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2023 Middle School Retreat at the Reagan Ranch

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Event Overview

The Reagan Ranch Middle School Retreat
The Reagan Ranch • Santa Barbara, CA • March 3-4, 2023

"There is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds.
– President Ronald Reagan

Who? Middle School Students
When? March 3-4, 2023
Where? The Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California
The cost? Only $30

This two-day program will give middle school students insight into the people, places, and ideas that shaped our 40th President, allowing them to better understand why and how Ronald Reagan changed the country and the world and how they can do the same. The very essence of President Reagan’s character is found at the Ranch—his humility, optimism, hard work, love for freedom, and belief in the American Dream.

This program will help students grapple with important questions about American history and better equip them to understand and defend the principles of freedom.

At this transformational program, students will -

  • Walk in President Reagan’s footsteps at his beloved Santa Barbara ranch that served as the “Western White House” during the Presidency
  • Improve critical thinking and debate skills
  • Learn from accomplished and engaging teachers about free enterprise and American history
  • Engage with other students and families who care about the future of freedom
  • Discover how to become a young leader with well-founded principles

Throughout this program, students will learn from some of the brightest minds and most engaging teachers, discover why America is truly exceptional and why free market principles work, participate in interactive hands-on activities, and be inspired by the humble yet beautiful Ranch that captivated Ronald Reagan.

This educational program will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, March 3, and will conclude at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 4.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? The registration fee of $30 includes Friday dinner and Saturday lunch, educational materials, and transportation to and from the Reagan Ranch for students.

ARE PARENTS INVOVLED? Parents are invited to the opening dinner banquet on Friday and to a special concluding session on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

IS TUITION ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE? Tuition assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis for those with demonstrable financial need. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions below for instructions about how to apply.

WHAT IF WE ARE TRAVELING FROM OUT OF TOWN? While travel assistance is never guaranteed, Young America’s Foundation will gladly consider all completed requests to alleviate the cost of student flights and hotel stays. Travel assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis for those with financial need, and please check the Frequently Asked Questions below for instructions about how to apply. All registered students have access to a discounted room block at a local hotel.

WHERE DO I FIND MORE DETAILS? For details about applying for travel or tuition assistance, discounted hotel rates, dress code, retreat activities, and more, please check the program Frequently Asked Questions.

Burt Folsom

Distinguished Fellow at Hillsdale College, Historian, and Author

Burt Folsom has been a college professor at many places, especially Hillsdale College in Michigan, where he still serves as distinguished fellow. He has written ten books. These books include The Myth of the Robber Barons, which is published by Young America’s Foundation and will soon be in its ninth edition. He has also written…

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Kali Fontanilla

Entrepreneur, teacher, and commentator

Kali Fontanilla is a former public high school teacher of 15 years. Her rebuttal statement to Prop 16 in California helped to stop the push for legal reverse racism and a new extreme version of affirmative action in 2020. She wrote a 25-page guide against Critical Race Theory for Candace Owens' BLEXIT Foundation. She has…

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Michael J. Clark

Associate Professor of Economics, Wallace and Marion Reemelin Chair in Free Market Economics at Hillsdale College

Michael Clark received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University in 2011. He is currently an assistant professor at Hillsdale College where his hard work and high teaching evaluations garnered him the Wallace and Marion Reemelin chair in free market economics. Previously, he taught as a visiting professor for the MBA program at the University…

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