Kelleigh Huber

In May, Kelleigh joined the Foundation’s team as a program officer for the National Journalism Center. Kelleigh is from Ligonier, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Grove City College in 2017, receiving a bachelor’s degree in English. She first became interested in public policy in 2012. This led her to incorporate political science courses into her education and work for Congressman Tim Murphy. While in college, Kelleigh also led a mission work group in the Dominican Republic.

Prior to joining Young America’s Foundation’s team, Kelleigh worked at a number of media outlets. She has been a contributor to the College Fix, interned for the Latrobe Bulletin, and wrote for The Collegian student newspaper. She was editor-in-chief for Grove City College’s chapter of Odyssey Online in 2016 and edited her school’s literary magazine. While in college Kelleigh also blogged for her campus orientation team and wrote several pieces for YAF’s publication, New Guard.

In summer 2016, she graduated from the National Journalism Center. Kelleigh reported and video edited at PBS’s Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly. She credits NJC and YAF for developing her reporting skills and solidifying her conservative beliefs.

In her free time, Kelleigh enjoys playing soccer and reading British novels, favoring those with happy endings.

She is excited to join the Young America’s Foundation team and work with other young conservatives on college campuses across the country.

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