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For Students and Educators: A Free Copy of Fossil Future

By Alex Epstein


I believe that every student and educator should learn about the importance of low-cost, reliable energy, including fossil fuel energy, in empowering human beings to improve our lives and our environment. 

I remember how, as a college student at Duke University, I learned next to nothing about how fossil fuels improve billions of lives around the world. However, I was—like most students are today—exposed to endless proselytizing about how fossil fuels are causing climate catastrophe.

I wrote Fossil Future to be the book I wish I had gotten as a student—a book that uses primary sources, big-picture thinking, and clear explanations to help us make the right energy choices going forward. (Here’s a detailed preview of the book.)

I am proud to be partnering with Young America’s Foundation, a leading pro-freedom youth organization, to offer free hardcover copies of Fossil Future to students and educators who are interested in energy and environmental issues

  • “The climate debate ignores the reasons we burn fossil fuels in the first place. Alex Epstein reminds us that rich countries may be able to treat green lifestyles as luxury fashion, but for much of the world reliable energy is a matter of life and death.”

  • “In this book Alex Epstein champions a humanity-centric alternative to the anti-fossil fuel climate hysteria that is disturbingly pervasive among today’s elites. Policymakers across the political spectrum should heed Epstein’s arguments and abandon the disastrous path we are on before it is too late.”

  • “Fossil fuel is not our enemy; it’s our friend. Alex Epstein is an original and courageous thinker who explains this better than anyone. If you want to think clearly (and morally) about fossil fuels (and you must), you need to read this superb book.”

  • “Few make a stronger moral case for the transition from energy poverty to energy wealth than Alex Epstein. In Fossil Future, Epstein shows we should be skeptical of utopian claims of transitioning away from fossil fuels any time soon, not least because such claims rest on anti-humanism, not to mention a denial of the physics of energy density. Fossil Future is a must-read for anybody trying to understand the current, and coming, energy landscape.”

  • “In the great debates about our energy future, Alex Epstein cuts to the heart of the issues persuasively and powerfully. Epstein frames everything—appropriately—around “human flourishing” and decimates the “anti-humanistic” outcomes of the anti-fossil-fuel lobby. In a tour de force of moral and economic reasoning, he takes us on his intellectual journey in pursuit of truths versus falsehoods and hyperbole.”