Haley Jones, Development Officer

Haley serves as a development officer at Young America’s Foundation.

She recently completed her undergraduate education in communication arts with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in journalism from College of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Having grown up on a ranch in Oklahoma, and having attended one of the top conservative schools in the country, Haley has always been patriotic and conservative, but it wasn’t until her encounter with Young America’s Foundation that she became involved with the Conservative Movement.

Haley began her journey with Young America’s Foundation in November of 2013, attending the Fall Conference at the Reagan Ranch. Not having a background in public policy or conservative activism, she walked into the conference without an idea of what to expect. After the conference, Haley found a passion for conservatism and got her start in the Conservative Movement. She started a YAF chapter at her college that following spring. Her chapter quickly thrived with events she and others planned that semester. She also encouraged her fellow students to attend YAF conferences. Being an assistant in the president’s office at her school, she became known by the president of the college as the “YAF girl.”

Following the first successful semester as chapter chairwoman, Haley interned at Young America’s Foundation’s national headquarters in Reston, Virginia, for the entire summer.

As a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar, Haley assisted the program team with conferences, seminars, research, and recruiting. She also worked with the development team on supporter communications.

The single most defining moment of that summer was when she had the opportunity to attend a rally at the steps of the Supreme Court awaiting the verdict of the Hobby Lobby court case. Haley realized then that activism was something she wanted to do full-time. Being there, helping chant and cheer with pro-life activists, gave Haley the confidence in knowing that she had found one of her greatest passions: advancing conservatism.

After the completion of her summer internship, Haley accepted a full-time position with Young America’s Foundation as a development assistant at the national headquarters.

Haley is honored to have worked with Young America’s Foundation as a student activist, as an intern, and now as a full-time employee.

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