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    1. Are you tired of liberal ideas dominating your high school or college campus?
    2. Are you tired of liberal and Marxist professors indoctrinating your classmates?
    3. Do you want to advance conservatism?  

    If you answered yes, then you should start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter. YAF chapters make a difference by boldly advancing freedom and conservatism. Radical feminists, big government bureaucrats, fringe environmentalists, race-baiters, Islamo-fascists, and run of the mill leftists are distraught that you would even think about promoting conservative ideas.  

    Some of the services and benefits you can expect to receive include:

    YAF Chapter Arrow Personal contact from our national leadership team who will advise you on how to get your club started.
    YAF Chapter Arrow Activism projects and resources to make your club stand out.
    YAF Chapter Arrow Logistical and financial assistance to host a big name conservative speaker
    YAF Chapter Arrow Exclusive training for you and your members. 
    YAF Chapter Arrow Discounts to Young America's Foundation conferences
    YAF Chapter Arrow And more! 


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    YAF Chapter Chair Testimonials

    Jolie Davis, Penn State University

     JolieDavisFreedomGraphicI love when people ask me how I became a conservative because I always tell them the same thing—“Young America’s Foundation.” I was raised a socialist and spent a good portion of my teen years subtly promoting socialism in my school. Although I did not realize what I was doing at the time, I was indoctrinating my friends and my classmates. That all changed when I went to college.

    Even though my college was liberal, the college conservative club was the most active on campus. While I held liberal beliefs on many issues, I joined on the basis of individual rights and a love of the constitution. The day I joined, the president of the club mentioned a road trip to a Foundation conference in Santa Barbara, California and stated that it was the last day to register. I thought that it would be a fun trip, so I signed up. I had no idea that my life was about to change.

    I had an amazing time at the conference and went back to school energized to change the dialogue on campus.  My peers and I started a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, which quickly became the most prominent club on campus. Through our involvement with YAF, we were able to put on great initiatives such as the 9/11: Never Forget Project.

    When I was deciding on where to go to law school, I wanted a more conservative school, or at least one where I could help make a difference on campus, so I ultimately ended up at Penn State Law. Penn State has a rich history with Young Americans for Freedom. Our chapter just celebrated 20 years of campus activism, but my first year on campus, it was struggling to do anything. The chapter received little support from the school and most of the students did not know that it existed. I was determined to change that. With the support of the Foundation, a few dedicated students and I revamped the club. Although it was tough at first, we started from scratch and rebuilt the organization. We were able to triple our membership and funds in just a few short weeks.

    Before becoming involved with YAF, I never thought to question what my professors told me. I never thought to look into issues for myself and form my own opinion.  That all changed the day I attended my first Foundation conference. Now, three years later, I have had countless opportunities within the Conservative Movement and have found a home among the network of YAF chapters across the nation.  I know now that I am a conservative through and through, but having started at the other end of the spectrum, I will be eternally grateful for the Foundation and everything it does. I met my best friends through YAF, found an endless passion for freedom and individualism, and have had more fun than I ever could have imagined. I owe it all to Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom.

    I would encourage any student with conservative values to join or start a YAF chapter on campus. It truly is a life changing experience. [back



     BrendanNewellBrendan Newell, DePaul University

    Without Young America’s Foundation, my college experience would have been a lot worse than how it has turned out to be. 

    Two years ago, I became one of many students to enroll at DePaul University; however, one of the biggest differences between my peers and I was that I happened to be a conservative, an excessively rare breed of individuals on any campus, especially a campus in the heart of Chicago. 

    Because of my affinity towards politics, I decided to become involved in campus activism. The only right-wing group on campus was the College Republicans, and when I attended their first meeting, I realized that there was a lot of work to be done. The club was in disarray; the attendance rate was at an all-time low; and it seemed as through the Right would never have a chance to flourish in a city and state that has long sided with liberalism. 

    This is why some of us conservatives on campus chose to create a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at DePaul. We needed a strong support base to assist us in a variety of ways, helping spread the light of conservatism to one of the darkest cities in America. This is when I began to speak with Patrick Coyle, the best decision I have made in my college career to date. 

    I remember that after my first call with Pat, I received a box of materials to start our own Reagan Revolution at DePaul. Other YAFers and I were armed with pocketbook Constitutions, posters, pamphlets, movies, books, and everything else that we needed. Since that first delivery of goods, Young America’s Foundation has continued to support us, giving us much needed advice, funding, and opportunities that would otherwise have been unavailable. 

    With all of this support, DePaul YAF has been able to organize multiple successful initiatives, such as the 9/11: Never Forget Project and No More Che Day. Along with those events, we have hosted lectures this year by Herman Cain and Allen West, two prominent conservative speakers. Among our other accomplishments this year, we have also doubled attendance at meetings. I now know that it is possible to spread the message of conservatism at DePaul, something that seemed impossible to me as a freshman two years ago. 

    Without Young America’s Foundation, the Conservative Movement at DePaul would have little hope for survival. Along with other members of my chapter, I am so grateful for all that YAF has done for us, and I will always be indebted to the organization and to the great people there with whom I have worked, such as Patrick Coyle, Raj Kannappan, and Katie Taran. 

    Thank you, YAF! 


    KatrinaGraphicKatrina Lautenschlager, Liberty University

    In January 2014, I began school at Liberty University (LU) after transferring there from Eastern Washington University. Within my first few weeks, I began filing the necessary paperwork to start LU’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter. Young America’s Foundation supported me throughout the entire process, providing advice and resources to walk me through it. In addition to all of the valuable information that I have received and the leadership skills that I had gained through attending numerous Foundation conferences and seminars, I have also gained the confidence necessary to successfully start and lead a YAF chapter on my college campus. 

    After getting my chapter approved by LU, I filled a few of the core leadership positions on the executive board and began recruiting other students to become members. I then held the first two chapter meetings, which entirely exceeded my expectations. I was, and still am, so encouraged by the number of students who desire to become more active in the Conservative Movement at my university. Together, as a YAF chapter, we will expose our peers to more conservative ideas and inspire them, too, to get involved. Through hosting prominent conservative speakers, campus initiatives, and the materials and resources Young America’s Foundation provides us, we believe that we can make a difference on our campus and help combat the apathy that plagues far too many of our peers at LU.

    I would recommend to any student who wants to promote conservative principles or just individual freedom that they should either join an existing YAF chapter at their school or start one if it does not already exist. The Foundation will help you each step of the way; I have relied heavily on its staff and they have been nothing less than encouraging and supportive. Besides the constant advice that they provide through emails, phone calls, and conversations in person at conferences, they also send me various activism materials for my chapter to use and distribute, including flyers, brochures, posters, signs, books, stickers, and other items. The conferences and seminars are, themselves, a great resource for you and your YAF chapter to take advantage of, because they really help students form a strong foundation of conservative values and allow them to continue to grow and prosper as constitutional conservative activists.

    I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely amazing and incredibly generous Young America’s Foundation is. I also cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of YAF. This organization has been a pure blessing in my life, and I will never be able to thank its staff enough for everything they have done for me. No matter where I go in the future, YAF will always be the organization that I can credit for my involvement in the Conservative Movement. 

    You should sign up for a Young America’s Foundation conference to experience it for yourself; it may change your life, just like it did for me. 


     SavannaGraphicSavanna Wierenga, Hillsdale College 

    Deciding to involve myself with the Foundation two years ago is one of the best decisions I have made to advance myself as an individual on my college campus and my community. 

    I have always kept myself busy with various activities, so about three weeks into my freshman semester at Hillsdale College, I felt the urge to do the same at my new school. I could not just study all day or sit around with students discussing Plato’s Republic and Hayek’s works or debating Obamacare. I needed to do something. I needed to be part of something bigger than myself. 
    One day on campus, I spotted another student sitting at a table with a big “Young America’s Foundation” banner taped to the front. Nathan Brand, Hillsdale College’s “Mr. YAF,” was promoting a Foundation regional conference in Columbus, Ohio. He explained that YAF is a conservative activist organization that promotes free market principles, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms, among other things. As a student at Hillsdale College, I thought that everyone supported these ideas, but now I know that this is not the case. 

    I decided to attend the conference. The weekend included seminars with numerous conservative leaders and writers and educated and challenged students to speak up and fight against the trampling of Americans’ inalienable rights. And, the whole weekend was only $20! It was an easy decision to attend the conference. I loved every minute of it. I realized that YAF is something bigger than myself of which I wanted to become a part. Hearing from speakers such as Bay Buchannan and Allen West sparked my desire to re-discover the Constitution, further educate myself about the nation’s domestic and foreign affairs, and ultimately, equip myself to fight back against liberals and win them over.

    The week after that invigorating conference, I started to attend Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) meetings and sought to get involved in every activity I could. The first big initiative in which I was involved was the Berlin Wall project. After constructing a mock Berlin Wall, we promoted its existence and then tore it down. It was a great experience! Many students remembered a day in history when conservative hero Ronald Reagan stood up and obliterated the corrupt and morally decrepit system of Communism. 

    This is what YAF is all about: Understanding Americans’ God-given rights, standing up for these rights, and taking action when other forces are seeking to take away these rights. I did not quite understand the power that my role as a college student could play in fighting for freedom—that is, until I actually got involved with YAF. 

    With the government’s intrusion into the education system and the media’s portrayal of conservatives as bigots, how will America’s youth know how the country was intended to be? The duty of conservative youth is to communicate to our peers the issues plaguing our nation, the principles of our leaders, our rights being defiled, and how to reform the country back to the envisioned state of liberty. 

    The Foundation equips conservative students across the country by helping them set up YAF chapters, providing them with activism materials such as books and posters, providing funding for organizing campus events and hosting speakers, and supporting students to attend educational conservative conferences. The staff and generous supporters of Young America’s Foundation’s are cultivating bright, passionate, and fearless leaders who will lead the country. 

    I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities that I have received through the Foundation. Since my freshman year at Hillsdale College, I have attended several conferences, interned at the Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center, and been elected as Chairwoman of my YAF chapter. I continue to advocate for conservative principles by reading and writing regularly on campus, attending conferences, and informing my peers of the current state of our blessed country, in the hope that we will bring it back on the right track. 


    JoeLivaudaisGraphicJoe Livaudais, Ave Marie University

    My involvement with Young America’s Foundation has been a true blessing. Less than a year ago, I attended my first Foundation conference, which equipped me with more knowledge about Conservatism than I had gotten at school or from Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Three weeks after the conference, I began my freshman year at Ave Maria University, one of the most conservative colleges in the country, located right outside of Naples, Florida. When the semester started, I became good friends with the students who ran my school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter. Surprisingly, I was asked to take over as the chapter’s chairman.

    Throughout my freshman year, Young America’s Foundation has given me opportunities that I never thought were possible. The organization has enabled me to bring to campus Brad Stine, a prominent conservative comedian; visit the Ronald Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California; make countless friends; attend CPAC through a volunteer program; and most importantly, have lunch with Katie Pavlich.

    What I love most about Young America’s Foundation is that it exists to support students in achieving their goal of promoting Conservatism on campus. The people in charge of the Foundation have a wealth of knowledge and do an outstanding job providing students with the resources necessary to make a strong impact in today’s world. No matter where my life takes me, I owe YAF a debt of gratitude. 



    KatieJonesGraphic Katie Jones, University of Arizona

    The first time I heard about Young America’s Foundation was at a meeting on Capitol Hill during my internship there in the summer of 2013. Little did I know that the organization would become a huge part of my life a few months later.

    In August of 2013, a friend and I decided to start a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at our school, the University of Arizona, which is a large public university known as a party school in an extremely liberal setting. From day one, it has been a challenge, but only in the best way I could have imagined. Through YAF, we have been able to engage our campus in ways that others have not been able to before.

    Our first YAF event was the 9/11: Never Forget Project, which was a huge success. We continued to grow our chapter and were excited to have a consistent group of students attending meetings each week. We traveled to the Ronald Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California and began to bond with our members. Soon, YAF became more of a community than a club. Slowly, our chapter and cause began to gain momentum. We were able to send seven students to CPAC in Washington, D.C.; host University of Arizona alum Katie Pavlich as our first speaker; host events with other campus clubs; and secure internships. Not to mention, we now have four to five times the number of members coming to our meetings each week than we had at the beginning. The uncertainty that I had about starting our chapter is now gone and has been replaced with the roaring success of our ability to make a difference on our campus, our community, our state, our country, and most importantly, the lives of others.

    For myself, my chapter’s executive board and members, and our campus, YAF has provided opportunities and insight that are unparalleled by any other organization. In just one year, our chapter has come a long way. Starting with just a few friends and very little funding, we have become a large, confident club that continues to build our own passion for conservative ideas as well bring others to the Movement. Without the support and encouragement of everyone at Young America’s Foundation, none of this would have been possible. Becoming a part of YAF is one of the biggest blessings and privileges I have had; it has been rewarding in both my personal and professional lives. I would encourage other students to pursue the challenge of starting their own YAF chapter, or get involved with an existing one, and become part of the Conservative Movement because it is up to us young people to forge the direction of our country to preserve it for future generations. We are the best hope in securing the blessing of liberty!



     Gab YAF PNG Gabriella MorrongielloOregon State University

    It has been almost a year since I first became involved with Young America's Foundation. Unbeknownst to me, last summer my mother signed me up for the annual National Conservative StudentConference (NCSC). When the conference began, I was a cynical college student who thought I had it all figured out. Four days later, after having listened to a variety of iconic figures in the conservative movement speak on free enterprise, morality, and individual responsibility, I had been revolutionized into a young activist with an unwavering devotion to advancing the Conservative Movement.  

     I attend Oregon State, a public university on the "left coast," as John Gizzi likes to say. Liberal professors have permeated OSU's classrooms. Removing campus news bins containing a conservative student publication and failing to offset the vast amount of liberal speakers brought to campus with conservative speakers from the right are just a few examples of the intolerance of opinion my school administrators have displayed.

     A month after returning home from NCSC, I began my sophomore year at OSU where I recruited a few like-minded friends and established a Young Americans for Freedom chapter. I was immediately shocked with the outpouring of support I received from members of YAF. Educational pamphlets, buttons, posters and films were sent to me. It was everything I needed to launch my chapter and keep students interested. I was flown out to the Reagan RanchCenter for a weekend of activism training and consultation with other YAF chapter chairs. Periodically, YAF program director Kate Cortes would check in with me and see how things were going on campus. Just a few weeks ago I received a new box full of fresh pamphlets.

    I am continuously amazed with this organization's generosity and the time and effort they spend on helping us activists succeed. Additionally, I've been amazed at the amount of opportunities I've encountered due to my affiliation with YAF. From interning with the National Journalism Center to meeting with congressmen in D.C., I owe it all to my involvement with this organization.

    Leading my YAF chapter has been a rewarding experience not just to me, but to my peers as well. It has allowed me to stand up to the shameful indoctrination on my campus while simultaneously encouraging other students to do the same. When the going gets tough, the tough get going and that is exactly what I see myself and fellow YAF chapter chairs doing at college campuses today. We are fighting to restore this great country and the responses I've received as a YAF chapter chair continue to give me hope and inspire my contributions to the conservative movement.   [back]



    Spencer YAF PNG

    Spencer BrownRegent University

    Both Young America's Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom have given me incredible opportunities this past year. 


    I started my freshman year at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As someone who had been moderately involved in conservative politics and activism in high school, I was looking for new opportunities to continue working to advance conservative principles. A friend and fellow activist recommended YAF to me, and I decided to get involved. There wasn't a Young Americans forFreedom chapter at Regent University, so I filed the appropriate paperwork with the University, and got started with YAF-a move I do not regret.

    After starting my chapter, the great people at YAF's headquarters were incredibly helpful with any questions I had, or activism initiatives I wanted to hold on campus. They first helped with the 9/11 Never Forget Project by providing my group and me with American flags, "Never Forget" pins, and flyers to raise awareness of a number of other YAF opportunities. In February, I attended my first YAF conference, the "Great Beginnings" seminar, at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California. I, along with a few dozen other young conservative activists, heard from leaders in the Conservative Movement, and had the opportunity to visit President Reagan's Rancho del Cielo. I learned new ways to recruit students, raise awareness of important issues, and gave me new tools to use in my role as chair of my own chapter. 

    Whether you're a high school or a college student, and regardless of your amount of experience in the Conservative Movement, Young America's Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom can help you make a difference in your community, give you incredible opportunities to meet heroes of the conservative movement, and become an important voice for conservatism on your campus and in your community.  [back]

    Kathleen YAF PNGKathleen D'Urso Texas Christian University

    Since becoming involved with the Young America's Foundation last year, I never could have imagined the amount of opportunities and privileges that would come my way.  After coming across the YAF website and seeing the important role the Foundation has in the Conservative Movement, I was immediately drawn to the many student opportunities.  I read about several peers who were making a difference on their campuses and in their communities, inspiring me to bring a YAF chapter to my campus at Texas Christian University.

    Starting a YAF chapter at my school has brought upon many career benefits, including internships and leadership scholarships.  However, while YAF has allowed me to immensely further my career goals in just one year, the greatest gain that has come from my time with YAF are the friendships and connections I have made, as well as the ability to engage with, and make a difference in my community.

    This past April, I had the privilege of attending the Club 100 Retreat, where I met leaders within the Foundation, Conservative Movement and fellow YAF chairmen.  From listening to and hanging out with speakers like Alex Marlow of and Ann McElhinney, producer of the film FrackNation, to horseback riding in the California mountains with fellow chairmen and getting a personal tour of theReagan Ranch, the opportunity to attend YAF conferences like Club 100 is an experience that I will never forget.  YAF holds many conferences throughout the year that are not only a blast to attend, but also are a great way to make lifelong connections and friendships.

    In addition to the many benefits that come along with attending conferences, getting involved with YAF has allowed me to interact with, and make a meaningful difference in my community.  My favorite YAF campus initiative is the 9/11 Never ForgetProject.  Although our chapter was just starting out and had no funding, YAF went above and beyond to help us successfully execute the event.  Planting 2,977 flags on campus representing each person killed in the terrorist attacks brought awareness on campus and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area about the importance of remembering 9/11 in our history.  The local CBS affiliate and the Fort Worth Star Telegram covered the event.

    Although attending conferences and being a campus activist are certainly highlights of my time with YAF, the benefits do not end there.  Students who become involved with YAF will find that all the opportunities go far beyond what they could ever expect, and in ways that are unique to each person.  I hope to remain involved with YAF even after graduation and am excited for future students thinking about having a role in the Conservative Movement through YAF.  [back]


    Kris YAF PNG Kristopher Del CampoDePaul University 

    Being the founding chairman of a YAF chapter has been both an amazing experience and a blessing for me. From attending conferences put on by Young America's Foundation and exploring the Reagan Ranch, my devotion to the conservative movement has increased day by day.  Without YAF's help to promote conservative values to college students around the nation, many students wouldn't be afforded both sides of the ideological argument.  Young America's Foundation and the Reagan Ranch Center have help educate our nation's youth to bring the fight of conservatism to their high school and college campuses.  [back]

     Nick YAF PNG

     Nick James, Clemson University

    While the primary purpose of chairing the Clemson University Young Americans for Freedom chapter is to promote conservative ideals on campus, the position has allowed me to do so much more.  As chairman, I have had the opportunity to learn many important attributes, including how to handle the media, crisis management, and organizational skills. Leading my YAF chapter has given me a different prospective of the college experience.  These 4 years are not just a chance to show those in academia that I can succeed. Leading my chapter has and continues to teach me valuable, real-world lessons that no lecture could ever begin to encompass. [back]

    Grant Strobl, Grosse Pointe North High School Grant YAF PNG

    Starting a high school chapter of Young Americans for Freedom expanded my network to fellow students across the country, provided leadership experience that is recognized by my community, and helped shape my career path. This experience that Young Americans for Freedom and Young America's Foundation provided me helped me land a job with a local congressional candidate, get appointed to a local municipal committee, get connections in local and state government, and receive a mayoral proclamation. Among the many activism and service projects that I have lead at my school include: the 9/11 Never Forget Project; the Respect All Women campaign, which was covered by, Yahoo!, and the Daily Caller; Christmas celebration with Christmas trees placed throughout the school; fundraising for our troops; and bringing a bus-load of students to one of Young America's Foundation's regional conference. The experience, connections, opportunities, and skills that starting a chapter of Young Americans for Freedom provides are endless—start a YAF chapter today![back]

    Stephan YAF PNGStephan PittsMississippi College

    When I first got involved with Young Americans for Freedom, I had no idea how much they would do to help me succeed on my campus and in the conservative movement.  

    In less than one year of active involvement with YAF, I went from being a guy who liked aggravating liberals on Facebook to taking a group of my peers to CPAC, speaking to Young America's Foundation's top supporters at their annual gathering, and being asked to contribute to several different conservative publications.  I would like to claim all of these successes as my own, but without YAF, none of them would have been possible.  

    Starting a YAF chapter literally changed my outlook on the future.  It showed me that with a little hard work and determination you can make a difference at your school, in your state, and nationally.  Young Americans for Freedom has opened doors for me that I would have never thought possible.  I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish with YAF and I look forward to what else is in store. [back]


     Nate B No NameNathan BrandHillsdale College

    Since high school, I have been blessed to have been involved with Young America’s Foundation. The Foundation has allowed me to have a greater influence with my peers, to grow as a leader, and to build friendships with students and conservative leaders across the nation. More than anything though, my time with Young America’s Foundation has given me great purpose for my time in college.

    I had no idea what to expect when I walked into my first conference as a sophomore in high school. A friend and frequent Foundation speaker, Kirby Wilbur, told me about the Young America’s Foundation National High School Leadership Conference. He told me that it was an awesome conservative conference full of like-minded students from all over the country. I was sold! With not knowing what to anticipate, I remember splurging at Nordstrom to buy a sport coat for the conference, telling the salesman “I might be meeting the President.” Although he set me up with a very nice sports coat, I never did meet the President. Instead, I got to engage first-hand with dozens of conservative leaders and make friendships that have lasted throughout the years! That was the first of the ten Foundation conferences I have been to since getting involved.

    I knew I was a conservative before I attended any of the Foundation conferences, but the conferences have turned me from a conservative on the side-lines to a conservative in the game.

    During my senior year of high school, I organized the 9/11: Never Forget Project. The experience of putting together the event and watching the impact it had on people in my community was amazing! Along with the thousands of people who saw the flag display, two local papers ran stories on my project and the local FOX TV affiliate ran a segment on it. This was just the start of my long and fruitful journey with the Foundation.

    After high school, I went on to attend Hillsdale College in Michigan. Looking to stay in the political arena, I quickly realized none of the groups on campus were truly active or looking to make a real difference in the lives of their peers. Fortunately, I knew about a fantasti
    c organization that had the resources and tools to help me make an impact on my campus: Young Americans for Freedom, the Foundation’s chapter affiliate.

    Hillsdale College is different than any other college in the country. We are continually ranked as one of the most conservative schools in the country. Just to give you an idea of what that means, we have a statue of Ronald Reagan and an even bigger statue of 
    Margaret Thatcher in the quad on our campus. So our club’s purpose was not about taking on a liberal campus and liberal administrators, but rather fighting student apathy.

    I started the Hillsdale Young Americans for Freedom chapter with the help of just a couple of friends. Starting with no money and very few members, we had a long way to go to make a real impact. Thanks to the generous support of the Foundation, our YAF chapter was able to bring syndicated talk show host Michael Medved to campus for our first event. The event turned out over 200 people, more than one tenth of our campus! Next thing you know, Hillsdale YAF became the coolest club on campus.

    Since our club’s founding, we have done numerous activist events including No More Che Day, Freedom Week, National School Choice Week, and many more events. Among them, we brought author and columnist Katie Pavlich to campus to speak about the importance of the 2nd Amendment. We were also fortunate enough to take her out to our school’s gun range.

    With every event we have hosted, the Foundation has been at our side supporting our chapter. From boxes of posters and banners to phone calls with Young Americans for Freedom Executive Director Patrick Coyle, the Foundation has given us their unwavering support. With the Foundation’s resources, being a conservative activist has never been easier.

    Our YAF chapter has opened doors for many of my fellow Hillsdale YAF peers. Because of their work on spreading the conservative message, Hillsdale YAF members have landed internships with congressmen, the NRA, Conservative Movement organizations, and even with Young America’s Foundation. Along with opportunities opened up outside of campus, students have been able to network with conservative leaders that will continue to provide opportunities for years to come.

    I would strongly encourage any conservative student to start a YAF chapter on their college campus. I guarantee it will be personally rewarding and you will be amazed by the impact you will have on your peers. So get off the sideline, get your butt off the bench, and start promoting the conservative cause, because our generation is the best hope of taking back our college campuses and taking back our country


    John Diggiacobbe John Digiacobbe, Highland High School

    I first heard about Young America's Foundation my freshman year of high school. At the time, I was fairly new to the Conservative Movement and my father suggested that it would be a good idea for me to get involved. Nearly a year later, I took the initiative to start my own Young Americans for Freedom chapter, which is the Foundation's chapter affiliate. It was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. The chapter started out small, but after two years of hard work we have been steadily growing to over 40 active members.

    During my junior year of high school, I helped organize projects such as the 9/11: Never Forget ProjectFreedom Week, and theGPA Redistribution video contest. Our chapter gained recognition school wide and we are now acknowledged as an official club on campus.

    YAF has shaped my high school career in many ways. First off, it has enabled me to maximize my leadership skills and potential when handling a chapter. Secondly, YAF has immensely helped to cement my views on the conservative ideology. In these past few years I have gained so much knowledge on individual liberty, free enterprise, moral integrity, and the fundamental principles that have made this country strong. The various conferences that are held throughout the year have allowed me to meet like-minded individuals and form lifelong friendships. The speakers at these events have inspired me, while providing me with droves of information to combat the left.

    Without YAF, I would not have had the immense amount opportunities I've had thus far. I plan to continue with the organization through college and hopefully join or start another chapter. My goal is to continue to encourage young people to take a stand in their community and not be afraid to speak up on conservative values. I am so thankful I got involved with YAF and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!  [back 



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