Andrew Coffin, Vice President and Director of the Reagan Ranch

Andrew is a vice president of Young America’s Foundation and the director of the Reagan Ranch. Beginning his service with the Foundation more than ten years ago, Andrew is the longest serving team member in the Santa Barbara office. Andrew has been active in every facet of the Reagan Ranch project: student outreach programs (including the launching of the annual West Coast Leadership Conference), communications, development, and the completion of the Reagan Ranch Center.

Formerly, Andrew was a staff assistant in the communications office of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives; this office was assigned to handle receipt of the report of the Independent Counsel’s investigation of President Clinton. Andrew also served for five years as a correspondent for WORLD Magazine, writing on film and culture for the national news weekly.

Andrew and his wife, Betsy, reside in Santa Barbara with their three children Maggie, Liza, and Peter. He is a graduate of Grove City College in Pennsylvania.

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Oct 17

2:00 pm