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  • The Cold War We Lost

    11/13/2013 10:37:30 AM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    A whole new generation, cluelessly raised.

    By Paul Kengor

    This column originally appeared on


    What the HELL is going on???" emailed a colleague of mine after reading my most recent column for The American Spectator, regarding Bill de Blasio's mayoral victory in New York. "Absolutely stunning."

    As I related in my article, New Yorkers have elected their first  Red Diaper Baby Mayor to go with their  first Red Diaper Baby President, who they likewise gleefully elected in landslides.

    So, to repeat my friend's plea: "What the HELL is going on???"

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    • Come on Victor. Everyone knows that the most vulnerable mneomt is when you get out of the car and open your umbrella. In comparison, the bus usually stops right next to the bus shelter and your exposure is much less. Give our young people some credit lah. They are not so dumb as you think.And for once, can you pls not be so 'contrarian'. Rostered or not, it's a kind act nonetheless. We oldies are always so fond of criticizing young people for lacking in civic-consciousness etc. Now we see something positive, instead giving positive stroke, you pour cold water.
      Posted by Tiago on 07/01/2015
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      Posted by Mheli on 07/03/2015
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      Posted by Sebastiao on 07/07/2015
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