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The Case for the Second Amendment

#CCPNotForMe: YAF Activist Hacked By Chinese Communist Party Sympathizers After Exposing Truth About China

A Young Americans for Freedom activist was hacked by Chinese Communist Party sympathizers on social media after she exposed troubling...
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SJW “Deer Person” Granted Authority in Gaming Community

By: Kevin McMahon Conservatives are familiar with the way the Left attempts to control the higher education system and uses culture...
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Female YAF Activist Egged While Advocating For Life in Front of Planned Parenthood

A female Young Americans for Freedom activist was egged on Friday as she advocated to protect the unborn in front...
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#FakeNews is about persistent bias ft. Andrew Klavan

The media has been selling a fake vision of America as a leftist proposition.
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CSULB Hosts Segregated “Diversity” Graduation Ceremonies

California State University Long Beach will host a series of segregated “diversity” virtual ceremonies as part of their Cultural Graduation...
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The gender war doesn’t help women ft. Christina Hoff Sommers

Feminism is supposed to be about equality of the sexes, not strife between them.
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A Note From Vic Bernson, YAF’s New Vice President & General Counsel

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters! I’m thrilled to join the great YAF team and I look forward to many years of service...
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GWU Appoints Pro-BDS, Anti-Israel Professor as Dean of International Affairs School

The George Washington University has appointed a pro-Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction Israel (BDS) professor to be the new interim dean...
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Progressives’ use of taxes is theft ft. Walter Williams

"Today, taxation can be described as taking one American's earnings and giving them to another"
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46% Of Gen Z Students See China As A Threat—Here’s Why More Should Be Wary Of CCP Influence

Until COVID-19 began to ravage the globe, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) influence on American life largely flew under the...
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Woke Capitalism Infects Video Games In ‘The Last Of Us: Part II’

By Kevin McMahon Conservatives are all too aware that progressives exercise almost complete control over the entertainment industry and Hollywood. We’ve...
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The Road to 121: Friedrich Hayek’s Birthday

May 8th marks the 121st birthday of the one of the most influential economists in the history of the world,...
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LMU Leftists Demand Conservative Female Senator Be Impeached For Being Conservative

Leftists at Loyola Marymount University in California are enraged that a new student senator for diversity and inclusion is a...
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A new poll commissioned by Young America’s Foundation (YAF)—in partnership with the The Federalist—reveals the impact coronavirus has had on the everyday...
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Religious liberty is a foundational right ft. Todd Starnes

We are a country that respects religious liberty, which is why that key value has been enshrined in our founding documents.
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Rutgers Professor Ignores Reality To Spin Conspiracies, Attack President’s Supporters

As the global coronavirus pandemic forces millions to adjust their lives, one thing has remained constant: leftist academics and their...
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Teen Vogue Magazines Goes From Fashion to Promoting Full Blown Socialism in New Series

Teen Vogue used to be a magazine for young, impressionable teens who were interested in new fashion trends and latest...
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Government caused the Great Depression ft. Burt Folsom

Government was the cause of the Great Depression, and capitalism was the solution.
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—Senator Ted Cruz