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High School Free Enterprise Leaders Conference: How to Confront Socialism

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How to Confront Socialism

"This conference has educated me on how to combat socialism with facts and promote the free market and America..." - David Smith, High School Free Enterprise Leaders Conference attendee

Young America’s Foundation’s High School Free Enterprise Leaders Conference is a unique, life-changing program designed specifically for high school students across America. A “crash course” in business and economics, this conference will expose you to the truth about socialism, big government, and the incredible benefits of free enterprise and entrepreneurship that your teachers and textbooks may not be teaching you.

No prior knowledge or involvement in these areas is required to attend. You will leave a more informed student, a stronger leader, and a more passionate activist.


  • Learn key business and economic ideas
  • Interact with top business leaders and economic experts
  • Gain access to valuable resources
  • Participate in training on effective school activism strategies
  • Meet and network with like-minded students
  • Improve your debate skills
  • Become a leader at your school


  • Governor Scott WalkerPresident of Young America’s Foundation and 45th Governor of Wisconsin
  • Anne Rathbone BradleyAcademic Director, The Fund for American Studies
  • Brian Brenberg, Executive Vice President and Chair of Business and Finance, The King's College; Contributor, Fox News
  • Antony DaviesAssociate Professor of Economics, Duquesne University
  • Helen RaleighEntrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker
  • Andrés GuilarteVenezuelan Freedom Activist
  • Steve Forbes, Publishing Executive, Editor, Writer, Author and Speaker
  • Jared Meyer, Author and Economic Policy Advisor
  • Nick Adams, Best-selling Author

TUITION: The $45 conference fee includes seminar tuition, all materials, Friday and Saturday night lodging at the Westin Reston Heights hotel, and four meals from Friday dinner to Saturday dinner.

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: While travel assistance is never guaranteed, Young America’s Foundation will gladly consider all completed requests. Travel assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis for those with financial need. If you have financial need, please email a brief essay (no more than a page) to that includes:

  • Language regarding your financial need
  • What you hope to gain by attending the conference
  • Your travel plans
  • The expected amount of your travel plans and the amount you are requesting. (For example, expected travel costs from LAX to IAD are $500. I am requesting $200 in assistance.)

We will not consider your request until we receive a completed request. Travel assistance essays are due prior to the start of the conference. Flights must allow for full-time attendance in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

TUITION ASSISTANCE: Tuition assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis for those with financial need. If you have financial need, please email a brief essay (no more than a page) to Jaime Hahn at with some language regarding your financial need and what you hope to gain by attending the conference. We cannot consider your request until we receive this essay.

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Governor Scott Walker

President of Young America’s Foundation and 45th Governor of Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker was elected president of Young America's Foundation on February 1, 2021. Governor Walker was raised with a heart for public service, patriotism, and hard work. He moved to the small town of Delavan, Wisconsin, when he was in third grade. There, his father was a minister and his mother worked part time as a bookkeeper and secretary.…

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Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley

Academic Director, The Fund for American Studies

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley is the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and the academic director at The Fund for American Studies. Through this position, Dr. Bradley works to enhance the impact and reach of TFAS and FTE economic education programs through courses, seminars, videos and social media. She also delivers lectures around…

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Brian Brenberg

Contributor, Fox News and Fox Business; Executive Vice President and Associate Professor of Business, The King’s College

Professor Brian Brenberg serves as an executive vice president and associate professor of business at The King’s College. Prior to joining the King’s faculty, he worked in the financial services and medical device industries, as well as public policy research and philanthropy. He earned an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School and an MPA…

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Dr. Antony Davies

Associate Professor of Economics, Duquesne University

Dr. Antony Davies’ research interests include econometrics, public policy, and consumer behavior. Davies has authored over 150 op-eds for, among others, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Investors Business Daily, and New York Daily News. He is a frequent lecturer at policy conferences on Capitol Hill, and his YouTube videos on economics and statistics have garnered over 3…

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Helen Raleigh

Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker

Helen Raleigh, CFA, CDI.D, is a recognized American entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. She is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Her writings also appeared in various national media, including The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Newsweek. In addition, she is the author of several books, including the award-winning autobiography Confucius Never Said, and her new book on foreign…

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Andrés Guilarte

Venezuelan Freedom Activist

Andrés Guilarte is a political activist for the freedom of Venezuela. Only a few years ago, he was a university student, studying international relations at the Central University of Venezuela. On top of exams and typical college student concerns, Andrés’ studies were interrupted by tear gas as government officials targeted students on campus. He spent…

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Steve Forbes

Publishing Executive, Editor, Writer, Author and Speaker

  Steve Forbes is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. The company’s flagship publication, Forbes, is the nation’s leading business magazine, with a circulation of more than 900,000. Forbes combined with Forbes Asia, Forbes Europe, and the company’s licensee editions together reach a worldwide audience of more than 5 million readers. has become one…

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Jared Meyer

Author and Economic Policy Advisor

Jared Meyer is a staff member at the White House Council of Economic Advisors and a former advisor at the Department of Labor and senior research fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability. At FGA, he researches the economic effects that various government regulations have on labor markets. Meyer is the coauthor of Disinherited: How…

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Nick Adams

Best-selling Author

Nick Adams is a Presidential appointee, four-time best-selling author, motivational speaker, television commentator, and Stage IV cancer survivor.  He is also one of the fastest growing and furthest reaching social media influencers in conservative politics today, reaching millions of patriots across the country with his commentary and opinions.  Adams has appeared on virtually every major…

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