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May 08, 2014

YAFreedom April ActivismYoung Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapters were busy
throughout April advancing their ideas at schools nationwide.
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, they faced leftists determined
to stop their activism. 
The George Washington University YAF chapter placed crosses on
the school’s quad to memorialize the lives lost to abortion. During
the course of the day, liberal students vandalized their display,
tossing their signs into the trash. This was not the first instance
where liberals had tried to silence conservatives on campus. The
chapter reported the incidents to campus security and called on the
university to deal with the hostile atmosphere.
“The attacks against GW YAF and our memorial underscore the
intolerant atmosphere on campus. If the university does not act,
they are, in fact, allowing this atmosphere to fester and grow,”
noted GW YAF President Emily Jashinsky. “It
is sad that liberal students on campus cannot engage in a debate
and instead resort to destroying the property of those they
disagree with.”
Also in April, Penn State YAF Chairwoman Jolie
Stuart-Davis, challenged her school’s speech code policies. Most of her peers don’t know that Penn State limits free
speech to twelve zones on the 8,500 acre campus. Students watched
as the YAF chapter challenged the policy by “constructing” a new
“free speech zone” in an unauthorized area. 
Stuart-Davis told Young America’s Foundation, “Most people on
campus are unaware of the rules regulating free speech. When our
YAF members were asked by our fellow students what we were doing,
they were shocked to hear that Penn State limits the free and open
exchange of ideas to twelve areas on campus, some only after 5:00
For Earth Day, Highland High School YAF
Chairman John DiGiacobbe wore a t-shirt
to school to showcase his love of natural resources. The shirt
read, “I Love Fossil Fuels.” Many former and current students
didn’t like his choice in clothing and took to social media to
attack DiGiacobbe. Not letting the cyberbullying go unanswered,
DiGiacobbe exposed the attacks on The New Guard. Fox News picked up the story,
and Fox & Friends featured the YAF leader on April
A number of YAF chapters also hosted prominent conservative speakers. DePaul YAF invited Lt. Col. Allen West who spoke to a packed hall. University of Arizona YAF organized a packed event with Katie Pavlich despite dirty tricks by campus administrators to sabotage the program. Grosse Pointe North YAF welcomed author and Hillsdale professor Burt Folsom, Clemson YAF sponsored Forbes columnist George Harbison, and Highland High School YAF organized a successful event with Kate Obenshain. 


Finally, a number of YAF chapters participated in the 2014 GPA Redistribution petition. University of Arizona YAF won, but you can also see Hillsdale and Penn State YAF’s videos here

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