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YAF's College Conference at the Reagan Ranch

November 9 to 10, 2012

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You will be placed in a room assigned by Young America's Foundation with one roommate or you can arrange your own hotel accommodations (at your cost) and do not need Young America's Foundation to include you on the rooming list.

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Payment Information -   Early Bird $20 (Deadline: October 17th) After October 17th the tuition fee is $35.00. *You will not be charged unless you are chosen to attend, but the information is required here.* 

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1) I understand that I must attend all sessions of YAF's College Conference at the Reagan Ranch to be held November 9 to 10. If I do not attend, I will be charged the full cost of the conference and events, including the hotel, food, and associated charges, which are $250.00 per attendee, except in the case of an emergency. I must notify Young America's Foundation
of my inability to attend before October 29, 2012 at 5:00 PM EST to avoid these

 2) I understand that the conference fee indicated above is non-refundable, unless I notify
Young America's Foundation by 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, October 29, 2012.

 3) I understand I will be assigned a roommate for the conference, unless I indicate on the
application form that I am making my own hotel arrangements. I may request preferred
roommates of the same sex, but there is a chance I may not be able to room with them. If
I want to guarantee a room to myself or ensure specific roommates, I will be completely responsible for my own hotel accommodations and book the hotel room myself and notify Young America's Foundation of my plan immediately to avoid the charges listed in item 1.

 4) I agree to all rules listed here and promise to abide by all rules and instructions of Young
America's Foundation and the hotel which I will be placed during the conference. If I
am signing others up on their behalf, I understand I am responsible for making sure they
understand and abide by these rules, including any costs associated with failure to attend,
as listed in item 1.

 5) Young America's Foundation uses real photos, videos, and quotes from our students for
promotional purposes and to advance our mission. By attending this program, I consent
to the use of my photo, written evaluation statements, and video in any Young America's
Foundation materials.

6) I understand that I will only be charged if I have been confirmed to attend. 

  to Young America's Foundation's terms and conditions above concerning this conference. 


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