LibertyChapterofMonthThere is no slowing down Katrina Lautenschlager and her Liberty
University Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter. 

Whether it was putting on an event-packed Freedom Week, hosting
a veteran’s ceremony, or welcoming Lt. Col. Allen West to campus
for a lecture, Liberty YAF did it all last month! The chapter was
not only active, but it was also very successful in spreading the
conservative message on campus; and because of its work, we are
excited to announce that Liberty University YAF is the November YAF
Chapter of the month.

The group was started by Katrina last spring, and it has since
grown to become one of the most successful clubs on the Liberty
University campus and one of the most dedicated YAF chapters in the
country. This year, the chapter has taken part in a number of YAF
projects, and many of its leaders and members have also attended
Young America’s Foundation programs in Washington, D.C. and Santa
Barbara at the Reagan Ranch Center.

Throughout the month of November, Liberty YAF offered a number
of opportunities for students on campus to get involved in.

To kick off the month, Liberty YAF hosted Freedom Week, which
was filled with fun and creative events.

Starting on Sunday, Liberty YAFers got together and built their
own mock Berlin Wall to commemorate the anniversary of the fall of
communism in Germany. “We set it up in front of our brand new
library – right in the center of campus,” Katrina said. “Everyone
was able to walk by it.”

On Tuesday, Veterans Day, the chapter recognized veterans on
campus and in the community by hosting a ceremony in the evening.
Featuring remarks by two members of the military and a recognition
of each branch of the military, the event drew many veterans and
ROTC cadets.

The next day, the chapter was planning on tabling and
distributing flyers. However, the night before, the chapter’s mock
Berlin Wall had been vandalized. “I ended up being pretty busy
filing a police report,” Katrina said. “Though, the police officer
and I hit it off while talking about YAF. And his son, who is a
Liberty student, signed up for YAF.”

On Thursday, the chapter hosted a movie night that featured two
Young America’s Foundation original films, The
 and Still Point in a Turning World:
Ronald Reagan and His Ranch.

Then, on Friday, the chapter started a new tradition called,
“The Freedom Friday Mile Run,” for which students wake up at 7:30
AM and wear red, white and blue to go for a morning run. “Everyone
was dressed up and waving flags,” Katrina said. “We are hoping to
make it something we do every Friday next semester.”

The event also ended, as it should have, with a classic “USA”

Later that afternoon, the chapter tore down the mock Berlin Wall
and had students take part in a new project the group created
called, “What is Your American Dream?” Students answered that
question on note cards that were posted on campus for people to see
the rest of the day.

To finish off Freedom Week, the group had a pizza party that
night and screened the film, America: Imagine The World Without

The group was not done yet for the month of November. The
following Tuesday, after Freedom Week, the chapter hosted Lt. Col.
Allen West for a lecture, which drew 200 attendees and coverage by
C-SPAN. Before the speech, the group hosted a private reception
with Lt. Col. West; after the conclusion of the speech, Lt. Col.
West mingled freely with the students. “He was so humble,” Katrina

Whether the group was hosting a lecture, tearing down a mock
Berlin Wall, or establishing a new tradition, Liberty YAF was
present in all corners of campus life. To make it all happen
though, Katrina, the president, had help from a phenomenal
leadership team that she has built at Liberty. Her executive board
is comprised of Vice President Ben Solem, Secretary Jackie Patten,
and Events Voordinator Marissa Kusayangi. Katrina also has valuable
public relations and recruitment teams which help make everything
the chapter does possible.  

For its dedication to the Conservative Movement, we are thrilled
to announce Liberty University YAF as the November Chapter of the

Nathan Brand is a member of the Young Americans for Freedom
Board of Governors and Chairman Emeritus of Hillsdale YAF


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