Clare Hinshaw, Development Relations Coordinator

Clare serves as the development relations coordinator at our national headquarters.

In this role, Clare works to foster relationships with Young America’s Foundation’s most committed supporters. She also uses her extensive writing experience to draft and edit communications.

Clare was raised on Long Island, New York, where her parents instilled her with conservative values from an early age.

When she left home to attend Franciscan University of Steubenville, Clare was instrumental in starting a YAF chapter on her campus. After getting the club started, she served as vice president and editor of the group’s monthly newsletter, The Franciscan Conservative.

Since her graduation in 2012, Clare has had op-eds published by the Catholic News Agency, Fathers for Good, and Star of the Sea for the Needy.

Before coming to Young America’s Foundation, Clare worked as the administrative assistant to the general counsel at Americans United for Life.

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