Authored By Cheri Cerame

On the Cover: 

Since 1969, Young America’s Foundation has inspired increasing numbers of young Americans with the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, we are grateful for the students, leaders, supporters, and allies who have made our work possible. This special anniversary cover features the following key leaders who have ensured YAF’s success: (From top left to bottom right) Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Newt Gingrich, Walter Williams, Mike Pence, Oliver North, Ron Robinson, Barry Goldwater, Dinesh D’Souza, Edwin Meese III, Scott Walker, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Kellyanne Conway, William F. Buckley, Jr., John Ashcroft, Bay Buchanan, Burt Folsom, Arthur Laffer, Ben Shapiro, Thomas L. Phillips, and Milton Friedman. 

Also in This Issue: 

YAF Organizes Largest Nationwide Campus Initiative to Remember 9/11 • YAF Wins Lawsuit Against the University of Florida • YAF Poll Finds Majority of Students Cannot Define Socialism • Laffer Headlines 38th Anniversary Celebration of 1981 Reagan Tax Cuts • Moore, Puzder, and Campos-Duffy Headline High School Free Enterprise Leaders Conference  • National Journalism Center Interns Publish More Than 1,400 Articles • Road to Freedom Seminar Trains Students to Advance Free Enterprise Over Socialism • YAF Hosts Justice on Trial Booksigning at William & Berniece Grewcock Capitol Hill Townhouse

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