Authored By Cheri Cerame

On the Cover: 

President Donald Trump has appeared on negative covers of Time and Newsweek more than 50 times since 2015. For years, Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson has advised Foundation student audiences that they can identify mainstream media bias with ease by simply reviewing the covers editors select for their weekly publications. His popular presentation includes more than  150 cover images highlighting the critical depictions of conservatives versus the favorable and often iconic portrayals of liberals.

Also in This Issue:

YAF Wins Early Victory in University of Minnesota Lawsuit • YAF Student Activists Participate in White House Executive Order Signing  • Walsh, Hawkins, and Kengor Headline Standing Up for Faith & Freedom Seminar • Second Lady Karen Pence Visits Reagan Ranch Center • Donatelli, Steward, and Lenczowski Address Reagan Forum • Kimberly Begg and Nicole Hoplin Elected to YAF Board of Directors • Senator Blackburn Headlines Western Women’s Summit • Join YAF Leaders and Supporters on 2020 Norwegian Cruise

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