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  • Cal State Open Membership Policy Attacks Free Speech

    10/29/2013 3:20:15 PM Posted by Brendan Pringle

    ClassBy Brendan Pringle 

    Cal Poly's conservative club is battling the California State University system over an executive order that forces all CSU clubs to have open membership.

    California Executive Order 1068 states that "No campus shall recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor society, or other student organization unless its membership and leadership are open to all currently enrolled students at that campus, except that a social fraternity or sorority or other university living group may impose a gender limitation."

    The Cal Poly conservative club, led by YAF activist Nate Honeycutt, has filed a petition to end the policy, saying that the rule will force organizations to compromise their core values.

    As Nate told the Mustang Daily, "An open membership requirement makes it so that other people can spy on, take over or dilute the messages of rival groups. We don't want to keep people out. We just want to restrict membership so we can protect the purpose of our group."

    According to Nate, a group of students opposed to the conservative club's viewpoints joined the club a few years ago and created a liberal voting bloc, which negated the conservative values of other members.

    Under this new executive order, the club is vulnerable to a leftist coup and could face destruction. As the only active conservative club on campus, this would be a devastating setback for the Conservative Movement.

    Moreover, the new rule seems to be an extension of the "Inclusive Excellence" Movement, which has been creeping into colleges and universities across the nation and has slowly tried to shift the focus of higher education from academics to "socialization." Interestingly enough, "Inclusive Excellence" officials at Cal Poly protested when YAF speaker and bestselling author Ann Coulter spoke in 2012.

    Young America's Foundation applauds Nate for taking a stand against this stunning example of government overreach.

    Brendan Pringle is a development officer at Young America's Foundation's Reagan Ranch Center. 

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    • Great write-up Brendan! It's true, "sinister forces" are at work here and they never rest. There's got to be a way to beat them. Maybe a club within the club would work. For example, only those members on an "executive committee" would have voting rights. I will ask for an explanation of this liberal incursion they next time Cal Poly calls me to request a donation. Very Best Regards, Mike
      Posted by Mike Cunningham on 11/29/2013
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