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The March 2020 High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch

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Event Overview


Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch High School Conference is a unique gathering designed specifically for high school students and framed as a “crash course” in conservative thought. No prior knowledge or involvement in public policy is required to attend.


  • Learn conservative ideas and effective activism
  • Meet and network with like-minded students
  • Interact with your conservative heroes
  • Receive valuable resource materials
  • Improve your critical thinking and debate skills
  • Become a young leader in the Conservative Movement
  • Walk in Reagan's footsteps

When you attend, you will hear briefings and discussions with conservatism’s brightest minds and most respected leaders. Students also enjoy a tour of the Reagan Ranch.

SPEAKERS: The speakers will be posted below as they are confirmed.

FAQs:  Download this pdf for all the details.

COST: The tuition fee of $100 includes three nights at a Santa Barbara hotel, conference tuition, materials, and meals from Wednesday dinner through Saturday lunch.

**NEW login this year: to register for this conference, you must sign up after selecting apply now below and create a student portal login. From this event page, you will be taken to the “Student Portal Login” webpage. Click create an account here, and fill in your first and last name, along with a username and password. Remember this login, as it will be used when you register for future YAF conferences, making the application process easier and smoother by remembering past application information.


The Reagan Ranch Center
217 State Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101

Anna Strasburg

Founder of Project If Life

Anna Strasburg is a pro-life activist who ran and biked 3,000 miles across America. On her journey, she spoke at various venues to educate and activate people into the pro-life movement. She is now married and a mother of one. Today Strasburg continues to speak promoting the pro-life message.

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Burt Folsom

Distinguished Fellow at Hillsdale College, Historian and Author

Historian Burt Folsom of Hillsdale College is the longest serving faculty member of Young America’s Foundation’s student programs, where he consistently receives top ratings from the young people he reaches at each YAF event. Dr. Folsom is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, and he received his B.A. from Indiana University, his M.A. from the University…

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Kassy Dillon

Founder of Lone Conservative

Kassy Dillon is a graduate student, commentator, and the founder of Lone Conservative. While attending a liberal women's college in Western Massachusetts, she founded Lone Conservative, a group blog created to give a voice to conservative college students. She also hosts a podcast, The Kassy Dillon Show. She previously worked at The Daily Wire as…

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Jack Duffy

National High School Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom

Jack Duffy is a junior at Newman Catholic High School. Jack has been attending YAF conferences since his freshman year. Despite slight push back from their school, the Newman Catholic YAF Chapter successfully coordinated the 9-11 Never Forget Project, and in doing so brought the fire department, local police force, first responders, the student body,…

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Angela 'Bay' Buchanan

Former Treasurer of the United States

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Bay Buchanan, then 32, to be Treasurer of the United States. She became the youngest person to ever hold the position. In the following thirty years, Buchanan remained at the forefront of American politics. Working on six presidential campaigns and chairing three of them, hosting her own national radio…

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Peter Schweizer

New York Times Bestselling Author, Consultant, Editor and President of Government Accountability Institute

Peter Schweizer is the President of Government Accountability Institute, a best-selling author, and member of Young America's Foundation’s Board of Directors. He is a partner in the Washington, D.C. firm Oval Office Writers which provides speechwriting and communications services for corporate executives and political figures. From 2008-2009 he was a consultant to the Office of…

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Kate Obenshain

Author, Blogger, Speaker, Commentator and Former Vice President of Young America's Foundation

Kate has been involved with Young America’s Foundation since her days as a student at the University of Virginia. While UVA, she edited the campus conservative newspaper and organized a state-wide rally in support of America’s troops.  She has served on the Foundation’ s staff in several key capacities, including director of program development, director of…

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