February 7 and 8


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Due to the high volume of applicants, Young America’s Foundation is providing complete travel assistance to select students across the nation!

Instead of applying for flight travel assistance, click here to find and sign up for the bus closest you!

If you live within a 90 minute drive of this bus and you choose not to take the bus you will be responsible for getting yourself to the conference and no extra travel assistance will be given for flights or gas.

*This bus schedule is subject to change. If the bus you sign up for is no longer available, YAF will cover your economy flights up to $400. However, if a bus is within a 90 minute drive of you and you choose to not take it, you will not receive flight assistance or gas reimbursement.

Please note: Flight travel assistance is still available for those traveling long distances. Please email travel@yaf.org if you have questions or to submit your travel request essays as usual.

Please plan for the bus to leave on Friday, February 7 starting at no earlier than 4 a.m. and return no later than 8 a.m. Sunday, February 9. Exact times will be confirmed a week before the conference.

Contact Jolie Ballantyne at Jballantyne@yaf.org if you are interested in catching a bus from Milwaukee, Chicago, or Louisville.