Young America’s Foundation is fortunate to have many generous supporters who ensure conservative ideas are heard at our schools. Many campus funding boards are controlled by the Left, resulting in little to no funding for Young Americans for Freedom chapters and other groups hoping to host leading speakers on their campuses.

While many of our speakers address student audiences  at reduced honoraria, there are still costs associated with organizing campus lectures, including travel, facility rental, marketing, and discriminatory fees often imposed by leftist administrators.

Throughout our history, Young America’s Foundation has inaugurated several named lecture series which have become integral to the success and reach of our overall program. The following are the current series available to students.

♦ Exclusive Dinesh D’Souza Lecture Tour
Filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza will be embarking on an exclusive campus lecture tour this school year with Young America’s Foundation. He will speak on ten campuses throughout the country and only the Foundation can help you bring one of the most compelling and effective spokesmen for conservatism to your school.

♦ The Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series
Tired of the leftist lessons constantly being pushed in your college classrooms? With the Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series, Young America’s Foundation can help you bring balance to your campus by hosting prominent conservatives such as Dennis Prager, Christina Hoff Sommers, Rick Santorum, and many others.

♦ Andrew “Klavan on the Culture on the Campus” Tour
Up to ten campuses this fall will be able to host Andrew Klavan to reveal that everything you’ve learned about Western Civilization is wrong. Andrew is reducing his honorarium for this semester only so don’t wait to schedule him!

♦ Michael Knowles “Covfefe on Campus” Tour
Michael Knowles will enlighten your classmates on issues such as manliness, the brilliance of the free market and challenging the Left’s anti-American drumbeat. He’s speaking at 10 campuses this fall at a reduced rate. Schedule him now to ensure you can get him to your school.

♦ Thomas W. Smith Foundation Free Enterprise Lecture Series
Through this YAF campus lecture series, you have the opportunity to host leading free market economists Dr. Art Laffer and Stephen Moore. Through this series you can effectively challenge the narrative of socialism pushed by your professors and teachers, progressive activists, and others on campus. View Upcoming Tours

♦ Ken & Janice Shengold Advancing Freedom Lecture Series
Through this longstanding YAF lecture series, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and host on campus top business leaders and conservative thought leaders such as CEO Steve Forbes, CEO Andrew Puzder, Emmy Award-winning journalist and TV personality John Stossel, and many others.

♦ Fred Allen Lecture Series Featuring Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro will kick off his exclusive fall tour for Young America’s Foundation. The fall events might already be scheduled, but you can still apply to host him this spring!

To bring one of these speakers to your campus, please contact Patrick Coyle at 800-USA-1776!