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  • By Brendan Pringle

    The parent of a Connecticut high school student is challenging the existence of a campus pro-life group on the basis that it is a "hate group."pro-life-message

    Last September, Branford High School's pro-life club chalked the sidewalks throughout campus with pro-life messages in celebration of National Pro-Life Chalk Day. The messages were harmless and included phrases like "Women need love, not abortion" and "Abortion is murder".

    Five months later, during a meeting held February 20, an anonymous parent shamelessly attacked the school board for permitting the club to be chartered. 

    "It has come to my attention that a BHS "pro-life" club has been formed," she said. "We all know that especially today a pro-life/pro-choice debate is a very heated and intense topic. A club that is so clearly divisive should not be permitted in the public school system."

    Under such skewed reasoning, any controversial topic of debate should be removed from our schools. How does she think students will be able to engage each other articulately about these critical issues after they graduate if they do not have an opportunity to discuss them with their peers at school?

    The parent went on to say: "It is not a club of 'supported diversity'. It is a distraction from what our children are really there for, an education."

    "Supported diversity"? Does she have a pre-set list of groups in mind that are "diverse" enough to be supported? If that's the case, then what does she define as diversity?

    And finally, this parent argued that the club was somehow associated with a "terrorist" network of militant pro-lifers:

    "At the very most, this is a club that gets its directive from an extreme base of hate and intolerance," she lamented. "Their tactics of killing doctors, assaulting women, blowing up clinics is terroristic in nature and a total disregard for law and woman at large."

    As Sam Bailey-Loomis, the student responsible for the messages, told the Branford Buzz:  "All I want to do is get the message across to as many people as I can that being pro-life is OK, and that I defend the rights of the unborn. It is NOT something that can be ignored, and I feel that only WE can defend the rights of the unborn, and that's what I'm here to do: speak for those who can't."

    If the school gives into the pressure of this leftist propaganda, it would be a devastating blow for free speech and a setback for campus dialogue. This is yet another attempt by the Left to demonize those who disagree with them.

    For video footage of the meeting, click here. (The exchange above occurs in the first few minutes.)

    • Readers' Comments

    • The fight for the unborn is the greatest battle of our time, both morally and politically. They need us to be fearless warriors who will not back down or give up. Thank you , Brendan for doing your part and for standing on the front lines with pen and sword in hand. God bless you.
      Posted by Spicy Mexican Salsa on 02/28/2013
    • Brendan, Glad you brought this misled, vocal woman's opinion to light. It never ceases to amaze me how defensive pro-aborts are over the term 'pro life'. It gives them much exercise--to jump to the wrong conclusions about our purpose. Would that they could see most if not all pro lifers want to HELP women in their time of need? As we have stood in prayer outside of SLO Planned Barrenhood Thursday after Thursday, offering help to these desperate women, (must be desperate to think they have to choose violently killing their own babies), some passersby shout the rudest comments, trying to substantiate their unsupportable choices with their own brand of tolerated bigotry. The anonymous woman in the school board meeting for BHS fits the mold for a grieving woman. She has not yet come to grips with her involvement in and/or complicity in abortion and is defensive. She makes herself feel better by trying to silence yet another voice (via chalk), that could very well be like her own conscience used to be. Women have been taught to 'stuff' this act. Graphic images or even pro life messages prick those consciences' emotions. Talk about a reactionary! I love the way this small-time high school board meeting has brought the subject to light yet again. Pro lifers accept all media, be it positive or negative. It keeps the subject in the lime light. Your article brings to light the double-standards of those who claim 'tolerance' is a right except when they disagree with others. Thank you Brendan for being ever-vigilant and pointing out this inconsistency in local politics and media. Friends for Life, (pun intended) Celine
      Posted by Celine on 03/01/2013
    • It is not OK to be pro-abortion. Saddam Hussein ruled for decades and presided over the killing of thousands of people. In the end, justice was done and he was hanged for his crimes. This period of child murder that has reigned since 1973 is similar. It will end and those who engaged in and supported the murders will be held accountable for the hundreds of millions of innocents who had their lives ruthlessly snuffed out. WAKE UP!
      Posted by David on 03/01/2013
    • I agree with the statement "Abortion is murder", but not as a blanket that covers "children that don't yet know their right hand from their left" (as the Lord said of Nineveh in the book of Jonah) along with adults who promote and perform abortion. To use such a statement in all instances is without wisdom (by the same "children" as above) and definitely divisive rather than conducive of the dialogue (hopefully) desired.
      Posted by Gary Johnson on 03/05/2013
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