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  • The cost of Obamacare goes beyond price hikes for burgers and fries.  It means fewer and fewer of the jobs that young people need to start out in the workforce.five guys

    Molly Braswell, a National Journalism Center intern writing for Red Alert Politics, reports:

    At a Heritage Foundation event in Washington, D.C. today, Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchise Mike Ruffer said the costs incurred to comply with Obamacare was forcing him to make some very difficult decisions about how to financially manage his business.

    “Likely, any added cost to the business is going to have to get passed through to the customer,” Ruffer said at the “Part Time America? – Impact of Obamacare” panel  Monday afternoon.

     This means that the average cost of food ordered at Five Guys will rise.  This, however, is not unique to one company.  Prices will rise across the board in many areas because businesses cannot shoulder the increased burdens of Obamacare.  Braswell also wrote:

    Ruffer, who owns Five Guys francises in North Carolina and Virginia, explained that he signed a deal in 2004 to build 11 of the burger joints, not knowing the economy would come crashing down a few years later and that the government would mandate that he provide healthcare to employees working over 30 hours a week.

    Ruffer said he thought he would be safe from the repercussions of Obamacare because he opened each restaurant under a separate Limited Liability Company (LLC) and no more than 20 people worked at any one burger place. Unfortunately, under the umbrella of Obamacare, if a person or family members own all the establishments, then they are considered one entity, bringing small businessman like Ruffer under the purview of the law.

    The Five Guys owner said he employs 147 people, 60 of whom work more than 30 hours per week, which is considered full-time under Obamacare. Ruffer said he will either have to fire or reduce the hours of 31 employees in order to avoid paying for their insurance. The cost of paying for their healthcare would be added on top of the roughly $2.4 million he spent on last year’s payroll.

    The burden gets worse for residents of states who accepted the "deal" in which they expand medicaid for three years under 100 percent federal funding, then pay the costs afterward.  New Jersey and Ohio, among other states, accepted the deal.  Florida indicated it would, but its legislature killed the enabling bills in committee. 

    States that do accept the Obama deal will rely upon those in their twenties now to pay for their bad decisions down the road.  So those who are in college now will be hit the hardest by the ever growing costs of this disastrous legislation.

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    • US Healthcare costs are too high and outcomes could be btteer. Agreed. But why would putting government in control of these issues solve the problem? Free markets have time and time again shown their ability to reduce costs and deliver higher quality. So why is it that people trust the market to deliver cheap plasma screens, but when it comes to something ever more important like healthcare we all start to second guess free markets, to our own detriment? The reason healthcare costs are high and outcomes less than ideal is because of government, specifically the tax system that favors employer-provider coverage. This puts employers and their chosen insurance companies in the middle of most healthcare transactions. When patients aren't choosing their insurance companies directly, they lose their ability to discipline the bad ones through their choices. Similarly, when patients aren't paying for their medical procedures directly, even small ones (because of the ridiculously low deductibles employer insurance plans give), they have little incentive to discipline the healthcare providers to give cheaper and btteer service. In other words, the consumer choice model that drives the benefits we see in free markets has been taken out of the healthcare equation by government. The solution, therefore, is not to add another layer of government on top of this. Rather, the solution is to re-empower the healthcare consumer.It is very simple. Just fully privatize the delivery of healthcare and get rid of the employer-provided-health-insurance-favored tax system. Then provide healthcare vouchers (if we are feeling charitable), the size of which increases the poorer you are, with which to purchase health insurance. This addresses the problem of poor people not having access. But also leaves the market free to operate efficiently and compete for peoples $$s and vouchers.As to people with pre-existing conditions, the answer is charity. Insurance, by definition, protects against the *unknown* bad events. Once the bad event becomes known, however, such as upon being diagnosed with cancer, then we aren't talking about insurance anymore. Now we are talking about straight up charity, paying for someone else's known medical condition. We can set aside some money for this. But the solution is definitly NOT to mess up the health insurance market for everybody else, by trying to force what is charity into an insurance model (which is exactly what Obamacare does).VN:F [1.9.7_1111]please wait...
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