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Road to Freedom Seminar

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"The Road to Freedom Seminar has been my favorite YAF event that I have ever attended. Hearing from the incredible conservative speakers has made me more confident in my beliefs about the free market." - Casey Dickinson, 2019 attendee


Young America's Foundation's Road to Freedom Seminar is a unique program developed specifically for college students who want to learn how to make a compelling case for free market principles.

Government bureaucrats nationwide are advocating for greater government control of your education, healthcare, and paycheck. Many professors are using their classroom to teach students the virtues of destructive ideas like socialism and communism and discredited figures such as Karl Marx and Che Guevara. And the media today is obsessed with telling you that students want socialism in America.

Yet, a recent Young America’s Foundation national poll of 1,000 of your peers reveals that most college-age students do not want more government intervention in their lives. They want to be able to pursue their dreams and have the freedom to make their own economic choices.

By attending the Road to Freedom Seminar, you will learn from and engage with some of the most accomplished business leaders, professors, authors, and policy experts advancing free enterprise and entrepreneurship today.

No prior knowledge on business or economics is required to attend.


  • Learn key business and economic ideas
  • Interact with top business leaders and economic experts
  • Gain access to valuable resources
  • Participate in training on effective campus activism strategies
  • Meet and network with like-minded students
  • Improve your debate skills
  • Become a leader within your campus club


Young America's Foundation
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