The exclusive home of Ben Shapiro’s 2018-2019 campus lecture tour.

  • Following more than 1,500 requests from students on campuses across the country, Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce the six schools set to host Ben Shapiro through Young America’s Foundation’s exclusive Fred Allen Lecture Series during the fall semester. Click here for ticket information.

    • George Washington University—January 17
    • University of Michigan—TBA
    • University of Alabama—TBA
    • Loyola Marymount University—TBA
    • Gonzaga University—TBA
    • Grand Canyon University—TBA

    All events are free and open to the public. 

The #1 Requested Speaker Partners with the #1 Conservative Youth Outreach Organization


Young America’s Foundation (YAF), thanks to the generous support of Fred Allen, is excited to announce that YAF will be the exclusive homeof New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro’s campus tour for the 2018-2019 school year.


Now more than ever, conservative ideas are in demand on college campuses. And despite the Left’s best efforts, Shapiro continues to reach capacity campus audiences and millions more online. These powerful events are the result of combining Young America’s Foundation’s logistical expertise and financial support with Shapiro’s concise, compelling conservative message. It is a message young people are eager to hear.

Because of Mr. Allen’s support, many students who have wanted to host Ben Shapiro, but lacked necessary campus funding, will have the ability to do so. Young America’s Foundation and our vast student network will continue to plan Shapiro’s campus events using our time-tested process to ensure each lecture is a success.

“I am thrilled to partner with Young America’s Foundation to visit more campuses and pierce the liberal group-think bubble” said Ben Shapiro. “I welcome students who disagree with me to attend each and every event and ask challenging questions.”

Since 2015, Young America’s Foundation has organized more than 35 campus lectures featuring Ben Shapiro at school’s across the country. Most recently, YAF successfully hosted Shapiro at the University of California, Berkeley despite incessant leftist obstacles to derail the scheduled speech, threats of violence from antifa protesters, and an openly hostile administration. In addition, Shapiro’s reach went beyond the Berkeley lecture hall, with more than ten million viewing the YAF lecture online.

The deadline has passed to submit a proposal for Ben Shapiro for the 2019 spring semester. Please stay tuned for more opportunities to host Ben Shapiro in the future.

  • Young America’s Foundation is here to make activism easy, whether you are the leader of a Young Americans for Freedom chapter or of another student organization on campus.

    We will walk you through the entire process of hosting Ben Shapiro (or one of our other 70+ speakers) on your campus, and we will provide your organization with both logistical and financial support to ensure your event is a success.

    During the fall and spring semesters, Shapiro will speak on six campuses during two weeks of the fall semester and another six during two weeks of the spring semester.

    Here is what you need to do in order to apply to host Ben Shapiro on your campus:

    1: Solicit your school for funding.

    Please submit this initial application form (you must complete the request by submitting a word doc or PDF proposal with the information asked for below in 2:) for the info on Ben Shapiro’s current honorarium. File a request for funding with your school’s student government and or student activity committee. Many schools are happy to underwrite a parade of liberal speakers on campus, so some funding should rightly go towards conservative speakers. You should request the full amount in your school application. However, we are aware that most funding boards will not provide the full amount. Therefore, Young America’s Foundation will work to provide the balance of the funding you may not receive from your school.

    We realize some schools require a tentative date from a speaker in order to receive funding. However, given the high amount of requests Shapiro receives, giving a tentative date of availability will not be possible.

    Please note that Young America’s Foundation can cover a substantial portion of Ben’s fee. However, we do require that we be the sole national sponsor of Ben’s campus events.

    2: Submit your proposal to Young America’s Foundation

    Once your funding has been allocated, we ask that you submit a proposal to Young America’s Foundation as a Word document or PDF. Please keep in mind that you will be competing with other schools to host Ben Shapiro on campus, so be sure to make your proposal compelling and underscore your club’s ability to ensure the event will be a success.

    In brief, each proposal should include:

    a. Information on your club’s past activities and record of success

    b. Why should Ben Shapiro specifically speak at your school

    c. Suggested dates that will work for your club. Be sure to check your school’s athletic and academic calendar to ensure the dates you select do not conflict with midterms, sporting, or other campus events

    d. Expected attendance and suggested venue for the event

    e. The amount you are offering toward Ben Shapiro’s honorarium

    f. How much of the honorarium are you requesting Young America’s Foundation cover

    g. A tentative schedule for Shapiro’s event. What time is the lecture, will there be a dinner with your club as part of the visit, etc.

    3. Deadlines for applications

    The deadline has passed to submit a proposal for Ben Shapiro for the 2019 spring semester. Please stay tuned for more opportunities to host Ben Shapiro in the future.

    Please contact Patrick Coyle, vice president of Young America’s Foundation, at 800-USA-1776 with any questions about bringing Ben Shapiro to your campus!