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MSU ‘Women*s’ Center Pushes for On-Campus Abortion

Michigan State University hosted a Planned Parenthood executive last month to speak on abortion. The event was marketed to help students “advocate for your reproductive health.” In reality, students were directed to the nearest abortion clinics and university staff attempted to normalize the atrocity, even suggesting abortion be made available directly on campus.

Michigan State University’s Controversial Language Guide Sparks Outrage and Prompts Retraction

Michigan State University published an “Inclusive Guide” last semester, advising students to eliminate certain everyday words from their vocabularies. Terms including “Caucasian,” “female,” and even “America” were deemed offensive without clear justification, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

California’s Reparations Committee Owes the Reagan Family an Apology

“As California Governor (1967-1975), Ronald Reagan coined the term ‘welfare queen’ as racist coding,” claims the official report of the formal state of California Reparations Task Force, created by Gov. Gavin Newsom. “This terminology conjures stereotypes of single Black women as hypersexualized, aggressive, and dependent on government income with frivolous spending habits.”

Leftist Students Face Felony Charges, Expulsion After Allegedly Assaulting UF Police Officer During Abortion Rally

Two University of Florida (UF) students face criminal charges and expulsion from the university after allegedly stealing signs from a pro-life group’s campus display and assaulting a police officer, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line. 

CUA YAF Organizes Protest of Chinese Embassy in D.C.

Imagine you are at home, drinking your morning coffee, reading through censored news and suddenly officials show up at your door and force you to go with them. You have no idea where you are going and you wonder if you accessed an illegal website or maybe the government found out what religion you practice. Eventually, you come to realize that you are imprisoned with no hope of being released. This is what is happening in China today. 

University of Nebraska Invites ‘Bob The Drag Queen’ to Campus

Last week, the University of Nebraska hosted Caldwell Tidicue, also known as “Bob the Drag Queen,” for an event in its Swanson Auditorium. Tidicue, 36, traveled to Nebraska to perform a stand up act and Q&A session for the university and the public. 

Universities Urged to Speak Out Against China’s Human Rights Abuses

As tensions with China have increased over the previous years, universities across America have remained all too quiet. This has been noted by scholars and academics, and recent crackdowns on COVID protests have sparked a group of over 100 professors and students to sign a letter demanding that universities speak out against the wrongdoings of China. In the opening paragraph, it reads, “We, a group of scholars and students from around the world, call on universities, faculties, and others to speak up for Chinese students and scholars at risk.”

Rethinking ‘Defund the Police’: Students at the University of Pittsburgh Call for Increased Campus Security

In 2020, the call to “Defund the Police” echoed across many college campuses in America, with any opposition to this narrative being seen as contrarian or even racist. However, recent events have caused some students to question their stance.

Leftist ‘Policy Pods’ at ‘Catholic’ Saint Louis University Push Radical LGBTQ+ Agenda on Minors

Conservative students at Saint Louis University are alarmed by the university’s recent initiative to create “Policy Pods” for students to promote leftist activism and an agenda that openly runs counter to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

My University of Florida History Professor Wants Me to Be Ashamed of My Country. That’s Not Going to Happen.

As I sit in my American History class at the University of Florida, I can’t help but feel disappointed. My professor just finished a lecture on how our founding fathers were racist and that our country was founded on white supremacy. It’s not the first time he’s made these claims, and I find myself increasingly frustrated with this narrative.

UGA Students for Socialism Rally for Abortion Rights on Campus

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the Students for Socialism (SFS) group at the University of Georgia organized a “Day of Affirmation: Rally for Abortion” event.

The Ohio State University Hosts ‘Sex Week’ Featuring Bondage Demonstrations, ‘LGBTQ+ Youth’ Sessions, and Abortion Advocacy

This week is “Sex Week” at The Ohio State University – an entire week packed full of lectures, demonstrations, and giveaways, designed to lure impressionable young college students deeper and deeper into the Left’s depraved ideology.

Patricia A. Pearson Internship to Support Next Generation of Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home Stewards

Young America’s Foundation is proud to announce the Patricia A. Pearson Internship, …

Liberal Professor Fired After Challenging WKU’s Extreme DEI Initiatives

Dr. Ryan Hall, who taught English at Western Kentucky University for more than two decades, considers himself to be a “reasonable liberal.”  He recognizes that his side frequently takes things to the extreme. For observing and critiquing that very true reality and failing to comply with “restorative” measures, he’s now out of a job.

Enraged Leftists ‘Won’t Back Down’ as Ben Sasse Takes Reigns at UF

The University of Florida’s new president, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, officially started his new role last week. Protestors gathered outside of Tigert Hall on his first day to protest his arrival, claiming that he is not a sufficient representative of the student body.

Stony Brook University Socialists Try (and Fail) to ‘Destigmatize’ Marx With 12-Bullet Point Pamphlet

A socialist club at Stony Brook University in New York is trying to “destigmatize” Karl Marx by distributing a very short pamphlet that paints the man whose ideas have led to the murder of millions as a “brilliant and admirable philosopher”.

University of Illinois-Chicago Agrees to Hefty Raises After Professors Strike

The University of Illinois-Chicago has given into the demands of its unionized faculty members’ demands after they went on strike last week, according to a university press release published this week. 

Multiple U.S. Colleges Enact TikTok Bans, Citing Data Security Concerns

For years, popular video-sharing social media app TikTok has faced significant criticism from national security officials and politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Harvard Medical Course Explores ‘Sexual Identities of LGBTQIA+ Infants’

A clinical course offered at Harvard Medical School studies the sexual identities of infants, according to a course description posted on the university’s website.

Berkeley Students Plan ‘Rally to Ban Cars’ in Name of ‘Climate Justice’

A student organization at the University of California-Berkeley plans to hold a “Rally to Ban Cars” this weekend, citing a need for “climate action in the streetscape.”

Boston University Professor Creates ‘Racism Denial Response Guide’

By Sophia Corso Boston University clinical associate professor Phillipe Copeland recently created …

Leftists Demand Free Tuition After Gov. Hochul Proposes Tuition Increase for NY State Schools

By Sophia Corso New York Governor Kathy Hochul is facing significant backlash …

UMich Labor Union Demands $60 Per Hour Pay, ‘Barrier-Free Transgender Healthcare’ for Grad Student Workers, and Unarmed Campus Security

By Sophia Corso The Graduate Employees’ Organization at UMich– a labor union …

Yet Another State University Hosts Sex Bingo Event

By Jaryn Crouson Michigan State University recently hosted a “Sex-Positive Bingo and …

Sorority Moves to Expel Member for Sharing YAF Content on Instagram

By Caitlyn McCoy A sorority at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point moved …

YAF’s 2022 ‘Worst of the Worst’ Leftist Nonsense Award

Every year, Young America’s Foundation compiles a list of the most outrageous …

Kirk Cameron Blocked From Reading His New Children’s Book by More Than 50 Libraries

Conservative Hollywood actor and Young America’s Foundation speaker Kirk Cameron says more than 50 public libraries have denied his request to read his new children’s book, As You Grow, which champions traditional family and Biblical values.

DC-Area Students & YAFers Stand Up Against CCP’s Deadly COVID Tyranny

By: Gabrielle Dankanich Over the weekend, students from across the Washington, D.C. …

University of Vermont Hosts “Sex Toy Bingo” Using Student Tuition Dollars

The University of Vermont hosted an all-inclusive night of “Sex Toy Bingo,” complete with “sexperts,” sex toys, and condom giveaways last week. All expenses were paid using student tuition dollars, an investigation by Young America’s Foundation revealed.

UChicago Professor Seeks Disciplinary Action Against Student Who Exposed Her Racist Course

Daniel Schmidt, a sophomore at the University of Chicago, took to Twitter earlier this month to share details about an upcoming course at the elite university entitled “The Problem of Whiteness.” Now, the professor behind the controversial course is calling for him to face disciplinary action.

Antisemitic ‘Students for Justice’ Group Paints Terror Slogan on Prominent Campus Display

Leftist students at Northwestern University painted the antisemitic slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” on a rock that functions as a prominent campus display, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

Topless ‘Nun’ Performs at Dartmouth Drag Show

A topless “nun” was invited to perform in a drag show held at Dartmouth College, according to a report by the College Fix.

American Studies Students at Purdue Forced to Watch ‘Transgender Person’s Guide to the TSA;’ Read ‘The Strange History of Vibrators’

Students enrolled in an American Studies course at Purdue University were recently required to watch a video guide on airport security for transgender people and write a reflection.

Cambridge Teaches ‘Genderless’ German; Linguists Speak Out

The Left’s stronghold on academia isn’t limited to the United States. “Across the pond”, in an attempt to be inclusive of “non-binary” people, Cambridge University recently overhauled its German language curriculum to eliminate all gendered terminology, according to a Times report.

UMich “Diversity of Thought” Event Fails to Include Diverse Viewpoints

A recent event at the University of Michigan which promised to highlight the importance of diversity of thought failed to include any panelists with conservative viewpoints, according to a report by the College Fix. 

Supreme Court Likely to End Racial Discrimination in College Admissions Process

The Supreme Court suggested Monday that racially-based college admission practices and policies may violate the 14th Amendment.

NYU Hosts Panel on ‘Sexual & Reproductive Justice,’ Featuring Professor Who Defended Violence Against Pro-Life Centers and University’s ‘Associate Director of Sexual Services’

By Gabrielle Dankanich New York University hosted a panel discussion on “Sexual …

Private School in D.C. Sends Email to Parents Announcing Pregnancy of ‘Male’ Teacher, Spokesperson Slams Phone When Asked to Explain

An elite private school in Washington, D.C. recently sent an email to parents of students enrolled in the elite private school’s “Manatee” preschool program announcing the pregnancy of supposedly male teacher Tristan Powell.

Panelist Concedes That The Left ‘Can’t Stop Matt Walsh’ During Trans Health Day at SLU

During a panel discussion at Saint Louis University featuring transgender and “non-binary” community members, panelist Maven Lee conceded that there’s nothing they can do to stop Matt Walsh from dismantling the Left’s gender ideology.

Leftist Students Outraged By Incoming University of Florida President

“Hey hey. Ho ho. Ben Sasse has got to go,” upset students and community members shouted outside of the student center at the University of Florida yesterday afternoon, where the United States senator is slated to become president in January.

Federal Law Clerks Refuse to Hire Yale Law Students Due to University’s Woke Cancel Culture

Judge James Ho stated last week that he will no longer be hiring law students from Yale in his office due to the institution’s “woke” university practices, according to a report by Above the Law.

Saint Louis University to Host Drag Show, Approved by ‘Drag Baby’ Administrator

By Caitlyn McCoy  Saint Louis University in Missouri recently announced plans to …

University of Florida Denies Funding to Campus Conservatives, Gives 20 Year-Old TikTokker $60,000 to Perform Vulgar ‘Diss Track’

By: Gabrielle Dankanich The University of Florida allocated $60,000 for a “diss …

Former Professor at Texas A&M University Admits to Covering Up Relationship With Chinese Communist Party

A now-former professor at Texas A&M University has admitted to lying to university officials about his ties to the Chinese Communist Party, according to a press release by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Houston Field Office.

Americans Are Standing Up to the Broken Public Education System. I Know Why:

We’ve all seen the viral videos of parents standing up to school administrators for the sake of their child’s education—or lack thereof. Ditching the traditional classroom setup with blackboards, ABCs, and arithmetic, educators have taken it upon themselves to furnish the classroom with Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ propaganda, yet parents are labeled as “terrorists” for showing concern. 

Florida Professor Tells White Students They Must ‘Examine Their Privilege;’ Suggests Donations to BLM Bail Fund

Students at a public university in Florida were forced to examine their racial, sexual, and educational “privilege” for a course grade, according to an anonymous tip sent to Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line. 

Florida University Doles Out Thousands to Cover Minority Students’ Gym Memberships, Library Fines

A private university in Florida has created a Multicultural Student Support Fund exclusively for minority students, according to documents received in an anonymous tip submitted to Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line. 

Five Months Later, Still No Charges After UBuffalo Conservatives Attacked For Hosting Allen West

By: Gabrielle Dankanich It has been months since conservative students at the …

Biden’s Inflationary and Immoral Debt Transference: A Student’s Take

By: Charles Hilu Like most other Americans, I do not stand to …

Al Moore’s Unparalleled Legacy at the Reagan Ranch

Remembering Alwal Anheuser Beims Moore, 1925-2022 This week, Young America’s Foundation lost …

Far-Left Organization Hosts Fear-Mongering Zoom Call To Organize Against YAF

By: Joe Prendergast  Young America’s Foundation’s efforts to empower young conservatives is …

Announcing the Nominees for YAF Chapter of the Year

By: Charlie Jones, Program Officer for YAF Chapter Services Young Americans for …

GWU Denies Community Attempts to Oust Justice Clarence Thomas From Teaching At Law School

By: Caitlyn McCoy The George Washington University (GW) community is attempting to …

Liberal Professors’ Worst Reactions to SCOTUS Ruling

By: Austin Reeder In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to …

Gettysburg College Student Newspaper Calls for Change to ‘Bullets’ Mascot

By: Joe Prendergast The Gettysburg College student newspaper is calling for a …

SLU Doles Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Liberal Groups, Conservatives Get $440

By: Caitlyn McCoy Saint Louis University has been funding leftist organizations at …

‘Pro-Hoe’: First-Ever Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Coordinator Appointed to NH School District

By: Rhett Wilson A public school district in New Hampshire has appointed …

Wokeness Comes for Washington: GW Drops ‘Colonials’ Nickname and Mascot

By: Nick Baker  The George Washington University Board of Trustees announced in …

Concerned Parents Flood Library Board Meeting After Pornographic YA Books Discovered

By: Joe Prendergast Following the discovery of obscene books accessible to minors …

Pornographic Novels Found on Display in YA Section of Public Library in Illinois

By: Joe Prendergast UPDATE: The Mayor of Dixon, Liandro Arellano Jr, released …

University of Florida Residence Life Segregates Students According to Sexuality

By: Shawna Weber  University of Florida’s (UF) Housing and Residence Life has …

Boston University SGA Passes Resolution Denouncing YAF’s Michael Knowles Event, Calls For ‘More Safety’

By: Illiana Lievanos The student government at Boston University is calling for …

Loyola University Chicago Hosts Drag Show Mocking Catholicism

By: Illiana Lievanos Loyola University Chicago, a private Catholic school, recently hosted …

Conservative Student Doxxed By Auburn University For Hosting Pro-Life Display

By: Illiana Lievanos A conservative student at Auburn University was doxxed by …

Passing on the Torch of Freedom: An Interview with Gina & Zachary Brown

As part of our mission to advance the ideas of individual freedom, …

Saint Louis University Opposes Putting American Flags In Classrooms, Says Lacks ‘Necessary Motive’

By: Illiana Lievanos Saint Louis University  has rejected a request to install …

UVA Student Newspaper Demands Administrators Cancel YAF’s Mike Pence Event: ‘Dangerous Rhetoric’

By: Illiana Lievanos A student at the University of Virginia is urging …

SLU Denies YAF Chapter Recognition, Cites ‘Tension’ On Campus

By: Haylee Fishburn Saint Louis University has denied recognition to a Young …

Becket Adams Joins Young America’s Foundation’s National Journalism Center

Young America’s Foundation is thrilled to announce the addition of Becket Adams …

UAlabama Student Newspaper Calls YAF Chapter an ‘Organization of Bigotry and Extremism’

By: Illiana Lievanos The official student newspaper for the University of Alabama …

UC Davis Professor Assigns ‘White Privilege Checklist,’ Warns It May be ‘Triggering’

By: Haylee Fishburn A professor at a college in California assigned a …

Gianna Milaro Joins YAF as Program Officer for Campus Advancement

Gianna Milaro serves as a program officer for campus advancement for Young …

I See Leftism Coming to My Campus in the Name of Catholic Social Teaching

By: Catriona Fee Catholic universities and high schools present a unique set …

‘BEAT UP YAF MEMBERS’: UMich Student Government Members Support Instagram Post Endorsing Violence

By: Charles Hilu Several members of the University of Michigan student government …

GW President Apologizes for Censoring Anti-CCP Posters Following Public Outcry

By: Haylee Fishburn A college president has issued an apology following his …

Northern Kentucky University Advertises Racist Program ‘Prioritizing’ BIPOC Students

By: Haylee Fishburn A professor at a Kentucky university sent students and …

Pro-Life Display Vandalized at California College

By: Haylee Fishburn A pro-life memorial display was vandalized at a college …

New Mexico School DEIC Drafts ‘Land Acknowledgement,’ Claims Manifest Destiny Was White Supremacy  

By: Charlie Jones A New Mexico college Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee …

SAVAGE: D’Souza completely owns lazy SJWs for walking out without a word

They’re not willing to do the intellectual work to actually SHOW UP and debate!

American University Requires Students to Read ‘When They Call You A Terrorist’ by BLM Founder

By: Haylee Fishburn A Washington D.C. university is requiring students to read …

‘Give Up the Myth of Meritocracy’: UW-Madison Class Asked to Identify Their ‘White Privilege’

By: Charlie Jones Students in an Anthropology course at the University of …

CANCEL CULTURE COMIN’ IN HOT: Does Chapelle have the right to say whatever he wants?

Is free speech absolutism good for society?

‘Most School Textbooks Are Racist’: Georgia University Requires Students to Take ‘Multicultural Education’ Course Focused on Antiracism

By: Charlie Jones A private school in Georgia requires students in its …

IT’S STILL MURDER: Walsh debunks “consciousness” abortion argument

Conscious or not, murder is wrong.

Remembering Dr. Walter Williams

By: Michael Mastrianna One year ago–on December 2, 2020–economist Dr. Walter Williams, …

My School Tried to Cancel Thanksgiving. My YAF Chapter Fought Back.

By Therese Purcell The best kind of activism can be responses to …

GWU Hosts Former Terrorist for ‘Diversity’ Summit

By Charlie Jones The George Washington University’s “Diversity Summit” was headlined by …

WAKE UP, CONSERVATIVES: It’s time to fight the Left on their own turf and win

The Left is marching through the institutions of academia and Hollywood… why can’t conservatives?

Kellyanne Conway Joins YAF’s Campus Lecture Program

Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce the addition of Kellyanne Conway …

Yale Law Tries to Force Native American Student to Publicly Apologize After His Party Invitation Caused ‘Psychic Damage’

By: Jacob Roth Yale Law School administrators accused a Native American student …

Verdict LIVE at UW-Madison Venue Change

As a result of University of Wisconsin’s double standard mask mandate, the …

YAF Statement on Alisal Fire and the Reagan Ranch

Alisal Fire Update Monday, October 18 9:15 a.m. ET Sunday was another …

He goes off about white privilege, then D’Souza shuts him down

He complains about white privilege but can’t handle the hard questions.

HORRIFYING: Biden is complicit in drug and human trafficking

The Biden Administration is complicit in drug and human trafficking.

THE LEFT IS USING YOU: Latino calls out white liberals for virtue signaling

White liberals are very good at being offended on behalf of other people.

SHAPIRO ON ABORTION: “Evil things are still evil, even if I’m a white man”

Your identity has nothing to do with what is universally right or wrong.

WOKE SCIENCE, WOKE MEDIA, WOKE WORLD: The Left destroys our institutions

Don’t be worried about who the truth offends.

GOAT: Allen West’s legendary double smackdown of smug SJW

Remember this? GOAT.

TIN POT DICTATORS: Cruz obliterates leftists for hypocritical lockdowns

How many tin pot dictators have been revealed over the last 18 months?

MYOB: Life isn’t fair, and it isn’t the government’s job to make it fair

Tax policy is to fund the government, not to arbitrate what’s “fair.”

WINNING: D’Souza shocks and silences leftist with facts + logic

The government doesn’t buy you a gun or build you a church, why should it buy you an abortion?

WHAT TO WATCH: How SCOTUS could dismantle Roe v. Wade

Will the Supreme Court uphold Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban?

IT’S ABOUT TIME: Shapiro calls BS on “preferred” pronouns

Everyone should be treated with dignity, but biological pronouns are not a form of bigotry.

A FORK IN THE ROAD: Will the U.S. choose federalism or destruction?

We must be united to fight against China, Islamofascism, and the drug cartels. But how?

Liz Wheeler Joins YAF’s Signature Campus Lecture Program

Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce the addition of Liz Wheeler …

YAF Welcomes Michael Mastrianna to National Headquarters Team

In late August, Michael Mastrianna joined Young America’s Foundation as associate director …

Ole Miss Backs Down from Punishing Free Speech After YAF Threatens Litigation

Last year, the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at Ole Miss …

Abby Drass Joins YAF’s National Headquarters Team

In August, Abby Drass joined Young America’s Foundation’s team as a graphic …

On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, YAF Students Still Remember

On the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, …

STILES: How Could This Have Happened?

By Ken Stiles We have all witnessed this botched evacuation at the …

Julia Johnson Joins YAF’s National Headquarters Team

Young America’s Foundation is excited to welcome Julia Johnson to our national …

FARAH: Biden’s Abject Failure on Afghanistan Will Be Felt for Years to Come

By Alyssa Farah In a matter of days, Afghanistan fell to Taliban …

UVA Quietly Removes ‘Inclusion Form’ Required for Student Activities

By: Emma Parker University of Virginia suddenly removed an “Identity Inclusion Disclosure” …

Freedom Reigned at YAF’s 43rd Annual National Conservative Student Conference

By: Emma Parker 500+ students. 30+ speakers. 5 days. One Goal: Freedom. …

TRANSCENDENTAL TRUTH: People need more than gnosticism and horoscopes

Sorry, horoscopes and crystals and gnosticism are not going to satisfy your deepest longings.

ANSWER THIS: Why do we give the death penalty to the baby, not the rapist?

Abortion doesn’t help traumatized women heal. Instead, it becomes a second act of violence against them.

STOP APOLOGIZING: D’Souza debunks the lie that the Left’s crimes are America’s

Stop putting yourselves up against a wall playing defense. Now is the time to go on the offense.

Univ. of Wisconsin Professor Implies Support for Violence Against Sen. Rand Paul

By: Emma Parker A University of Wisconsin Madison professor implied his support …

NOT SO FAST: David Azerrad rebukes Bernie’s odd crush on Sweden

Sweden has 11 million citizens and gave the world Ikea and ABBA. Why are we trying to be like them again?

Congressman Chip Roy’s Remarks to YAF’s 43rd Annual National Conservative Student Conference

Well, good morning everybody. It’s kind of tough to follow the vice …

DOES SHE HEAR HERSELF? Stanford student tries to call D’Souza racist

You can’t call people racist just because they say something you disagree with.

MATT WALSH HOT TAKE: Government should protect the innocent

FACTS: The government should protect the innocent and helpless.

CANARY IN THE CANCEL CULTURE MINE: How the Left planned to steal our culture

The Left is not only actively restricting speech and promoting identity politics, but also lashing out at people it disagrees with.

Guest Column: Founding Principles Highlighted by Visit to Reagan’s Boyhood Home

This article was originally written by Ethan Schueler and published in Sauk …

Your National Conservative Student Conference Streaming Schedule!

Young America’s Foundation is so excited to welcome more than 500 participants …

George Washington University Organization Calls Israel ‘Apartheid State,’ Denounces ‘Zionism’

By: Emma Parker A sexual assault awareness organization at The George Washington …

Students Petition To Censor Student Who Wrote ‘How Can You Be A Feminist And Muslim?’

By: Emma Parker Students at American University are attempting to cancel one …

ALL HAIL KING FAUCI: Knowles exposes the religious cult underneath progressivism

Leftists don’t want to abolish religion. They want to replace Christian values with a cult of secular progressivism.

WHO’S WHOSE HANDMAID? Beating the Left with theology, philosophy, & science

Leftists have advanced over the past several decades in part because we tend to accept and argue on their terms. // It’s time to bring our arguments beyond science.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: The problem with Medicare for All

The Left isn’t telling the truth about their big government, socialist-style healthcare system.

REAL BLACK HISTORY: Owens dismantles the Left’s “savior complex” racism

RETWEET: The way to get respect is not by demanding it, but by commanding it. So how do you command it? Watch & learn:

Kids tries to school Knowles on climate change, gets hit with inconvenient truths

Did this kid really just try to use the same outdated statistic that Al Gore used in his movie?

Penn State YAF Student Gets Fidel Castro Quote Removed from Campus

By: Jacob Porwisz Students at Penn State University are lauding a recent …

DON’T TELL THE SUFFRAGISTS: The Left now says there’s no such thing as a “woman”

If “trans women are women” means anything, it means nothing.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Walter Williams

The question we’re all asking: is America headed down the path of more personal liberty or more government control?

LOL AT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Watch this leftist call Ben Shapiro “one-dimensional”

TELL ME WHERE I’M WRONG! Leftist can’t even articulate her own argument.

JUST AN IDEA: Stop letting boys who still think Spider-Man is real say they’re girls

If parents asked their children THIS one simple question, a lot of the “gender confusion” would be quickly resolved:

Student Club at UNC Demands ‘Anti-Racist Alerts’ When ‘White Supremacists’ Come to Campus

By: Jacob Porwisz  A supposedly anti-racist student organization at UNC-Chapel Hill aims …

Internal Docs show NIU Forcing Students to State How ‘Antiblackness’ Has Impacted Their Lives

By: Emma Parker Northern Illinois University is requiring their campus organizations to …

1619 Project Founder Granted Tenure At UNC After Leftist Outrage

By: Emma Parker Nikole Hannah-Jones, founder of the 1619 Project, was granted …

‘SETTLER COLONIALISM’: UPenn Students Demand School Divest From Israel

By: Zoe Hoekstra University of Pennsylvania students are demanding that their administration …

Statement on the Passing of Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Young America’s Foundation is saddened to learn of the passing of Secretary …

Clemson Faculty Boast Online About Attempt to Block Students From Attending Conservative Event

By: Andrew Breschard Two faculty members at Clemson University attempted to block …

EXPOSED: Internal Documents From Segregated RA Training At UC Davis Show Racism On Full Display

By: Emma Parker Resident Assistants at University of California Davis were taught …

Northwestern Student Government Passes Resolution to Remove Conservative from Presidential Search Committee

By: Negar Jadidi The Northwestern University student government passed a resolution for …

Lake Forest High School Revokes YAF Chapter

By: Jacob Porwisz Despite being one of the most active and successful …

Texas Professor Declares Allegiance to BLM Organization in Class-Wide Intro Announcement

By: Andrew Davenport A professor at a community college in Texas declared …

Chapman University Hosts Segregated Graduation Ceremonies, Separates Disabled Students

By: Charlie Jones Chapman University has announced plans to host segregated “cultural …

I’m A Conservative. Here’s How Student Governments Are Failing The Needs Of Students.

By: Andrew Breschard Do student governments serve the needs of students? Or …

Six Books to Watch Out for in Your Child’s Elementary School Reading Curriculum

Our nation’s values are under attack. YAF recently exposed the leftist indoctrination …

San Diego School Pushes Transgender Agenda on First Graders During Library Reading Time

By: Negar Jadidi A book that was read to a San Diego …

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Allie Stuckey

It’s imperative that conservatives continue to stand up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of radical leftism.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Dinesh D’Souza

Why do immigrants from all over the world come to America? There is nobody better to answer that question that Dinesh D’Souza.

GO WOKE, GO BROKE: How to stop SJWs from rewriting our culture

The culture wars aren’t just being fought in Hollywood and on Broadway. They are taking place in our workplaces, in our government, and in our children’s classrooms. We must fight back!

DEVASTATINGLY TRAGIC: How Roe wreaks regret

Here’s what pro-abortion activists don’t want you to know about Jane Roe.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: The news is fake and irrelevant

As the Left’s stronghold on culture and the media continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to make sure the truth is being told.

D’SOUZA DROPKICKS CENK: Immigrants looking for handouts should stay home

What ever happened to immigrants coming to America to pursue the American dream?

President Biden’s Power-Grabbing Attempt to Pack The Court | Saving SCOTUS Part Two

Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring young people understand the dangers …

HEAT WAVE: Knowles melts the last remaining Soviet snowflake

If this leftist wannabe-superhero thinks transgender people are the most oppressed people in America, he really has another thing coming…

Court Packing = Dictatorship | Saving SCOTUS Part One

Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring young people understand the dangers …

Governor Walker Statement on 1619 Project Founder’s Hiring at UNC-Chapel Hill

1619 Project Founder Nikole Hannah-Jones has been hired to teach journalism at …

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: The keys to a successful economy

If you want to make money over the long term, you have to make the world a better place.

Chicago Public Schools Implement Race Trainings Claiming Schools ‘Develop White Supremacy’

By: Elizabeth Guldimann The Chicago Public Schools system has implemented a new …

Goodbye to the Last Marquette Warrior

YAFers are known to rabble-rouse on campus; faculty chapter advisors, on the …

A SWING & A MISS: Socialist tries to big league Michael Knowles, fails publicly

There’s a reason people from all over the world rely on the AMERICAN healthcare system.

HIGH-HORSE HYPOCRISY: It’s time to deprogram Big Tech’s morality complex

Big Tech companies pretend to have the moral high ground, but they’re actually the biggest hypocrites of all!

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp​: How Christianity shaped America

Despite the Left’s tendency to say otherwise, the things we value as a society—equality, human dignity, and compassion—all trace their legacy back to Christianity.

HOPE SHE’S WRONG: If words are violence, Knowles just hospitalized this prof

Color us shocked: University faculty are at it again with the liberal nonsense.

A WEALTH OF SENSE: Laffer puts Biden’s minimum wage plan on unemployment

A $15 minimum wage is an economic death sentence to small businesses, minorities, young people, and poor people everywhere!

UVA: ‘Offensive Student Speech Does Not Enjoy First Amendment Protection’

By: Kevin McMahon A judge is allowing a medical student at the …

Stephen Miller Joins YAF’s Signature Campus Lecture Program

Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce the addition of alumnus Stephen …

Columbia University Professor: ‘Capitalism Causes Mental Illness’

By: Elizabeth Guldimann Columbia University Professor Anthony Zenkus used Easter as an …

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp​: The Left’s worst arguments for abortion

Abortion should be illegal for the very fact that it ends the life of an innocent preborn child.

RUDE & WRONG: D’Souza gifts this Dartmouth student his first real education

Here’s the truth: Historically, massive populations have been decimated by diseases brought from the outside. Were those considered genocide? Nope.

FACTS, THEN YOUR FEELINGS: How we will cancel cancel culture

Wisconsin tried to cancel her, and now she’s got a message for conservatives everywhere: It’s time to CANCEL cancel culture.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Ronald Reagan made America better

Ronald Reagan knew what he believed, loved America, and fought to make it a better place.

University of Nevada Says White Students Can’t Live in Minority Dorm Communities for ‘Safety’ Of Residents

By: Elizabeth Guldimann Under the guise of “inclusivity,” the University of Nevada …

WATCH THE DOOR: Shapiro expatriates leftist’s anti-American ideas

Someone tell the rest of the world: Free markets work EVERY TIME.

THE VERDICT IS IN: Cruz & Knowles have some thoughts about leftist celebs

How do we start to win the culture wars again? It all comes down to entertainment.

Join The Long Game to save America

Governor Scott Walker is launching The Long Game, a bold plan to bring the very principles that undergird America’s founding back into education and culture.

Gettysburg College Student Government To Spend Thousands On Free 24/7 Birth Control Vending Machine

By: Elizabeth Guldimann On March 8th, the Gettysburg Student Senate approved a …

SLAM DUNK: Leftist runs away as Knowles schools him on the purpose of education

HOT TAKE: The Left doesn’t want to debate the purpose of eduction. They just want to be right.

VIDEO: Princeton Theological Seminary Separates Students By Race To Create ‘Safety’ in Mandatory Anti-Racism Training

By: Kara Zupkus and Elizabeth Guldimann Princeton Theological Seminary recently facilitated mandatory …

TRUTH, MORALITY, FAMILY: Fundamental disagreements are tearing America apart

Does truth exist? Does morality exist? Does family matter? We know the answers, but does the Left?

Science is a false god ft. Spencer Klavan

Like every false god, science offers us good things and then turns them into evil.

MUST WATCH: Shapiro EXCORIATES radical feminism for destroying motherhood

Destroying marriage doesn’t keep kids from being born. It just robs them of a father. Sorry, not sorry.

NJC Intern Exposes Leftist ‘Equity and Inclusion’ Training for Teachers, Attacked Online by Radical ‘Antiracist’ Keynote Speaker

By: Savannah Glasgow An education system in Illinois hosted “equity and inclusion” …

COMBATTING GUNS, EXPOSED: The Left is afraid of guns for THIS reason

Ever wonder what’s really up with the Left’s obsession over guns? Power. And. Control.

Leftists use emergencies to steal your freedom ft. Liz Wheeler

If you allow lawmakers to use emergencies to steal your freedom, they will create emergencies to steal your freedom.

SOCIALIST DISTANCING: Hop a raft to Cuba if you don’t like America

Hollywood and leftists want socialism? Easy to say from their million dollar homes. Go to Cuba or Venezuela, try it out, and let us know how long you survive in those conditions.

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Shapiro totally decimates SJW for trying to control “unconscious bias”

Who cares what is in people’s heads? Let’s talk about what they actually DO.

Stanford Newspaper Editor Calls To Remove Conservative Group, Paper Refuses to Publish Their Rebuttal

By: Elizabeth Guldimann The Stanford College Republicans chapter is again facing opposition …

IU Business School Threatens Discipline Against Students Who ‘Post Psychologically Harmful Content’

By: Elizabeth Guldimann Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business recently distributed a …

Tufts University To Devote $25 Million To Become An ‘Anti-Racist’ Institution, Considers Disarming Police

By: Elizabeth Guldimann The President of Tufts University, Anthony Monaco, has announced …

‘More Than Just A Towering Figure’: VP Pence Remembers Rush Limbaugh

The 48th Vice President of the United States and YAF’s Ronald Reagan …

MTU Professor Faces Backlash For Speaking Against Faculty Resolution That Aims To Mandate ‘Anti-Blackness’ Training

By: Elizabeth Guldimann A professor at Michigan Tech University (MTU) is facing …

DON’T BE FOOLED: Here’s what “democratic” socialists really want

Democratic socialism isn’t about helping the poor prosper. It’s about economic enslavement.

Best of #TruthStraightUp: Men and women are different

Here’s the truth—men’s and women’s bodies are very different. Men cannot be women, and women cannot be men.

THANK YOU, SCIENCE: Wheeler lays out the 2 best arguments for life

FACT: Viability is an ever-changing spectrum that does not determine the humanity of a baby.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: No more safe spaces

“Safe spaces” are not about protecting vulnerable people; they’re about silencing ideas.

IN DEFENSE OF MEN: Not all masculinity is “toxic”

Grown men might hear the anti-male propaganda of the Left and shrug it off, but imagine what it does to little boys when they hear that their “maleness” is a disorder in need of fixing.

YAF’s National Journalism Center Welcomes Larry O’Connor To Board Of Governors

The National Journalism Center is excited to announce Larry O’Connor has been added to …

HE IS HE, AND SHE IS SHE: Here’s why we shouldn’t lie to kids about gender

What’s so wrong about calling a man a woman and a woman a man? You mean other than the fact that it’s a lie?

IT AIN’T ROCK SOLID: Is there any evidence that climate change is catastrophic?

ANSWER US THIS: If climate change is destroying our future like the Left claims, why is there no scientific evidence to support it?

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Feminism doesn’t help women

What has radical feminism ever done for women? Not as much as one might think.

TRIGGER WARNING: Cultural appropriation is the story of Western civilization

Why is the Left so obsessed with cultural appropriation? Long story short, it all goes back to Marxism.

FREEDOM IS UNDER ATTACK: We cannot overcome tyranny with complacency

Can we overcome tyranny if the people are complacent?

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Who are the real racists?

The Left loves to paint conservatives as racists. But really, who are the racists?

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: The truth about the Second Amendment

One of the Left’s favorite anti-gun arguments is that the Second Amendment was only intended for muskets, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

SOMEONE TELL THE FEMINISTS: Women don’t need abortion to be successful

Leftists claim that women need abortion to be successful. As conservatives, it’s our job to fight for the innocent AND the success of women.

IS SLAVERY CAPITALISM? D’Souza schools pretentious leftist on basic economics

Economic myths, debunked: Capitalism IS NOT just about profit; it’s about mutually benefiting all involved.

POLITICO’s Shapiro Meltdown Shows Why We Need Truth-Seeking Journalists

By Savannah Glasgow On Thursday, POLITICO’s daily newsletter, Playbook, was authored by …

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: American Greatness

People from all over the world continue to come to America in search of a better life, but why? Because America is known for providing the ordinary guy with an extraordinary life.

JUST A LEFTIST FANTASY: Systemic racism is a ruse

The Left defines systemic racism as racism that is inferred from disparate outcomes, but is there any evidence of this?

Best of #TruthStraightUp: Socialism’s big failure

Today, the call for socialism has moved into mainstream progressivism. Yet those people advocating for socialism refuse to answer one simple question: Where in the world has socialism ever worked?

NO HOLDS BARRED: Knowles obliterates anti-American Left

If the Left valued American values at all, they wouldn’t be trying to topple statues of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and others.

WHAT DON’T THEY HATE? Leftists want to take away all our rights

RAMPLE, TROUNCE, AND DESTROY: The Left wants to take away what’s most valuable to us.

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Fighting for life

Being a conservative and being pro-choice is incongruent. Conservatives believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but you can’t have liberty or pursue happiness without life. There is insurmountable, scientific evidence that the baby is a distinct human being at the moment of conception, and despite the Left’s persistent chants of “my body, my choice,” conservatives will continue to champion life no matter what.

YAF Saves Ronald Reagan’s Boyhood Home

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is excited to announce that YAF is the …

SIMPLE AS THAT: Stop giving Big Tech the best of both worlds

TRUE: Government shouldn’t regulate private businesses. But that doesn’t mean they should facilitate media bias.

Jacob Roth Joins YAF Team as Staff Attorney

In October, Young America’s Foundation also welcomed Jacob Roth as the staff …

Emily Jashinsky Returns to YAF to Lead NJC

Young America’s Foundation welcomes Emily Jashinsky back to our national headquarters as …

BEST OF #TruthStraightUp: Fixing healthcare

The Left’s latest lie is that conservatives want to destroy healthcare, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE: Antifa must be penalized

It’s time to toughen up! Antifa should NOT be allowed to destroy our neighborhoods with no consequences.

ABSOLUTE MADNESS: Senseless COVID policies ruin lives

There is a cost to living, and it’s high time we stop pretending that humans can live in a bubble forever.

Remembering Dr. Walter Williams

Young America’s Foundation mourns the passing of Dr. Walter Williams, a dear friend …

EXPOSED: UVA Hides Student Government Meeting Footage After YAF’s Reporting

YAF has obtained footage from November 24th’s UVA student government meeting, which …

Socialism destroys the American Dream ft. Burgess Owens

The greatest threat to the American Dream today is socialism.

WHACKED OUT WISHES: Socialism will never work

No, socialists, you are not developing a “new” type of socialism. DEMOCRATIC socialism is STILL SOCIALISM.

NO MORE MANDATES: People are in charge of their own lives

It’s more important than ever that we keep our leaders away from mandating what we wear and how we behave.

Vice President Mike Pence Energizes Hundreds of Students at YAF’s Fall College Retreat

Patriotic Americans may be feeling uncertain over the future of our country, …

YAF Welcomes Deputy General Counsel Steve Mairella to Headquarters Team

Steve Mairella joined the YAF team in October, serving as deputy general …

GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT: Top 5 questions to ask supporters of socialism

Socialism: Government takes over the means of distribution and wealth. Democratic socialism: Government takes your money through taxes and redistributes it. Is there really any difference?

Colleges must be marketplaces of ideas ft. Carol Swain

There is a clear double standard when it comes to free speech on college campuses.

KNOWLES LAYS INTO LAZINESS: America is the land of opportunity, not sloth

America has been the land of opportunity, is the land of opportunity, and will continue to be the land of opportunity, unless the Left has anything to do with it…

How young people can overcome opposition ft. Bay Buchanan

Young people today face incredible challenges when it comes to standing up for their beliefs.

WEST VS. RADICAL ISLAM: It is a totalitarian, theocratic ideology

Radical Islam is a massive threat to the future of freedom and liberty worldwide.

HEED THE WARNING: The fight against socialism is life or death

Socialism, for the Left, is ultimately a power play for control over our wallets and way of life.

DAMNED IF THEY DO, DAMNED IF THEY DON’T: Police are being targeted by Marxists

On one hand, you have a radical, anti-American, Marxist group. On the other hand, you have the cops.

The answer to “hate speech” is free speech ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

Free speech is under serious threat in America today.

EQUALITY OF TREATMENT: People should be the same in the eyes of the law

Make no mistake, the kind of equality that the Left prefers requires oppression to achieve.

The United States is a force for good ft. Burt Folsom

Throughout history, the United States has been a force for good around the world. Sure, America has its flaws, but America has stepped in to support other nations, and even its enemies, in ways that have never been done before.

SHAPIRO: Lack of religion in society leads to government overreach

The contributions of religion to modern life are most evident when religion is removed from modern life. You lose virtue, and you end up with rights without responsibilities.

SELFLESS OR SELFISH? Leftist COVID policies don’t account for human nature

Leftists claim that conservatives refuse to wear masks because they think they can’t get COVID-19. That couldn’t be further from the truth…

AFFORDABILITY, QUALITY, UNIVERSALITY: You can’t have it all in healthcare

If American medical innovation goes south, everyone is toast.

POOR PEOPLE CAN’T BUY WEALTH: High taxes hurt the lower and middle class

You cannot tax an economy into prosperity. End of story.

NOT OKAY: Stop giving Planned Parenthood millions of dollars to butcher babies

Did you know? Planned Parenthood receives millions of taxpayer dollars every year, even though they sell baby parts and murder preborn children. That’s not okay.

The real death row is inside Planned Parenthood ft. Kristan Hawkins

The real death row isn’t in prison, it’s in the cold, dark, filthy chairs inside of Planned Parenthood.

Conservatives must stand firm in their beliefs ft. Michael Reagan

Now more than ever, it is crucial for conservatives to know what they believe and why they believe it.

Jessica Warner Joins YAF Headquarters Team

Young America’s Foundation is pleased to welcome Jessica Warner as an intern …

YAF Activists Rally To #ConfirmAmy From Campuses To Capitol Hill

Monday morning, YAF activists joined conservative allies outside the Hart Senate Office …

THE PROGRESSIVE PROBLEM: They believe the Declaration of Independence is a lie

FACE THE FACTS: The principles of the Declaration of Independence ARE UNIVERSAL in their application.

DOOMED TO DIVISION? Leftist intolerance is the biggest obstacle to unifying America

Conservatives don’t hate leftists, they hate leftism. Can the same thing be said in the reverse for leftists? Not so much.

“Back alley” abortions don’t justify legalizing abortion ft. Anna Strasburg

Pro-abortion progressives claim that making abortion illegal will only lead to more “back alley” abortions and that more abortions will be performed by non-medical professionals, but the possibility of something occurring despite it being illegal isn’t justification for legalizing it.

WHY IT MATTERS: This SCOTUS vacancy determines the future of America

Here’s the bottom line: When there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the president has the constitutional authority to appoint a judge to be confirmed by the Senate.

Identity politics is racist ft. Jason Mattera

Identity politics is rooted in the belief that truth is subjective.

ONE MIND AND BODY: Transgenderism wrongly separates mind from body

A person’s gender isn’t based on feelings, it is based on fact.

TIME TO STEP UP: China needs to acknowledge America’s principles

China has never been free, and we will never make them free. What we will do is speak up against the atrocities they commit.

Freedom is not an abstraction ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

It’s time for millennials to rally to defend their liberties.

ATTENTION SJWS: You can’t bully people into your version of “justice”

If you don’t have the freedom to choose virtue, then what is the point of virtue at all?

‘We, As Young Conservatives, Believe’: The Sharon Statement at 60

The Sharon Statement was adopted six decades ago today on September 11, …

Students Bring Meaningful Tributes To Their Schools With YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Project

Today, on the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, …

Healthcare needs more competition, not less ft. Andy Puzder

America’s healthcare system needs more competition, not less.

BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE: Anything government can do, people can do better

Can you name one industry-related thing that the government has done better than the free market? Didn’t think so.

THINK ON YOUR OWN: Allen West calls out BLM for manipulating the people it claims to help

WARNING: Uncomfortable truths ahead! Watch Allen West wipe out Black Lives Matter in one fell swoop.

LBJ wasn’t a friend of civil rights ft. Burt Folsom

The history that the Left tells often isn’t the full story.

ENTREPRENEURIAL STATE OF MIND: Socialists can’t function in a free market

Why can’t leftist professors even begin to comprehend free markets? Dinesh D’Souza says it’s because they don’t know where to begin.

IT WON’T WORK: Don’t blame America for the failures of socialism

America didn’t cause socialism to fail. Socialism caused socialism to fail.

No one has the “right” to kill a baby ft. Bay Buchanan

Science proves time and again that babies in the womb are unique human beings.

RECLAIM OUR ECONOMY: America needs to stop kowtowing to China

The NBA is perfectly willing to protest the national anthem, but if you say a peep about communist China, they become silent.

Kyle Ferrebee Named Executive Director of Young Americans for Freedom

Young America’s Foundation is excited to name Kyle Ferrebee the new executive …

YAF & ‘No Safe Spaces’ Bring Shapiro, Prager, Carolla, + Rubin Together For #CancelCon

#CancelCon to Explore Cancel Culture & The Threats to Free Speech Producers …

SEEK AND DESTROY: Shapiro rips social media cancel culture

Advice from Ben Shapiro: Surround yourself with people who are going to give you honest advice, and not people who find revelry in tearing you down.

The Second Amendment isn’t just for muskets ft. Dana Loesch

One of the most common anti-gun arguments is that the founders couldn’t have conceived of “weapons of war” being available to the general population when they wrote the Second Amendment. This argument is absurd.

IT’S NOT THE SAME THING: Walsh tears into the Left over the reconstruction of marriage

Are same-sex marriages the same as heterosexual marriages? Matt Walsh says clearly not.

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM: RCD rips into idea of reparations

Rachel Campos-Duffy completely dismantles the argument for reparations with one simple fact: some African Americans owned slaves too.

Sorry, socialism will never work ft. Liz Wheeler

In the history of the world, where has socialism ever ended in anything other than death, destruction, and oppression?


Michael Knowles brings straight facts about why gender reassignment surgery doesn’t help anybody.

Rest in Peace Herman Cain

YAF is deeply saddened to learn of Herman Cain’s passing this morning. …

Katie Cupp Joins YAF Staff as Development Officer at the Reagan Ranch Center

Katie Cupp joins the team as a development officer at Young America’s …

In Memory of Mike Adams

Young America’s Foundation is devastated to learn of the passing of a …

YAF Welcomes Rachel Harper to HQ This Summer as a William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar

Rachel Harper is from Calgary, Canada, and attends the University of Calgary, …

YAF Welcomes Jaime Hahn to Headquarters Team

In late May, YAF welcomed Jaime Hahn to our national headquarters, where …

Young America’s Foundation Welcomes Vic Bernson to National Headquarters Team

Young America’s Foundation is excited to welcome Vic Bernson to the team …

The leftist media spreads #FakeNews ft. Kara Bell

With the Left’s ever-increasing stranglehold on culture. It’s more important than ever to do your homework.

Physics Professor at WWU Slams “Exploitative Capitalist Overlords” in Biased Exam

By: Jessica Warner Meet Dr. Philipp Roser–a professor at Western Washington University …

SJW “Deer Person” Granted Authority in Gaming Community

By: Kevin McMahon Conservatives are familiar with the way the Left attempts …

#FakeNews is about persistent bias ft. Andrew Klavan

The media has been selling a fake vision of America as a leftist proposition.

The gender war doesn’t help women ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

Feminism is supposed to be about equality of the sexes, not strife between them.

A Note From Vic Bernson, YAF’s New Vice President & General Counsel

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters! I’m thrilled to join the great YAF team …

Progressives’ use of taxes is theft ft. Walter Williams

“Today, taxation can be described as taking one American’s earnings and giving them to another”

Woke Capitalism Infects Video Games In ‘The Last Of Us: Part II’

By Kevin McMahon Conservatives are all too aware that progressives exercise almost …

Religious liberty is a foundational right ft. Todd Starnes

We are a country that respects religious liberty, which is why that key value has been enshrined in our founding documents.

WEST: Second Amendment is vital to the protection of all other rights

There are passive rights, and there are active rights. The Second Amendment exists to protect our passive rights.

Government caused the Great Depression ft. Burt Folsom

Government was the cause of the Great Depression, and capitalism was the solution.

THERE’S ALWAYS A PRICE: Laffer exposes the issue with government spending

You’re being lied to. Government spending doesn’t stimulate the economy.

Shapiro SHATTERS liberal delusion that gender has no societal meaning

There is a coordinated campaign by the Left to say that gender has no societal meaning or impact. It’s not true.

An Interview with Andy Puzder: Coronavirus and the Path Forward for the U.S. Economy

By: Raj Kannappan and Karl Stahlfeld Andy Puzder is a popular Young …

D’Souza SLAMS leftist view of income inequality: It carries no moral stigma

Upward economic mobility is a part of life. But, guess what? The statistical data the Left uses to talk about income inequality hides that.

Pro-life is pro-science ft. Kristan Hawkins

The Left loves to say they are pro-science, until you talk about abortion.

YAF on the Street: Do High School Students Support Redistributing GPAs?

As many young people nationwide have become enthralled with the idea of …

The road to hell is paved with good intentions: Focus on diversity is limiting freedom

After the Civil War, black Americans were making economic and societal strides and beginning to enter the middle class. Then, the Left started prioritizing the idea of diversity.

Religious freedom must be protected ft. Robert George

Religious freedom is a natural, unalienable right. It is a fundamental human right.

CIVIL, BUT NOT SILENT: We must return religious liberty to the public marketplace

Faith and freedom go hand in hand. There is chaos in our country because, for decades, the Left has been trying to shove faith out of the private marketplace. It is time to stand together and say, “No more.”

Income tax causes class division ft. Burt Folsom

The purpose of taxation is to raise money to run the government, not to steal from one group and give to another.

Kennesaw State University Professor Shuts Down Student for Saying “Wuhan Virus”

By: Jaime Hahn Political correctness doesn’t take a break from campus just …

LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS FAIR: Klavan entirely CRUSHES the myth of institutional racism

Is it systematically harder for people of color to excel in education? Does a person of color have less of a chance of getting a job because of the color of their skin? Andrew Klavan drops a major truth bomb.

My University Closed And Moved Everything Online. Students Deserve a Refund.

By: Maxwell Brandon Let’s say you order a brand new luxury vehicle. …

Conservatives In Ireland Go Undercover To Expose Collusion Between Antifa And Student Unions, Government Leaders

By Bryan O’Shea Leftist activists in Ireland have been exposed through a …

SOMEONE LEND HIM A TEXTBOOK: Ben Shapiro SCHOOLS Cenk on “trickle-down” economics

Ben Shapiro obliterates Cenk Uygur’s idea of redistribution economics.

Foster care doesn’t justify abortion ft. Anna Strasburg

What happens to a child after he or she is born doesn’t determine whether that child has value as a human being.

Multiculturalism is nonsense ft. Andrew Klavan

Multiculturalism is based on the idea that there’s nothing moral or immoral.

CAUGHT IN A LIE: Liz Wheeler takes the Left to task over ugly abortion strategy

Liz Wheeler calls out the abortion industry for their blatant lies.

Knowles: If men and women are exactly the same, we don’t need transgenderism

Michael Knowles completely deconstructs the Left’s argument for feminism and transgenderism with one simple fact.

The problem with illegal immigration ft. Carol Swain

A nation without borders is not really a nation at all.

Shapiro 100% DISMANTLES the Left’s collectivist lie that government replaces virtue

Ben Shapiro provides the key to upholding freedom and pursuing happiness.

An important lesson from President Reagan ft. Bay Buchanan

Ronald Reagan said, ‘I’m on borrowed time.’ This is true about all of us.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Lila Rose SLAMS Planned Parenthood over their dangerous lies

The abortion lobby spans from university faculty and the entertainment industry all the way to federal legislators. Lila Rose breaks down how this coalition has lead to one of the biggest misinformation campaigns in history.

Government-funded loans hurt students ft. Andy Puzder

When the government gets involved, costs always go up.

IT’S A MATERIAL WORLD: Millennial misery stems from a lack of religiosity

Millennials don’t lack religion because they’ve rejected it. Millennials lack religion because they haven’t been exposed to it. Michael Knowles calls on society to do better.

University of Virginia Leftist Dictates Who Is Allowed in Multicultural Center: “Too Many White People In Here”

Leftists at the University of Virginia are dictating who is and who …

When should we kill babies? Shapiro has a radical idea: HOW ABOUT NEVER

Watch Ben Shapiro DISMANTLE the idea that killing unborn babies will prevent hypothetical crimes.

FREEDOM IS IN OUR HANDS: Knowles issues rallying cry to save American tradition

Michael Knowles breaks down how this generation can defend freedom and the American tradition for generations to come.

FROM THE PODCAST BUNKER: Michael Knowles & Spencer Brown Talk Impeachment, SOTU, Reagan, + Campus Leftists

Last week, YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown had the chance to catch up …

TikTok Targets Conservatives: No Transparency, Vague Guidelines

Last Friday, the Founder and President of Live Action, Lila Rose, announced …

A Tale of Two Marches

By: Heidi Thom The first month of 2020 has been an historic …

Legalizing abortion doesn’t make it safe ft. Kristan Hawkins

Abortion is always wrong for the simple reason that it ends the life of a unique, human, pre-born child.

RETWEET: Michael Knowles TEARS INTO the Left over their racism & bigotry

The Left wants us to believe that conservatives hate minorities. Nothing could be further from the truth.

UP IN ARMS: Dana Loesch reacts to anti-gun leftists who are “terrified” of heroes

The Left is “terrified” that law-abiding gun owners can defend themselves. Dana Loesch RIPS their complete disregard for the law.

Don’t fear the liberals on your campus ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

Conservative views are going to be tested on campus every day. That’s what education is supposed to be.

FROM NEW YORK TO NORTHAM: Knowles hits the Left over barbaric abortion policies

Michael Knowles SHREDS white liberals for their barbaric abortion practices.

“Irrelevant news” is as bad as #FakeNews ft. Larry O’Connor | #TruthStraightUp

We want the mainstream media to talk about things that are actually important to us.

DINESH D’SOUZA ROASTS AOC: Her socialism is more like Venezuela than Scandinavia

Dinesh D’Souza bursts the Left’s bubble about Scandinavian socialism.

PAY FOR YOUR OWN CHOICES: Andrew Klavan 100% SHREDS socialist redistribution

Andrew Klavan calls on the youngest generation to be in control of their lives, their time, and their money.

Abortion is a lot like slavery ft. Dinesh D’Souza

You can’t use your own freedom to take away the freedom of someone else.

GENESIS V. DARWIN: Shapiro sets the record straight about the creation of man

What’s the problem with believing in the Bible and in science? Ben Shapiro says there isn’t one!

ALL CONFLICT IS THEOLOGICAL: Knowles proves that faith is what informs American life

Do you believe America is exceptional? The very idea of American exceptionalism is rooted in Christianity.

Dinesh D’Souza CALLS OUT illegal aliens for cutting the line he had to wait in

Lawlessness hurts America citizens, and it also hurts LEGAL immigrants.

SO MUCH YES: Elisha Krauss CALLS OUT feminists for excluding pro-life women

Why does the Left discriminate against women for believing abortion is wrong? Elisha Krauss calls them out!

Embrace diversity, not equality ft. Brian Brenberg

You will never achieve total equality in an economy full of diverse people.

2 TANTRUMS IN 4 MINUTES: Clay Aiken + Chris Hahn both melt down facing Knowles

When loud-mouth leftist Chris Hahn fails to beat Michael Knowles on the debate stage, “moderator” Clay Aiken steps in to try to pick up the pieces! SPOILER: It doesn’t end well for Aiken OR Hahn.

Michael Knowles DESTROYS the racist idea that America is just made of “blood & soil”

Michael Knowles schools this student on why America was founded not on shared ancestry, but on a shared set of values.

“Assault weapon” is a made-up term ft. Dana Loesch

Cosmetic features don’t make guns more ‘shootier.’

Exclusive Interview with Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson is the former Editor-in-Chief of RedState, and founder of The …

America’s success depends on her virtue ft. Professor Robert George

The constitutional structures will mean nothing if our people are not virtuous.

THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS: Gov. Walker embarrasses frenzied, petulant SJW

Watch Scott Walker shut down this entitled SJW with the greatest of ease.

The bigotry of the BDS movement ft. Liz Wheeler

The BDS movement is inherently anti-Semitic.

WALK OF SHAME: Police remove cocky snowflake for disrupting Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro OWNS this moronic protester after he repeatedly interrupts his speech.

GINGRICH VS. CA LEFTISTS: Looks like the “golden state” isn’t so golden after all

Newt Gingrich WRECKS the California government for leading a once prosperous state in the direction of Venezuela.

SO SATISFYING: SJWs ejected from event after protesting Shapiro’s criticism of Nazis

Ben Shapiro gets protested at Stanford while denouncing the alt-right.

REAL TIME, REAL TALK: Christina Hoff Sommers DESTROYS “male privilege”

Christina Hoff Sommers debunks the idea of “male privilege.”

Exclusive Interview With The Federalist’s Chris Bedford

Chris Bedford serves as the Vice Chairman for Young Americans for Freedom. …

Who are the science deniers? Allie Stuckey DECIMATES the Left on Capitol Hill

Allie Stuckey’s EXPLOSIVE congressional testimony reveals the truth!

WATCH: YAF President Ron Robinson Joins Brent Bozell To Discuss 50 Years Of YAF And Today’s Campus Culture

Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson joined the Media Research Center’s Brent …

THE SJW MYSTIQUE: Klavan runs intellectual circles around feminism “expert”

Male feminist asks Andrew Klavan what feminist philosophers he’s read, and he instantly regrets it!

Free Speech Under Attack In Ireland

By: Bryan O’Shea Much like leftists in America attempting to reframe first …

SORRY, COMRADE: D’Souza shares the wealth (of knowledge) with commie

If you grab another guy and force him to work for free, is that capitalism? Dinesh D’Souza completely dismantles this little commie’s argument with the answer.

Academic Department at Hobart and William Smith Colleges Reenacts Lenin-Era Socialist “Storming of Winter Palace”

By: Andrew Breschard On November 5th, a small group of faculty members …

BEYOND REPAIR: Knowles pokes a gaping hole in cocky SJW’s inflated ego

This snowflake is going to need a safe space when he realizes Michael Knowles is right about climate change.

TAKE THAT TO THE BANK: D’Souza drops tax lesson leftist should already know

According to the Left, poor people pay all the taxes and wealthy people get off scot-free! Dinesh D’Souza reveals why progressives have reality exactly backwards.

Women are not victims ft. Kara Bell

If there is a war on women, women are winning.

IT’S STILL NOT HEALTHCARE: Kristan Hawkins slams CA over new abortion mandate

Kristan Hawkins goes NUCLEAR on California for trying to force public colleges to provide abortion pills to students.

Exclusive Interview With Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson, Author of “50 Things They Don’t Want You To Know”

YAF was given the exclusive opportunity to sit down with the Bestselling …

KNOWLES SUFFERS NO FOOLS: “Cancel culture” is the mutant spawn of PC culture

Michael Knowles is here to TEAR APART the blinders that progressives are wearing.

It’s time to cancel “cancel culture” ft. Andrew Klavan

Our entire country is based on the fact that men are not angels and shouldn’t have too much power.

Video: Crazed Leftists Shut Down Art Laffer Lecture at Binghamton U

Tonight, Young America’s Foundation sponsored America’s leading free market and Presidential Medal of …

Feminism has failed women ft. Bay Buchanan

Feminism sold women a bill of goods, and women are still paying for it.

Planned Parenthood Reps Invade Hispanic Studies Class at UMemphis

By: Grace Baker I walked into my afternoon Intro to Hispanic Studies …

Socialism is actually selfish ft. Andy Puzder

Socialism is based on greed. Capitalism is based on meeting the needs of others.

Young America’s Foundation Statement On Senator Graham’s Call For Transparency In Impeachment Probe

Young America’s Foundation supports Senator Lindsey Graham’s resolution condemning congressional leftists’ tactics …

Ole Miss Campus Survey Asks Students to Rate How “Xenophobic,” “Ageist,” and “Transphobic” Their Campus Is

By: Lauren Moses The woke faculty and administrators within higher education are …

POLITICALLY INCORRECT: The Factual Feminist destroys fainting-couch feminism

Christina Hoff Sommers sends snowflakes screaming to their safe spaces for saying feminism is about actual equality, not punishing men.

MAKING AMERICA GREAT: Duffy reveals how Donald Trump stopped socialism cold

The Left and the media are working tirelessly to push their skewed narrative about socialism. The nation-wide transformation was almost complete until President Donald Trump came along.

Taylor Hathorn Joins YAF Staff as Director of Alumni Relations

Taylor Hathorn serves as the director of alumni relations for Young America’s …

Jack Duffy Named National High School Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom

Young America’s Foundation is pleased to announce student activist Jack Duffy as …

STEALING OUR DREAMS: Liz Wheeler DESTROYS the Left’s socialist climate cult

What would happen if we accepted the Left’s premise that the world will end if we don’t implement the Green New Deal? Liz Wheeler has the answer, and it isn’t pretty!

A-TEAM IN THE HOUSE: Wheeler & Knowles destroy anti-Columbus Day leftists

It’s Columbus Day! And, as is always the case with history, the real story is so much more interesting than the nonsense leftists spout.

Michael Knowles torches anti-Columbus “cowards, ingrates, & moral narcissists”

Happy Columbus Day, leftists! It must be nice to sit in the freest, most prosperous, most charitable country in the history of the world and, from a position of totally unmerited luxury, slander the man who made it all possible.

Madison Habersetzer Joins YAF Staff as Program Officer at the Reagan Ranch Center

As program officer at the Reagan Ranch, Madison Habersetzer is responsible for …

Minimum wage hurts wage earners ft. Burt Folsom

Let’s give people a chance to enter the workforce rather than throw them into unemployment.

Longtime YAF Ally Ed Meese Receives Presidential Medal Of Freedom

On October 8, President Donald Trump presented the Medal of Freedom—America’s highest …

YAF President-Elect Scott Walker To Join Vice President Dick Cheney At Beloit College Lecture

YAF is pleased to announce that Scott Walker—45th Governor of Wisconsin and …

Michael Knowles WRECKS entire group of spoiled, virtue-signaling crybabies

Leftist protesters MELT DOWN when Michael Knowles calls them ignorant.

We need men to abolish abortion ft. Kristan Hawkins

The most important factor in whether or not a woman chooses abortion is whether she feels supported.

My School Forced Student Club Leaders to Play a Social Justice Board Game. Here’s What Happened.

By: Justin Begley Each year, Canisius College holds a mandatory club summit …

“You can’t own people harder than this,” Dana reveals the key to ultimate victory

The inimitable Dana Loesch gives not 1, not 5, but 10 pieces of advice to win people over to our side, plus one bonus!

Ben Shapiro absolutely wrecks “The New York Times” for purposeful deceit

Ben Shapiro CALLS OUT the NYT for their dishonest reporting on Kavanaugh: “Every time they make a mistake, it’s always in the direction of someone on the right getting clocked.”

KNOWLES RAINS HELLFIRE: Leftism’s love for the deadly sins is a recipe for disaster

Leftism promotes envy, greed, and covetousness, among other things… Sounds an awful lot like the seven deadly sins.

The real racists are leftists ft. Derryck Green

Which side condemns black conservatives for speaking out & expressing individuality?

My YAF Chapter Was Attacked for Trying to Remember 9/11 on School Grounds

By: Alisa Giannelli Who knew that remembering those who died on 9/11 …

Medicare for All will not work ft. Liz Wheeler

Medicare for All is about one thing: control.

In Memoriam: YAF Leader Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson’s lifetime of dedication to the Conservative Movement began when Thompson …

Winning the War on Terror ft. Ken Stiles

The best way to win the War on Terror is to use the CIA model from 2001.

LIKE A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA: Knowles takes up arms against anti-gun argument

The Second Amendment exists to prevent the government from gaining too much power. For some reason, this makes the Left uncomfortable. Wonder why?

Stetson University YAF’s 9/11 Memorial Chalked With Anti-American Rhetoric

By: Breana Marsh Last night, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at …

WATCH IF YOU CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT SCIENCE: Abortion is never medically necessary

“Give that baby a fighting chance!” Lila Rose WRECKS the media over abortion.

Kenny Xu Joins YAF’s National Headquarters Team

Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce Kenny Xu as the newest …

A CRITICAL TIME FOR AMERICA: RCD passes the torch of freedom to a new generation

Rachel Campos-Duffy lights the room ON FIRE with her call to the next generation!

Crenshaw is Right and AOC is Wrong on Universal Background Checks

By: Kevin McMahon At around 2:30a.m. on Tuesday, a Houston woman stopped …

Red flag laws violate our rights ft. Dana Loesch

Red flag laws are a bastardization of our right to due process.

BUT WHO GETS THE PROFIT? D’Souza absolutely guts core Marxist argument

If you’re a valet at the Ritz-Carlton, should you expect 100% of the resort’s profit to go to you? Of course not! But then, that’s exactly what Karl Marx says should happen…

“White Consciousness” or Racial Profiling?

By: Emma Schambach Students at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte must be …

Free trade is good for everyone ft. Brian Brenberg

The biggest issue is when governments get in the middle of trade & create an unlevel playing field.

VICTORY OR DEATH: Allen West calls on all of us to take a stand for liberty

Have you read the Travis letter from the Alamo? Allen West has, and his recitation is giving us CHILLS!

Breana Marsh Joins YAF’s National Headquarters Team

Young America’s Foundation is pleased to welcome Breana Marsh to its national …

THE ROT RUNS DEEP: How the Left always gets everything exactly backward

Michael Knowles hits leftist ideology right in the feels: “It is a preference for fantasy over reality.”

TRIGGER WARNING: Ted Cruz goes scorched earth on anti-free speech culture

Anti-free speech leftists are shaking all across America after Ted Cruz holds them accountable for the PC culture they incubated.

PRO-LIFE MEANS PRO-LIFE: Advocating for abortion hurts, not helps, rape victims

Lila Rose takes a stand for women who are sexual assault survivors AND for their unborn children.

It’s not “your choice” ft. Anna Strasburg

At the moment of conception, the baby’s eye color, hair color, height, & so many other things are already determined.

Conservatives Who Stand Together, Win Together

By: Sara Epstein, Daniel O’Dowd, Bryan O’Shea, Tatiana MacNamara, Teresa White, and …

New YAF Poll: What is Socialism? More Than Half of Students Can’t Accurately Define It

Young America’s Foundation is pleased to release the findings of our exclusive …

Super Bowl champ ROCKS slavery reparations hearing: “I don’t want them”

Burgess Owens absolutely CRUSHES congressional liberals over slavery reparations.

“Cancel Culture” Must End

By: Kate Westa The tolerant Left strikes again, this time they’re targeting…drumroll…Trump …

THE WOKE HYPOCRITES: The Left tipped its hand over abortion & got nailed for it

Pregnant millennials love sharing pictures of their first ultrasounds. The images depict just how meaningless the clump of cells growing inside of them is. Wait, that’s not right…

Men can never grow babies ft. Elisha Krauss

You can defy science, your eyes, and common sense, but my daughter is still a girl, and she always will be.

IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: What caused the greatest freedom upswell in history?

Ben Shapiro breaks down what it means to be a conservative in 3 minutes flat!

Young America’s Foundation Announces University of Michigan YAF as the 2019 Chapter of the Year

Young America’s Foundation is proud to announce that the Young Americans for …

Young America’s Foundation Statement On Harassment Of Irish Students

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) hosted its 41st annual National Conservative Student Conference …

Free markets made America great ft. Burt Folsom

America became the most prosperous nation in the world by embracing free markets.

HOW FREEDOM WINS THE DAY: The enemies of liberty are advancing, heed this advice

We are surrounded. The cultural bullets are flying. What’s a lover of liberty to do? Todd Starnes has the answer, and it gave us CHILLS!

What. A. Week.

By: Hunter Morrow The conclusion. What. A. Week. NCSC has been filled …

YAFCon Day 4: Senators, CEOs, and Activists Galore!

By: Connor Brinton Day four of the National Conservative Student Conference was …

LIVE YOUR BEST (THUG) LIFE: Ben Shapiro has 7 tips for all young conservatives

Ben Shapiro’s 7 tips for young conservative activists are not to be missed!

RCD DESTROYS AOC: No one comes here to find socialism, they come here to escape it

Rachel Campos-Duffy takes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to task over the real consequences of socialism, and it feels so good!

A Visit from Mr. Vice President- YAFCon Day 3!

By: Diana Soriano Day three of YAFCon was another huge success. The …

University Of Florida To Correct Speech Code, Pay Young Americans For Freedom Students $66,000

YAF wins another key First Amendment case in defense of students’ rights. …

Day 2 of #YAFCon!

By: Rose Laoutaris Today was the first full day of the National …

First Day Of Conservative Christmas- National Conservative Student Conference

YAFCon Day 1: Hi! My name is Hana Thomas and I’m the …

Safe spaces aren’t so safe ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

Safe spaces are just a new way to assert power and control others.

FACTS, LOGIC, & MATT WALSH: Gay “marriage” by definition can’t be the same as marriage

There’s one crucial difference between heterosexual marriage and alternative “marriages.”

BIG GOV’T, BIG PROBLEMS: Dinesh D’Souza totally guts the case for gov’t “charity”

Dinesh D’Souza roasts big government in under 3 minutes, and it feels so good!

Free markets run on service ft. Brian Brenberg

If you want to make money over the long term, you have to actually make the world a better place.

Chapter Of Distinction: Loyola Marymount University YAF

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Loyola Marymount University took on …

YAF’s Reagan Ranch Center Welcomes Summer Interns

Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center recently welcomed its summer interns. These …

Chapter Of Distinction: University Of Michigan YAF

This spring, University of Michigan Young Americans for Freedom hosted Ben Shapiro, …

GWU’s Targeting of Conservative Speakers with Hefty Security Fees Must End

By: Matthew Mastroberti For years, The George Washington University has targeted conservative …

Kevin McMahon

Kevin McMahon Joins YAF Headquarters Team

Kevin McMahon is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where …

The Planned Parenthood Presidency Predicament

By Kevin McMahon Ironically, after roughly 9 months with Planned Parenthood, the …

Thank conservatism for women’s rights ft. Allie Stuckey

Advancement in women’s rights is the result of returning to the values upon which America was founded.

Chapter Of Distinction: Grand Canyon University YAF

Despite being active on a campus that portends to be conservative, the …

Young America’s Foundation Announces Governor Scott Walker As President-Elect

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is excited to announce that 45th Governor of …

NICE TRY: Matt Walsh deftly DESTROYS liberal myths about abortion & adoption

Matt Walsh explodes this adoption myth with a potent dose of reality.

Chapter Of Distinction: Texas A&M University YAF

Texas A&M is typically indifferent to ideological differences and generally apathetic to …

Super Bowl Champ Burgess Owens’ Advice To Young Conservatives

By Alexander Jelloian Young America’s Foundation recently held its largest-ever high school …

The hard truth about Islam ft. Robert Spencer

“To believe Islam is a religion of peace is to believe Muslims throughout history have misunderstood their own religion.”

How Trump beats the media ft. Larry O’Connor

We could all learn a thing or two about standing up for ourselves from President Trump.

Chapter Of Distinction: University Of Florida YAF

At the University of Florida, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter maintained …

Chapter Of Distinction: University Of Alabama YAF

The University of Alabama Young Americans for Freedom chapter excelled at spreading …

Chapter Of Distinction: University Of Notre Dame YAF

At the University of Notre Dame, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter …

YAF Welcomes Kathryn Beale To National HQ Team

Kathryn Beale joins Young America’s Foundation as the assistant to the office …

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend NCSC

This summer’s YAF interns have all attended YAF’s National Conservative Student Conference …

YAF HQ Welcomes Summer Interns

Katrina Shaw is a rising senior at Long Island University Global (LIU …

America is a Christian nation ft. Dinesh D’Souza

What does it mean to live in a “Christian nation?”

President Trump Awards Medal Of Freedom To Longtime YAF Ally Dr. Arthur Laffer

On June 19, President Donald Trump awarded the Medal of Freedom—the country’s …

Shapiro, Knowles, Campos-Duffy, & Wheeler Among Leading Conservatives To Address Rising Generation At Reagan Ranch

Young America’s Foundation will welcome more than 800 participants to its sold-out …

The five pillars of prosperity ft. Art Laffer

There are some things we do better than foreigners & some things they do better than we do.

Karl Stahlfeld Joins Young America’s Foundation Headquarters Team

Karl Stahlfeld joins Young America’s Foundation as the associate director of the Center for …

Young America’s Foundation Welcomes Heidi Thom To Headquarters Team

Heidi Thom joins the Foundation’s team as a program assistant. In this …

Stop punishing boys for being boys ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

Let’s stop punishing boys for being boys. Girls and young women are succeeding in society now more than ever. Meanwhile, the needs of boys are being neglected.

Freedom Not Socialism: Rep. Chris Stewart, Dr. John Lenczowski, & Frank Donatelli Address Capitol Hill Interns

By Parker Bowman, YAF William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar On Wednesday, …

How the Left is stealing your liberties ft. Walter Williams

If anybody talked about taking our liberties away all at once, we would righteously rebel. The Left knows this.

Longtime YAF Ally And Frequent Speaker Dr. Arthur Laffer To Receive Presidential Medal Of Freedom

On June 19, President Donald Trump will award the Presidential Medal of …

YAF’s Spencer Brown Reacts To Hillary Clinton’s Hunter College Commencement Address on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Following serial-loser Hillary Clinton’s commencement address at Hunter College this week, Young …

Why conservatives should be pro-life ft. Allie Stuckey

Being a conservative and being pro-abortion are incompatible. Conservatives cannot value liberty without first valuing life.

Kara Zupkus Joins Young America’s Foundation’s Headquarters Team

Young America’s Foundation is pleased to announce Kara Zupkus has joined our …

How the Left ruined manliness ft. Michael Knowles

Virtue comes from “vir,” which means “man.” The Left’s attacks on manliness are attacks on virtue itself.

YAF Statement On President Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” –Ronald …

The Transcontinental Railroad At 150: Do You Know The Real Story?

Earlier this month, Americans celebrated the sesquicentennial of the completion of the …

Free speech is for everyone ft. Todd Starnes

Does it “grind your gears” when conservative students are silenced on their college campuses? It should—and here’s why!

My YAF Chapter Was Suspended After Inviting A Pro-Life Speaker

By Hayley Tschetter, University of Northwestern—St. Paul Young Americans for Freedom In …

How to debate liberals ft. Liz Wheeler

Have you always wanted the confidence and skills to debate the liberals in your life? Learn from the master!

Choose freedom, not socialism ft. Michael Reagan

There’s an odd argument going on in America today—socialism or capitalism? The Left and their cronies in the media and in academia want socialism to win.

Courage Under Fire: Baylor YAF Reflects On Successful Walsh Lecture

By Zachary Miller, Baylor Young Americans for Freedom Matt Walsh’s speech has …

What makes America exceptional ft. Dinesh D’Souza

People from all over the world are flooding to America, and they have been since our founding. But why? What makes America such a magnet for the world?

The problem with safe spaces ft. Ben Shapiro

So you want your safe space? All your beliefs are exactly right, and the last thing you want is someone invading your campus and saying things you don’t like, right?

YAF & Ben Shapiro Announce Exclusive Fall 2019 Campus Tour

Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce our Fall 2019 Campus Lecture …

KENGOR: The TODAY Show Celebrates Communist Holiday

On Friday morning I was sitting alone gumming a bowl of oatmeal …

‘These Are All So Dumb’: Tucker Carlson Discusses ‘Comedy & Tragedy’ With YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown

Young America’s Foundation’s 2018-2019 ‘Comedy & Tragedy’ Report has grabbed headlines across …

UW-Milwaukee Levies New Restrictions On Conservative Students Hosting D’Souza Following Breakthrough Shapiro Event

When the conservative club at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hosted Ben Shapiro …

YAF @ CPAC 2019

Ever since YAF leaders Frank Donatelli and Ron Robinson established the Conservative …

YAF Welcomes Karalee Geis To Team As Capitol Hill Outreach Director

Young America’s Foundation is pleased to announce Karalee Geis has joined our …

Vice President Pence Names YAF Alumnus & Former Reagan Ranch Director Marc Short As Chief Of Staff

Young America’s Foundation congratulates Marc Short on being named chief of staff …

YAF Prevails Over Viewpoint-Discriminatory Security Fees At UT-Austin

YAF successfully defended the rights of students at the University of Texas-Austin …

After Shapiro YAF Lecture, USC Student Senate Pursues More Regulations To Keep Conservatives Away

by Maxwell Brandon, USC Young Americans for Freedom Last fall, the USC …

Blaney on Brexit: What The Hell Has Happened?!

“Brexit means Brexit.” So said Theresa May when she secured election as …

Notre Dame YAF Condemns Cowardly Decision To Cover Columbus Murals

On Sunday, University of Notre Dame President John Jenkins announced his decision …

BUILD THE WALL: D’Souza lays to rest ONCE & FOR ALL argument over immigration

Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t mince words: illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to constitutional rights when they “violate the pact” of American citizenship—and the benefits that come along with it—by entering the U.S. illegally.

Replica of Bulgarian Reagan Bust Arrives At YAF’s Reagan Ranch Center

In 2005, Georgi Nenkov and Stoyan Traykov visited President Reagan’s Rancho del …

YAF Sues The University Of Florida Over 1st and 14th Amendment Violations

Last week, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of …

Young America's Foundation

A Look Back At 2018

“Young America’s Foundation is on the frontlines of the free speech battle” …


The Intolerance Of The ‘Tolerant’

By Kate Westa, University of Michigan Young Americans for Freedom Ideas are …

Here Are The Six Campuses Hosting Ben Shapiro This Spring

After the wildly successful Fall 2018 leg of YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture …

#WINNING: Michael Knowles Battles And Utterly Bests Frenzied & Confused Leftist

Michael Knowles completely shuts down this discussion about socialized medicine at the …

YAF Threatens Lawsuit Against University Of Pittsburgh’s Speech-Stifling Fee on Shapiro Event

Through counsel, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) sent a letter on Monday, December …

HOT TAKE: Allie Stuckey 100% Excoriates #MeToo For Hurting Men AND Women

Allie Stuckey is fed up with the Left’s victim mentality! Watch her …

STRAIGHT TRUTH: Knowles BLASTS Self-Important SJW Over Kavanaugh Testimony

Haven’t we been through this already? Watch Michael Knowles destroy this leftist …

Young America’s Foundation Mourns The Loss Of President George H. W. Bush

Over the course of his distinguished career, President Bush served our country …

TOTAL KNOCK OUT: D’Souza Takes Down Bill Ayers Over Illegal Immigration

You CAN have a generous immigration policy and national security, but it …

SORRY COMRADE: Knowles Drops A Huge Truth Bomb On Soviet Commie Wannabe

More hate crimes against transgender people than Jews? Are you kidding me? …

After Awarding $16.50 For D’Souza YAF Lecture, Stanford Slaps $19,000 Security Fee On Conservative Club

The Associated Students of Stanford University have awarded a conservative club a …

FACE THE FACTS: Ben Shapiro Busts This Big Leftist Myth About Radical Islam Wide Open

Today’s fact check on Radical Islam is brought to you by Ben …

DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING: D’Souza 100% DEMOLISHES Group Of Fascist Protestors

Maybe if these little fascists knew how to debate ideas, they wouldn’t …

#WINNING: Michael Knowles Wipes The Smile Right Off This Smug Socialist’s Face

“Tens of thousands of people die every year because they lack health insurance.” What about the millions of people that have died across the world at the hands of communist regimes?

HEY SNOWFLAKES: Ben Shapiro Has A Word For You About Bias And “Diversity Training”

Here’s an idea: Maybe we should worry more about our own behavior …

What A Week We Had!

Take a look at what has happened just in the last seven …

Pitt Slaps Discriminatory Security Fee On Shapiro Lecture, YAF Threatens Lawsuit

On Tuesday afternoon, Young America’s Foundation put the University of Pittsburgh on …

WHAT THE…Dinesh D’Souza SHUTS DOWN Screaming SJW And It Feels So Good

This is the acceptable bigotry of the Left in America today—free speech …

YAF Statement On California Fires and The Reagan Ranch

We are grateful at this time to report that Rancho del Cielo, …

FACTS NOT FEELINGS: Shapiro Drops A Massive Truth Bomb Right On Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick pretends to be a social justice warrior, but really he’s …

YAF To Hold First Significant Gathering Of Young Conservatives Following Midterms

Immediately following the 2018 midterm elections, Young America’s Foundation is bringing hundreds …

UNCHAINED: Dinesh D’Souza Reveals The Ugly Truth Behind Political Correctness

It’s time for an intellectual liberation from the Left’s big lies. If …

LMU Funding Board Allocates Thousands Of Dollars To Liberal Groups, Gives YAF $451 For Klavan & Knowles

Over the last two academic years (2017-2018, 2018-2019), Loyola Marymount University’s Student …

Ben Shapiro

Ohio State Denies YAF Chapter Funding, Levies Security Fees For Shapiro Lecture

Ahead of Ben Shapiro’s lecture at Ohio State on November 13—part of …

FIGHT TO THE DEATH: Ben Shapiro vs. Socialism, Who Comes Out On Top?

This might be Ben Shapiro’s most comprehensive takedown of socialism ever! How …

AWESOME: Allie Stuckey Totally Torches Socialism In Only 90 Seconds

Allie Stuckey debunks the myth that socialism improves lives! Socialism does more …

Kennesaw University

YAF & ADF Chalk Up Another Legal Win Over University’s Anti-Conservative Speech Code

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has agreed to rescind viewpoint discriminatory policies that …

FLYNN EXCERPT: ‘Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, And 10 Days That Shook San Francisco’

Forty years ago, the name Jim Jones and the idea of “drinking …

If A Leftist Ever Tells You Ben Shapiro Is A Racist, Make Them Watch This

Just because you don’t believe that the “browning of America” is a …

SAVAGE: Ben Shapiro Takes A Wrecking Ball To “Believe All Women”

Ben Shapiro has a simple question—why should we believe all women? If …

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings: Speech is not violence

In the United States, everyone has the same fundamental rights. But your …

SHOWDOWN: Ben Shapiro vs. Feminism

Ben Shapiro’s fearless temperament and endless supply of research have made him …


Allen West is not here for it when this arrogant liberal tries …

100/10: The Factual Feminist DEMOLISHES Feminist Lies About Campus Sexual Assault

FACT CHECK: Are one in four women really sexually assaulted on America’s …

The Most Anticipated Events On Campus

Tonight it begins. The most anticipated conservative lecture tour in decades will …

Shapiro SHOCKS Minnesota: Bernie Sanders Is A Loonbag And Socialism Is Tyranny

Young people have been told that socialism is “moral” and “fair.” Ben …

LOCKED & LOADED: Dinesh D’Souza Busts Open The Lie About Gun Control

The Left wants to prevent non-law-abiding citizens from killing people, so they …

Now Is Your Chance To Expose #FakeHistory

Every day you hear about it. CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal media …

FACTS NOT FEELINGS: Shapiro Utterly Dismantles The Gender Pay Gap Myth

Leftists, please! America is a free country—there is no “societal discouragement for …

‘America Is Not Alone In The Culture Wars’: Free Speech Ireland

EDITOR’S NOTE: Free speech is constantly under attack on college campuses across …

JUST DO IT: Allen West TEARS INTO Colin Kaepernick For Being All Talk, No Action

Allen West has a message for Colin Kaepernick—take action instead of just …

Robert Spencer Exposes The Anti-American Alliance Of The Left And Radical Islam

Robert Spencer has no qualms about exposing Leftists like Linda Sarsour for …

DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING: D’Souza Totally Obliterates Leftist Myth About Islam

What should we have learned about Islam from 9/11? Dinesh D’Souza drops …

More Than 200 Schools Will Always Remember

17 years ago today, radical Islamic terrorists bent on destroying Americans’ way …

LOESCH UNLEASHED: Dana Exposes The Racist Core Of Leftist Gun Control

WATCH: Dana Loesch takes aim at gun control’s racist undertones! Gun control …

YAF Statement On The Passing Of Richard DeVos

Young America’s Foundation mourns the loss of Richard DeVos. “Richard DeVos was …

OH SNAP: Watch Ben Shapiro SLAM & LOCK THE DOOR On Transgender Arguments

Do progressives really think kindergarten drag shows are okay?? Ben Shapiro slams …

SAY IT LOUDER: Crowder Skewers & Roasts Leftists Over “Equal Outcomes”

Steven Crowder shuts down the Left’s attempt to rob Americans of equal …

#WINNING: Dinesh D’Souza DECIMATES Bernie Sanders And “Lazy Socialists” In 90 Seconds

You can’t have socialism and the benefits of a free market. Dinesh …

Statement On Senator John McCain’s Passing

Frank Donatelli, member of Young America’s Foundation’s Board of Directors and chairman …

ALL DAY LONG: Newt Gingrich Totally CRUSHES The Myth That Trump Is Anti-Woman

Who are the real misogynists? This student tries to tell Newt Gingrich …

REPLAY: LIVE Conference With Dennis Prager, Andrew Klavan, & More

Our exclusive August YAF Virtual Pass event has ended, but you can …

WHAT THE HECK? Trans “Woman” Tries To Assault Ben Shapiro On Live Television (Really!)

Progressive fascism at it’s finest! Apparently, if you don’t agree with the …

REPLAY: YAF’s 40th Annual National Conservative Student Conference

From July 30 to August 4, more than 1,000 participants joined Young …

UGA YAF Founder Calls Out Socialism in the Classroom

By Ross Dubberly, Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise The faculty at …

Enlightening, Engaging, And Empowering Young Conservatives

Just a week after one of our largest conferences yet, more than …

Without Free Enterprise, We Wouldn’t Have The iPhone

By Ross Dubberly, YAF’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise Perhaps the …

Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series to Bring America’s Founding Principles to Campuses

Lecture Series to Introduce Thousands to Conservatism, Provide Balanced Education Young America’s …

‘Thank God For It’: A Student Perspective on YAF’s Road to Freedom Seminar

By Ross Dubberly, YAF’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise In preparation for challenging …

SLAM DUNK: Dinesh D’Souza 100% Destroys Bill Ayers In Debate Over Entitlements

WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza engages in a moment of “speculative progressive reasoning.” Who …

FASCISM IRL: College Police PHYSICALLY BLOCK Shapiro From Stepping Onto Campus

DePaul University deploys 30 armed police officers to prevent Ben Shapiro from …

We’ve Been Training Young Conservatives For Decades

Through Young America’s Foundation’s one-of-a-kind programs, thousands of high schoolers are being …

SO MUCH YES: Allen West UNLEASHES On Liberals For New Black Plantations

Students at the University of Memphis got a serious wake up call …

UVA YAF Denounces UVA Faculty And Administrators For Intolerance Regarding Marc Short

Community UVA petition calls for university to rollback decision to hire recent …

WINNING: Shapiro Educates Smug Egotistical SJW On Basic Logic Skills

Watch Ben Shapiro bring the heat when this leftist tries to call …

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D’Souza: Why Is Obama Stealing Sandwiches On A Horse On The Beach?

What is Obama doing with Dinesh D’Souza and his debate opponent on …

SO SATISFYING: Ben Shapiro TORCHES And Dismantles Every Safe Space In Sight

Leftists love to call conservatives bigots, but their own intolerance and narrow-mindedness …

The University Of Chicago: Putting Racial And Ethnic Preferences Before Academic Standards

By Ross Dubberly The University of Chicago—the third-ranked university in the country—has …

Meet The Interns: Tiffany Berkley Joins YAF HQ Team

Tiffany Berkley is a rising junior at the University of Florida (UF) studying …

What About Redistribution Of Grades?

By Ross Dubberly A substantial portion of young people in America today …

OUCH: Dinesh D’Souza Drops Rapid-Fire Truth Bombs On Communist Student

This leftist student thinks he can stump Dinesh D’Souza on Marxist thought, …

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hands Conservative Professor Free Speech Victory

By Ethan Hollenberger Just over a year ago, I wrote in the …

AWESOME: Ben Shapiro Torches Arrogant Leftist In Epic Battle Over Abortion

This leftist students presents every argument she can think of for being …

SO SATISFYING: Dinesh D’Souza Annihilates Cocky Leftist Who Calls Him a “Hack”

In a typical case of leftist hypocrisy, this self-important student thinks he …

Remembering U.S. Secret Service Agent John R. Barletta

It is with heavy hearts that Young America’s Foundation shares that President …

YAF Applauds Secretary DeVos For Rolling Back Obama-Era Guidance On Racial Preferences In Higher Education

Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown released the following statement in response …

CAN’T MISS: Ben Shapiro Totally Shreds Feminists for Glaring Hypocrisy

Ben Shapiro’s feelings on the hypocrisy of feminism and the #MeToo movement …

SLAM DUNK: Dinesh D’Souza Totally Eviscerates Leftist With Cold Hard Facts

You’ve seen Dinesh D’Souza, but you’ve never seen him like this before. …

How We Revived YAF At UVA

by Kevin McMahon, William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar When I graduate …

#WINNING: Allen West Delivers Knockout Blog To Self-Righteous Liberal

This self-righteous student accuses Allen West of promoting “xenophobia” and “violence against …

SO SATISFYING: Shapiro Completely Mops The Floor With This Smug SJW

Watch Ben Shapiro leave this leftist student completely shocked as he drops …

3 Steps To Counter Leftist Opposition

by Abby Streu, William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar Leftist pushback is …

SO MUCH YES: Ben Shapiro Drops A Massive Truth Bomb On This Leftist Student

This leftist has another thing coming if he thinks Ben Shapiro will …

31 Years Ago: “Tear Down This Wall!”

31 years ago today, President Ronald Reagan defined his presidency and reshaped …

SO SATISFYING: Dinesh D’Souza Absolutely Shreds SJW Over “White Privilege”

This condescending leftist at Amherst College instantly regrets trying to battle Dinesh …

GET THE TISSUES READY: Margaret Thatcher Delivers Passionate Reagan Eulogy

Today, on the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s death, we remember the legacy …

Pages Of Government Regulations Would Tower Over A Giraffe

by Ross Dubberly Is there ever a point where government imposes such …

Meet The Interns: Katie Cupp Joins YAF HQ Team

Katie Cupp is a junior at the University of Central Missouri studying …

Meet The Interns: Hannah Payne Joins YAF HQ Team

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Meet The Interns: Morgan Moya Joins YAF HQ Team

Morgan first got involved with Young America’s Foundation during her sophomore year …

From Campus To Conferences: UGA YAF Founder Becomes Bold Conservative Activist

Young Americans for Freedom–and Young America’s Foundation, more generally–changed my life. In …

GW YAF Chair: YAF Has Taught Me To Be Brave

As a senior at the George Washington University, I look back at …

Meet The Interns: Kevin McMahon Joins YAF HQ Team

Kevin McMahon is a rising senior at the University of Virginia studying …

Abby Streu

Meet The Interns: Abby Streu Joins YAF HQ Team

Abby Streu is a rising junior at the University of Wisconsin–Madison studying …

Get A Grip, Leftists: Income Inequality Isn’t Bad

By Ross Dubberly Why is income inequality a bad thing? The reality …

Uniqueness Of Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts To Be Celebrated, Not Changed

By Kara Bell, University of Wisconsin YAF Girls and boys are inherently …

Sean Spicer and Jesse Watters Join YAF’s One-of-a-Kind Campus Lecture Program

After they packed the houses for their campus debuts, President Trump’s first …

The Trump Tax Cuts: A Boon for College Students

By Ross Dubberly Shortly before Christmas of last year, President Trump signed …

Free College Isn’t Really Free

by Ross Dubberly “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” …

YAFing From Coast To Coast

As the spring semester starts to wrap up, conservative students are busier …

Woman Claiming To Be University of Florida Faculty Member Vandalizes D’Souza Flyers In Attempt To Stifle Conservative Ideas

Epitomizing leftist intolerance, an individual claiming to be a librarian at the …

OP-ED: The Fight For Free Speech At Hobart And William Smith Colleges

by Katrina Willis, HWS Young Americans for Freedom If an explosive Ben …

FONTOVA: Anti-NRA Student Walkout Features Che Guevara As Poster Child

by Humberto Fontova “About 1,400 students wearing orange shirts gathered on a …

YAF Liberal March Madness: Round One Results

Young America’s Foundation’s Liberal March Madness competition is in full swing and …

“Tolerant” Leftists Destroy Pro-Life Memorial In A Futile Attempt To Silence Conservatives

In yet another case of leftists’ utter disregard for conservatives’ free speech …

#LadiesWhoLead: YAF Edition

While the Left prides itself on preaching the