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August 23, 2013

 By: Kate Cortes

Young Americans for Freedom chapters across the country kicked
off the year strong by hosting tables at their beginning of the
year student recruitment fairs!


Texas Christian University YAF (sporting the new Freedom
t-shirts) had a great start to the school year, with 75 new
sign-ups (the majority being freshman)! Many students who were
interested in joining were also interested in working with other
clubs, such as Veterans Affairs and ROTC. Great timing, with the
9/11: Never Forget Project coming up! Chapter Chairman Kathleen
D’Urso stated that a professor stopped by the booth and thanked the
YAFers for their conservative activism.

Clemson University YAF had over 30 sign-ups for their mailing
list when they tabled at Tigerprowl this week. The Clemson YAFers,
donning their Freedom t-shirts, and playing the new “I AM YAF”
video on their table, spoke with many students who remembered their
club from last year’s 2nd Amendment Banquet. 

The Banquet
gained nationally publicity when their “Assault Rifle Giveaway”
became a controversy due to liberal outrage. Chairman Nick James
received Red Alert Politic’s “30 under 30” award for his activism
during this time. 

Grosse Point North YAF had a fantastic set-up at their table to
recruit new members. They enlarged the new “I AM YAF” posters, and
also had the “I AM YAF” video playing on their  table. GPN YAF
Chairman Grant Strobl stated that the YAF table was the most
popular of all the clubs, and that the chapter received 50 new
sign-ups, of which the largest portion was incoming freshman!

Young Americans for Freedom have definitely started the year off
with a bang! 

Kate Cortes is the Program Officer for Chapter Services for Young Americans for Freedom. 

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