Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros is a nationally recognized conservative political commentator and co-host of The Five, weekdays at 5pm ET on the Fox News Channel. She also is a columnist for the NY Daily News.

In her career she has served in senior communications roles on a number of high-profile political campaigns including Communications Director for former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld where she led the media operation against Weld opponent, former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, as well as for former Westchester, NY District Attorney Jeanine Pirro against New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Tantaros is also credited with helping former GOP Congressional Committee Chairman Thomas Reynolds secure a narrow re-election victory during the scandal-plagued 2006 election cycle.

Before that, Tantaros worked on Capitol Hill where she served as Press Secretary to GOP Leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives. During her time with House Leadership, Tantaros was responsible for helping craft and execute the media strategy for the GOP majority. Tantaros also worked at CNN’s Crossfire, for former Reagan pollster Richard Wirthlin, and as Deputy Press Secretary to former Congressman Patrick Toomey.

Before Fox News recruited her, Tantaros served as a Vice President at a public affairs firm in Manhattan where she advised Fortune 500 corporations on crisis management and media strategy.

A native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, she is a graduate of Lehigh University and is proficient in Spanish, French and Greek. Tantaros lives in New York City.

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