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  • The Millenial generation now coming up through the high school and college ranks statistically is the most pro-life in recent message

    Don't tell that to Stephanie Shriock, president of Emily's List.

    According to National Journalism Center intern Molly Braswell reporting in Red Alert Politics, Shriock said:

    “We have so much energy, particularly among Millennials, that I actually think we’re going to see a growth, and it won’t be based just as previous generations on the issue of choice, but on the issue of women’s leadership.  I am counting on a partnership with the Millennial generation to really push a lot of this old thinking out the door.”

     Braswell, however, explains that pro-abortion advocates are whistling past the graveyard if they count on a spike of support among millenials.  She writes:

     Fewer Americans of all ages identified themselves as pro-choice from 2009-2012, compared to 2001-2008. More than 50 percent of 18-34-year-olds said they were pro-choice in the earlier years, compared to only 46 percent from the later years. Schriock may think that young people, women in particular, are throwing their weight behind the pro-choice movement, but the facts just don’t support her opinion.

    Shriock's comments came during the "Gender Matters" symposium at American University.

    Since the early 1990s, public support overall for abortion has plummeted.  Education about the procedure and advances in ultrasound technology have made abortion far less palatable to increasingly large percentages of the population.

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