much of history has been taught to us with a leftist agenda attached. The history of the American Left is not great, and to be completely honest, it is filled with evil and terrible things. I thought Dinesh’s most thought provoking point was that of an “urban plantation,” that is being used to keep minorities stuck in their place in life, destroying all opportunities that they deserve, simply to keep their votes.

Tonight at our dinner banquet, I was honored to be able to lead the prayer before our meal. As I attend Wheaton College, a very strong Christian school, this was very important to me and it meant so much to be able to share such a special gift with my fellow conservatives in that room. Because I was a part of the program, I was given the distinct honor of being able to sit at the head table along with the president of the Young America’s Foundation, Ron Robinson, as well as the keynote speaker of the evening, Oliver North. Oliver North’s speech tonight was by far the best speech that I have heard this conference, and it very well might be the best speech that I have ever heard that deals with veterans and the military. This true American hero’s patriotism is so strong that it was difficult to not be moved by his powerful stories. I know that for me personally, as well as almost everyone else in the room, I was speechless and almost in tears after his speech as he was able to express to us the amazing heroism and courage that our armed forces display everyday, not only to keep us same here at home, but even to protect the right to life and liberty of all those around the world.