Viraktep Ath

In June, Viraktep joined the Foundation’s team as a development officer at our National Headquarters.

Viraktep recently graduated from the University of California Riverside where he majored in English. He served as the president of his conservative club, which hosted a number of YAF activism initiatives and lectures.

Viraktep’s passion for conservative activism stems from his family’s personal history with Communist Cambodia in the 1970s. Both of Viraktep’s parents were survivors of Cambodia’s infamous Killing Fields. His mother endured extreme hardships, losing both her father and two younger sisters to the brutal Communist regime. Growing up, Viraktep was taught to appreciate the greatness of America and to remember the values that make America exceptional.

Viraktep’s introduction to Young America’s Foundation began in November 2013 at the Fall Conference at the Reagan Ranch. There, he was moved by Ronald Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo and inspired to dedicate his college career to conservative activism. Immediately after his first conference, Viraktep started his own Young Americans for Freedom chapter Fullerton College.

As chairman of his YAF chapter, Viraktep organized the 9/11: Never Forget Project, No More Che Day, and Freedom Week activism initiatives. Following his graduation from Fullerton College, Viraktep continued his activism at UC Riverside, where his conservative club hosted two lecture events as well as a number of activism events.

During college, Viraktep also help found a local grassroots conservative organization and volunteered for Senator Ten Cruz. Young America’s Foundation twice named Viraktep a member of Club 100—the Foundation’s activism rewards program recognizing the top conservative student activists in the country

In 2016, Viraktep joined Young America’s Foundation as a William and Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar. During his summer internship, he worked closely with members of the development team, which fostered his interest in pursuing development as a career upon graduation.

A few months later, Viraktep accepted a full-time position with Young America’s Foundation. He is eager to help advance the Conservative Movement through his work at the Foundation.


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