Tom Robinson, Development Officer

Tom has been reading conservative books and attending YAF conferences since he was in middle school and has always loved promoting conservative ideas. Dr. Burt Folsom was his favorite Foundation lecturer and helped inspire Tom to attend Hillsdale College where Dr. Folsom is a professor.

Tom graduated from Hillsdale College in 2008 with a degree in religion and philosophy. After college, Tom worked for HSP Direct, a conservative communications firm. At HSP, Tom wrote for the Phillips Foundation as well as other conservative organizations. From there, Tom joined the Catholic Diocese of Arlington where he helped to raise funds for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. The Bishop’s Appeal raised money for Catholic Charities as well as seminarians studying to become priests.

Feeling the call to work back in the Conservative Movement, Tom served as director of development for the American Conservative Union, the organizer of the annual CPAC conference.

Tom is an avid Washington Redskins and Capitals team fan.

“I have been involved in YAF for so many years as a recreational activity, it seems so natural now to be working here full-time. No other conservative group in America reaches as many young people with conservative ideas, and I am honored to be a part of this great organization,” said Tom.

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