YAFTrainingCapitolHillOn June 5 and 6, Young America’s Foundation hosted an activism
training seminar in Herndon, VA for leaders of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)
chapters at universities around the country. We hosted at our
headquarters YAF chairmen and executive board members from a
variety of schools, including the University of Notre Dame, Liberty
University, the University of Nevada, the University of Tennessee,
and Texas Christian University, among others.

During the two days, students participated in focused
discussions on core aspects of activism, including recruiting,
fundraising, event planning, media relations, and graphics and
design. These sessions allowed students to gain concrete skills in
such activities as recruiting peers to the Conservative Movement,
cultivating donor relations, hosting a prominent conservative
speaker on campus, drafting persuasive op-eds, and designing
eye-catching promotional materials

Additionally, Kate Obenshain, former Vice President at Young
America’s Foundation and author of “Divider-in-Chief: The Fraud of
Hope and Change,” energized students with a talk on courageous
leadership, describing the challenges and hesitations she herself
faced as a student activist at the University of Virginia.

As part of the two-day training seminar, students also attended
Young America’s Foundation’s Ronald Reagan Forum (titled, “A Time
for Choosing: How Ronald Reagan’s Principles are Needed In Obama’s
America”)  on Capitol Hill, where they heard from
Senator Orrin Hatch and two Reagan administration officials–member
of Young America’s Foundation Board of Directors Frank Donatelli
and Heritage Foundation Vice President Becky Norton Dunlop–all of
whom shared personal stories of how President Reagan impacted their
lives and the country. Importantly, they also shared their opinion
on how young people can, and why they must, promote conservative
principles in today’s challenging climate.

Young America’s Foundation hosts activism training seminars
year-round in order to provide students with the tools necessary to
successfully promote ideas such as limited government and
individual freedom on their campuses.

At today’s universities, it is increasingly challenging for
students who hold conservative beliefs to make their voices heard.
The purpose of these seminars is to help students fill this void.
Young America’s Foundation will teach them, among numerous other
things, how to assure that their YAF chapters receive a fair share
of funding from their student governments; how to respond to their
university administration’s attempts to stifle their right to free
speech; and how to navigate their university’s bureaucracy when
planning a campus event. 

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