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  • Stanford's ROTC Dilemma

    1/14/2011 2:13:07 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    ROTC at BerkeleyBy Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar Jiesi Zhao

    In the aftermath of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), many elite schools are revisiting the idea of having ROTC brought back to their campuses. One of those schools, Stanford University, has decided to take a “comprehensive” approach to deciding whether or not ROTC has a place in the school’s community. Specifically, the school’s Ad Hoc Committee on ROTC has been researching and discussing the ROTC question for the past six months, and they do not intend to present a report to the Faculty Senate until at least May of this year. Apparently, they have been learning up on the history of ROTC at the school, reviewing why it was banned in the 1970s (Vietnam War brought about anti-military sentiments), and reading letters from students and faculty members of both sides of the debate.

    One of the objections to reinstituting ROTC that the Committee is seriously considering is that transgendered people are still excluded from service. Stating that he was “struck by the depth of intellectualism” in the letters received from students and faculty voicing their concerns, a professor of psychology on the Committee noted that they are still in its “information-gathering stage of its investigation” six months in.  

    Well, it is your lucky day, Stanford, because I’m here to give you a very simple solution to this “complicated” problem. There is no reason why students who wish to participate in ROTC should not be allowed to on campus. There are dozens of different student organizations and clubs on campus – some that are considered offensive or practice exclusion in one way or another to someone on campus, and yet, there’s no ban (or even a discussion about a ban) on any of them. For example, there are several race-based groups like the Asian American Student Association, which only allows for students of Asian decent to join, fraternities and sororities that only allow students who are of a certain sex to join, or the fact that Stanford offers race and gender-based scholarships. No one seems to have an issue with any of these organizations and programs on campus even though they clearly discriminate based on characteristics like race and “gender identity”. It is pretty clear that the only organization that some students and faculty seem to have an issue with, on the grounds of “discrimination”, is ROTC.

    Moreover, even one of the most “gender-aware” campuses in the country, UC Berkeley, understands this idea. In fact, Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau of UC Berkeley, who is not shy about publicly advocating his leftist agenda, has always been a staunch supporter of the ROTC program at Berkeley, which boasts all branches of the military on campus. Even when the City of Berkeley decided to ban Marine recruiting in 2008, he maintained that the University was separate from the City and was proud to have men and women of service on campus.

    In a letter to Congressman John Campbell, Chancellor Birgeneau wrote:

                “The Berkeley campus has a long standing ROTC program, dating back to 1870 [two years after it was founded], of which we are very proud. All branches of the Armed Forces, including the Marines, are welcome to recruit on the Berkeley campus and I have defended vigorously our policy when various groups have objected to it. The Berkeley campus also offers financial aid and other preferences to veterans and the dependents of soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan… I join the chorus of voices who find [the resolutions to ban Marine recruitment from the City] ill advised, intemperate, and hurtful, particularly to the young men and women and their families who are sacrificing so much for our country.” (Letter to Congressman Campbell, dated February 8, 2008)

    Furthermore, as a graduate of Berkeley, I can attest to the civility and acceptance, as a whole, of the existence of ROTC on campus by the student body (one that is at least just as leftist and aware of transgender and other under-represented groups as the student body is at Stanford) – which further indicates that the so-called concern that Stanford’s administrators have for students and faculty who oppose ROTC’s return to campus is unfounded.

    A sharp contrast to Stanford’s current Committee activities of indecisiveness and cowardly giving in to excuse after excuse, under the guise of “research and information-gathering”, Berkeley has never waivered in supporting the simple belief that its students should have the right to participate in safe and lawful activities on campus and that this certainly includes participating in ROTC.

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    • I love being able to see Lakeshore Path in use again! It\'s great for me to walk there on my way to meetings and eqaully, I love seeing the mixture of students/faculty/ (and some lucky dogs!) enjoying the path. — Emily Luker
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    • First off, J I would like to know how my words have ever been hateful . Just becsaue I hold a different stance than you, and refuse to agree with your point of view, does not make me hateful. I can't control someone else's perceptions about the things I say. If they choose to irrationally believe that my words are hateful, that is their choice, not mine. Unfortunately in this day and age, if you take an opposing stance to that of the societal norm, you run the risk of being called hateful. I don't much like strawmen. Let's leave the irrational statements out of this. If the argument had been about him knowing what he knows and the direction he was going to take, I would imagine that the attitude displayed in these forums would have been something along the lines of Hey N, it's good that you stopped lying to yourself and everyone around you , it'll be a hard road from here on, but keep working on it But that's not the case. Everyone here praised the coming out of N to his wife and ignored the tragic method which led there in the first place. If anything, I would say this whole debate has been more about everyone's blatant disregard for all of the negative aspects of this story vs. their adoration of the positive aspects which only serve to further their own agendas. This debate has been targeted more at those commending the situation, rather than the one who was involved in the situation.This would be the first time that you have stated that what is best for N and his family, is for N and his family to decide. Every other post of yours insinuated that N's own interest mattered more than anyone elses. I am not going to stand here and point fingers yelling Sinner! , becsaue I realize that we are all flawed, we all make poor choices at times. We can't live for others? Well I guess that sums up your worldview and I can understand why it is so easy for you to support behavior such as this. I am not surprised by your humanist point of view.I think that it is deeply tragic that people such as yourself breed a mindset in our culture which tells people that it's okay to dishonor yourself and those around you as long as you feel better about yourself in the end. I am shocked at the support that has been given by his peers regarding his poor decision making process that is what my argument has been the entire time and that is what the argument is.
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