GWYAFChapterofMonthIf you like controversy, you will love George Washington
University YAF (GW YAF)!

When GW YAF expressed interest in obtaining a religious
exemption from the George Washington University student
government’s mandatory LGBT sensitivity training, they were told
that they had committed an “act of violence” and that they should
be “considered a hate group.” Some students went as far as
comparing them to the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS.Despite the outlandish rhetoric being thrown at them, GW YAF
held to their beliefs in religious liberty and free speech, exposed
their campus’s close-mindedness on Fox News, then invited one of
the champions of traditional values, former U.S. senator Rick
Santorum, to campus. For not faltering in their beliefs and
responding by hosting an unapologetic Young America’s Foundation
speaker, the March YAF chapter of the month winner is George
Washington University YAF.

The controversy started when GW YAF’s co-chair Emily Jashinksy
gave a quote to the school newspaper, The GW Hatchet, stating that
the group would like to seek an exemption if the LGBT sensitivity
trainings became mandatory for all student groups. The faith of
many of GW YAF’s members conflicted with the proposed program that
the school’s Student Association was considering. In response to
Emily’s request for an exemption, Allied In Pride (the campus LGBT
advocacy group) issued a statement attacking GW YAF for their
failure to use “preferred gender pronouns” and stated that by
refusing to do so, they were committing “an act of violence.” The
statement also added, “[GW YAF] should be considered a hate group,
and thereby be revoked of all funding.”

GW YAF did not back down to those on campus trying to suppress
their religious liberties. GW YAF co-chair Amanda Robbins appeared
on Fox & Friends to expose the liberal bullies on her
campus. Along with the Fox appearance, GW
YAF received coverage by Breitbart, the Weekly Standard, the DailyCaller, the College Fix, and other media outlets. Additionally, the
chapter’s director of public relations Gabriella Morrongiello wrote
a letter to the editor for the GW Hatchet responding to the many
attacks made against GW YAF.

GW YAF continued to make waves on campus by hosting former U.S.
senator Rick Santorum. On Monday night, Santorum spoke to a crowd of over 200 students about a number of issues, even the matter of
sensitivity training at GW, declaring, “The only sensitivity
training that we need is that we need to respect every person,”
Santorum said. “Tolerance is a two way street.”

GW YAF co-chair Emily Jashinksy was pleased with how the
Santorum speech went, saying, “We had one of the biggest turn outs
we’ve ever had.” She also noted that many national media outlets
were in attendance to cover Santorum’s speech.

For fighting back against liberal bullies on campus and hosting
a fantastic event with Rick Santorum, we are excited to announce GW
YAF as the chapter of the month for March.

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