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Road to Freedom Seminar: Why the Left Hates Trump’s Economy

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Event Overview

If you are currently a college student or an incoming college freshman, and you want the tools to effectively respond to the Left's attacks on free enterprise and limited government, Young America’s Foundation’s Road to Freedom Seminar is for you.

Young America’s Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise invites you to join your peers from around the country at our Road to Freedom Seminar scheduled for July 20 and 21, 2018, at the Foundation’s headquarters located outside of Washington, D.C.

Many of America’s colleges and universities are increasingly teaching that a system of collectivism, government intervention, and redistribution is the path forward for our country. The Left continues to attack President Trump's economic agenda of tax cuts, deregulation, and dismantlement of government bureaucracy.

Yet, as Ronald Reagan once told a YAF audience, “Profit, property, and freedom are inseparable, you can’t have any one of them without the other two.”

We know you are hungry for a different perspective. You want to hear a point of view that advances the power of the individual to build thriving businesses, less burdensome regulation, freedom from controlling government bureaucrats, and ultimately, a brighter future for you and their peers.

Young America’s Foundation is hosting this seminar to provide just this opportunity.

Students who attend this program will learn from, and engage with, some of the most exciting business leaders, professors, authors, and policy experts advancing free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and innovation today. Speakers include:

  • Stephen Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation
  • Kristen Waggoner, Senior Vice President at Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Kyle Reyes, President and CEO of Silent Partner Marketing and National Spokesman of Law Enforcement Today
  • Anne Rathbone Bradley, Vice President of Economic Initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics 
  • Brian Brenberg, Executive Vice President and Chair of Business and Finance at The King’s College
  • Ana Quintana, Policy Analyst at The Heritage Foundation
  • Jay Richards, Research Assistant Professor at Catholic University of America
  • Martha Boneta, Policy Advisor for America First Policies and family farmer
  • Jared Meyer, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability
  • Jonathan Williams, Chief Economist and Vice President at American Legislative Exchange Council

TUITION FEE: The $20 seminar fee includes seminar tuition, all materials, lodging for Friday and Saturday nights at the Westin Reston Heights hotel, and four meals from Friday dinner to Saturday dinner.

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NEED TRAVEL ASSISTANCE?  While travel assistance is never guaranteed, Young America’s Foundation will gladly consider all completed requests.
Travel assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis for those with financial need. If you have financial need, please email a brief essay (no more than one page) to travel@yaf.org that includes:

  • Language regarding your financial need
  • What you hope to gain by attending the seminar
  • Your travel plans
  • The expected amount of your travel plans and the amount you are requesting.(For example, if your flight cost totals $500, and you are able to cover $300, you may request $200 in assistance.)

We will not consider your travel assistance until we receive a completed request.

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Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley

Academic Director at The Fund for American Studies

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley is the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and the academic director at The Fund for American Studies. Through this position, Dr. Bradley works to enhance the impact and reach of TFAS and FTE economic education programs through courses, seminars, videos and social media. She also delivers lectures around…

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Ana Quintana

Policy Analyst, Latin America and the Western Hemisphere

Ana Rosa Quintana is Policy Analyst, Latin America and the Western Hemisphere at The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies. She leads the foundation’s efforts U.S. policy toward Latin America.  She concentrates largely on issues of security cooperation, democratic governance and economic freedom. She has authored numerous policy studies included but not limited…

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Jared Meyer

Author and Economic Policy Advisor

Jared Meyer is an advisor at the Department of Labor and a former senior research fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability. At FGA, he researches the economic effects that various government regulations have on labor markets. Meyer is the coauthor of Disinherited: How Washington Is Betraying America's Young (Encounter Books, May 2015) and the…

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Kristen Waggoner

Senior Vice President, Alliance Defending Freedom

Kristen K. Waggoner serves as senior vice president of the U.S. legal division and general counsel, Arizona, with Alliance Defending Freedom. In this role, Waggoner oversees the U.S. legal division, a team of 60 attorneys and staff who engage in litigation, public advocacy, and legislative support. Since she assumed this role, ADF has prevailed as…

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Steve Moore

Writer, Analyst, Author and Speaker

Stephen Moore is an economic writer and political analyst. He joined The Wall Street Journal as a member of the editorial board and senior economics writer on May 31, 2005. He splits his time between Washington and New York, focusing on economic issues, including budget, tax and monetary policy. Moore has been a frequent contributor to the…

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Martha Boneta

Executive Vice President, Citizens for the Republic

Martha Boneta is the Executive Vice President of Citizens for the Republic (CFTR), founded by Ronald Reagan in 1977. CFTR was relaunched in 2017 by several veterans of the Reagan Administration. Boneta is a native Virginian and farmer on her family farm, Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. The Virginia General Assembly honored Boneta with a Joint…

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Kyle Reyes

President and CEO, Silent Partner Marketing

Kyle S. Reyes is an entrepreneur, a Christian conservative, and a millennial. He is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique marketing agency headquartered in Connecticut, and National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today, a pro-law enforcement advocacy organization. Reyes is a former Producer of News and Special Projects, having worked in broadcast…

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Brian Brenberg

Executive Vice President and Chair of Business and Finance, The King’s College

Professor Brian Brenberg serves as an Executive Vice President and Chair of the Program in Business and Finance at The King’s College. Prior to joining the King’s faculty, he worked in the financial services and medical device industries, as well as public policy research and philanthropy. He earned an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business…

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Jay Richards

Assistant Research Professor, The Catholic University of America

Jay W. Richards, Ph.D., is author of many books including the New York Times bestsellers Infiltrated (2013) and Indivisible (2012). He is also the author of Money, Greed, and God, winner of a 2010 Templeton Enterprise Award; and co-author of The Privileged Planet with astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez. His most recent book, co-authored with Jonathan Witt, is The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom…

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Jonathan Williams

Chief Economist and Vice President, American Legislative Exchange Council

Jonathan Williams is the Chief Economist and Vice President for the Center for State Fiscal Reform at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), where he works with state policymakers, congressional leaders and members of the private sector to develop fiscal policy solutions for the states. Williams also co-authors Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer Economic State Competitiveness…

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