Emily Jashinsky

Emily is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

Emily Jashinsky served previously for Young America’s Foundation and was seen often on Fox News and heard on radio stations across the country representing the millennial viewpoint and promoting the good work of YAF and YAF student activists.

Emily also successfully promoted the Fred R. Allen Lecture Series featuring conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, which triggered protests on college campuses across the country by leftists trying to silence conservatives. She works tirelessly every single day to help students expose the biases on their high school and college campuses.

Her activism started as a student at The George Washington University where Emily rebuilt the YAF chapter on campus. She organized several events with conservative speakers on campus and brought a different point of view to a left-leaning institution. Liberal outrage over their events landed her YAF chapter in the national news numerous times.

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