Grant Strobl

Grant Strobl is chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors and is the founding chairman the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Michigan.

Grant and his team are known for their work advancing conservative ideas on campus. He held successful events including a debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza, and lectures by Ben Shapiro, HHS Secretary Tom Price, Raheel Raza, Jonah Goldberg, and Deroy Murdock to name a few. Grant led the charge to reinstate the filming of American Sniper after attempts of censorship by university administration. He was also on Fox News to support the screening. Moreover, he challenged professor, Susan Douglas in the national spotlight on Fox News for her article on why “we should all hate Republicans.”

Many know Grant as, “His Majesty.” He protested the University of Michigan’s policy that allows students to input anything as a so-called pronoun in a blank box. This fake pronoun then shows up on class rosters, and professors then must refer to students by them. He is a strong opponent to politically correct policies on campuses which he believes chills an environment of free expression.

As chairman of his high school chapter, he successfully fought administration in order to bring CEO Steve Forbes to speak to an audience of 1300 students. He also pioneered “Respect ALL Women Month,” which was in the national spotlight after the principal blocked the project claiming that this project was somehow ‘vitriolic’. His efforts changed district policy, impacted thousands of students, and influenced the course of the school district.

Grant has been named to Red Alert Politics 30 Under 30 list and is also named on Newsmax’s list of 30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30. Grant has been named one of the top conservative activists in the country according to YAF’s Club 100 for five years, and has topped that list for four of those years. His chapter was named, ‘Chapter of the Year’ in 2015, and Grant topped YAF’s list of “young conservative student activists who brought real change to this country in 2015.” Grant’s hometown honored his work in the conservative movement through a proclamation of “Grant Strobl Day.” On a lighter note, the publication Total Frat Move, declares Grant the “The King of the Trolls.”

Grant has worked for several political campaigns. He interned for Governor Rick Snyder’s re-election campaign in Michigan. He also interned for the Committee on House Administration and for Hannity on Fox News Channel. He is currently the youngest Republican congressional district committee member in the state of Michigan sitting on the 14th District Republican Congressional Committee since 2014.

Grant also writes for YAF’s blog the New Guard, and for Red Alert Politics. He has been quoted in several prominent publications including the Washington Times, USA Today, Fox News, the Detroit News, and the Detroit Free Press.

Grant is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan– Ann Arbor with majors in International Studies (Political Economy & Development) and Political Science with a minor in German. He is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2018.

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