Censorship Exposed
YAF’s Censorship Exposed Project

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

Internal emails obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation’s Censorship Exposed Project reveal Kennesaw State University in full crisis control mode following its professor’s class-wide email announcing that students were forced to attend a protest of YAF’s Michael Knowles event.

You may remember Jalessah Jackson, a Women and Gender Studies professor, who sent an email to her class last month informing her class that they were “expected” to attend a pro-transgender protest of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s Michael Knowles lecture.

Just hours after sending the initial email and YAF exposing her unconstitutional behavior, KSU’s Dean, Shawn Long, emailed Jackson about her antics.

September 4, 2019

In response to the ongoing debate over immigration and border security, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA YAF) planned a series of events to advocate for President Trump’s border wall. CSULA YAF’s initiatives included tabling to distribute information on the crisis along the southern border, signage emblazoned with “Build the Wall,” and a campus lecture by the Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles.

Internal emails obtained exclusively through Young America’s Foundation’s Censorship Exposed project show a gang of leftist faculty who are as ill-adjusted as the fragile students they teach. CSULA President William Covino and several professors—all clearly suffering from a severe phobia of conservatives—were in hysterics as their own emails show.

August 9, 2019

Documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation through YAF’s Censorship Exposed project include a presentation, listing examples of microaggressions towards transgenders in the classroom including “refusing to allow the use of ‘they or ‘ze’ as gender neutral singular pronouns in academic work without addressing reasons why.”

Say goodbye to abiding by grammatical rules enforced by most universities around the world in one’s academic work! NKU says it’s a microaggression not to use “ze” as a pronoun.

Even worse, “not asking” about someone’s “correct pronouns,” is a microaggression too.

August 14, 2020

When conservative students at the University of Kentucky (UK) wanted to establish a Young Americans for Freedom chapter, the young activists were denied official recognition as a student organization. Out of an evident personal dislike for conservative ideas, administrators wielded unfettered discretion in denying the YAF students recognition, despite admitting there was nothing “explicitly” objectionable or wrong with YAF’s constitution.

What unfolded internally within the University of Kentucky has now been uncovered via public records requests filed through Young America’s Foundation’s Censorship Exposed project.

July 26, 2019

Last night Young America’s Foundation accomplished what many others attempted: hundreds of students were able to hear, engage, and discuss… After months of battling several biased administrators and teachers, a Young Americans for Freedom chapter has succeeded in gaining recognition from Lake Forest High School in Illinois. But why did the students have to struggle so long just to simply get the school’s permission to have meetings and do events? “I question whether this group is appropriate for our school and students,” one teacher at Lake Forest High School said in an internal email obtained by Young America’s Foundation. Lake Forest High School

July 16, 2019

Freshmen student orientation leaders at the University of Georgia were informed that any potential religious or personal objections or discomfort to the usage of gender-neutral pronouns do not matter in their leadership roles, according to documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation. “Your discomfort is irrelevant- the first few times you do this it may seem uncomfortable but imagine the discomfort that students who are mis-gendered or have their identities invalidated or unrecognized must feel. Remember we are working towards building a gender-inclusive world where people are allowed to construct their own gender identities for themselves.” The program guide for orientation leaders includes this supplement on pronoun usage, claiming gender-neutral pronouns “show respect for each other’s gender identity and their gender expression.” University of Georgia

May 24, 2019

Emails obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation through a public records request made as part of YAF’s Censorship Exposed project uncover a pattern of discrimination and viewpoint motivated censorship. Administrators at the University of Wisconsin violated the students’ First Amendment rights when they targeted conservative speakers as “controversial” and selectively burdened the Young Americans for Freedom chapter with a “security fee.” Univ of Wisconsin

UC Berkeley

September 17, 2018

In an email to UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ obtained by Young America’s Foundation, a 25-year veteran of the University of California Berkeley Police Department unleashed his frustrations over the anti-police environment created by administrators. UC Berkeley


Nov 3, 2017

According to YAF’s “Censorship Exposed” project, when administrators learned that a conservative speaker was coming to their campus, these same administrators placed a qualification on the First Amendment rights of conservative students. Conservative viewpoints can only be presented if their liberal counter perspectives are presented too. The double standard is outrageous! Truman State University


Oct 20, 2017

According to materials YAF uncovered through its Censorship Exposed! project, Safe Zone training participants, at the University of Kansas, are encouraged to take The Allies Pledge proclaiming that “nobody is wrong, they are only different,” and promising to “interrupt the world when its thinking becomes ignorant.” But what do they mean by “interrupt” and what do they mean by “ignorant?” University of Kansas


Oct 13, 2017

According to public documents obtained through YAF’s “Censorship Exposed” project, UNC-Greensboro charged Hillary for America a $175 facility rental fee to reserve the UNCG Student Recreation Center. Students working to host Dinesh D’Souza are being charged $525 for their facility rental fee, plus $200 in facility staffing and another $450 in other operating expenses, to reserve the UNCG Elliott University Center Auditorium. UNC - Greensboro


June 15, 2017

According to a public records request by Young America’s Foundation for documents regarding the college’s handling of the desecration of YAF’s annual 9/11: Never Forget Project , the professor claimed that students did not have permission to put up the posters. The records revealed that no such policy existed and Saddleback’s faculty applauded Professor Lovett’s actions. Saddleback College


Apr 17, 2017

According to University of Houston training materials that YAF uncovered through its Censorship Exposed project, people of faith, particularly Christians who live out their faith, are responsible for the elevated rate of suicide and attempted suicide, higher rates of substance abuse, and higher rates of alcohol abuse specific to LGBTQ+ persons. University of Houston