Steven Crowder

As “Fox News’ brightest, funniest young Conservative mind,” Steven Crowder is a mainstay in the worlds of television, comedy and writing.  Before being brought in as one of Fox News’ youngest contributors ever, Steven began his career in entertainment with acting and stand up comedy.

Beginning as a mere teenager, Steven performed in the major festivals and winning national talent competitions (including one on Myspace, remember that site?) all before he was old enough to legally consume a beer. Unsatisfied, Steven decided to take his brand of take-no-prisoners, politically incorrect, comedy-club-favorite humor… to the Internet. Quickly racking up tens of millions of views, Crowder was seen as somewhat of a conundrum. His irreverent, hilarious yet distinctly conservative videos surprisingly went viral, resulting in him being thrust into the national spotlight of cable news and radio. You name the show, Crowder’s done it.

While still active in both television/film and comedy, Crowder is now most famously known as a conservative lightening rod. As an entertainer, activist and commentator, Crowder’s trademark has become that of bravely entering the belly of the liberalism beast… without backing down. Be it television, the stage or the Internet, wherever Crowder goes, he continues to leave enlightenment, entertainment and controversy in his wake. Enjoy.

What can you expect when Steven Crowder shows up at your school? Both entertainment and enlightenment. Comedy and controversy. Instilment of knowledge and instilment of pain. Crowder starts off with a chunk of take-no-prisoners stand-up comedy and then opens the floor for a Q & A session, taking on people from every worldview. Liberal, conservative or libertarian (whatever that means these days), you can send them all…  Just don’t send anybody that you want back. You’re welcome.

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Current Events, Free Speech, Media Bias

Actor, Comedian, Speaker

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