By Michael Deiana Jr.

The Supreme Court’s unfortunate decision in the high-profile Fisher v. University of Texas case, announced just last week, allows university admissions processes to use race as a deciding factor in selecting students. As a result, academic institutions may continue (and are almost encouraged) to discriminate against high-caliber academic students of all races.

The term “affirmative action” should really be substituted for the more accurate name “racial preferences,” and has no place in American society. Purposefully discriminating against qualified academic students, or anyone of any race, is not just unconstitutional, it is wrong.

Academic institutions of every kind are slowly being pushed to ensure equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity, a prominent pattern in socialist societies like Venezuela. This trend gained momentum under President Barack Obama, is protected by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and infiltrated businesses and educational institutions across America thanks to dangerous groups like Black Lives Matter.

Our Supreme Court had the opportunity to interpret the Constitution properly and defend a large portion of its population from unfair treatment. Instead, Americans are left with legally protected discrimination at the hands of our higher education system.

These four Justices who sided with the University of Texas should all be ashamed of themselves.

This case is a powerful example of why we must encourage the next president to nominate true Constitutional conservatives to the highest court who will protect and defend our rights regardless of public pressure.

We need to come together and say we will not allow discrimination at any institution, and insist that the students who have worked the hardest and are completely qualified be given priority regardless of their race.